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meet the jaegers

Akame ga Kill! follows the rivalry between revolutionary assassins known as the Night Raid and the special police forces known as the Jaegers. Despite being a somewhat gorgeous love-letter to classic monster and sci-fi films, the fact that Pacific Rim is getting a sequel is still kind of. Some of the new Jaegers from Pacific Rim Uprising are featured on the IMAX exclusive posters for the upcoming sequel. Pacific Rim Uprising.

This article will focus on the infamous protectors of justice, the Jaegers. Learn more about them and their abilities below! Jaeger is originally a German word which translates to Hunter.

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The members all have powerful weapons known as Imperial Arms which they use to hunt down their enemies! The Jaegers Esdeath She is the high-ranking general of the Empire who becomes the leader of the Jaegers. Esdeath is considered to be the strongest soldier in the Empire, due to her abilities as well as her Imperial Arm, the Demon God Manifestation: Demon's Extract which allows her to manipulate ice.

Meet the New Jaegers in Pacific Rim Uprising IMAX Posters

She falls in love with Tatsumi and persuades him to join the group. Mastema which allows him to grow a pair of wings and gain the ability to shoot feathers at his enemies. He is deemed by Wave as the most "normal" member of the group because of his gentle personality.

She was a member of the Imperial Police before joining the Jaegers.

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Seryuu is also the former subordinate of Ogre who recommended her to Dr. Hekatonkheires which she calls Koro. Although she appears to be a kind person, she is actually ruthless and has a twisted sense of justice. Kurome She is the younger sister of Akame. They encounter the artificial humanoid weapon created by Klarwein who commands it to kill Naotora. The Jaegers, Philip and Fallon join the train and assist in the fight against the Hyakko Party while Iba encounters his first Vampire after Ryoko kills it.

Meanwhile, Yuliy is attacked by the artificial humanoid weapon, but Mikhail intervenes and kills it just as the train comes to a crashing halt. Later, a large number of Vampires converge on the Naoe family house, heavily outnumbering the Jaegers.

meet the jaegers

In the midst of the battle, Kershner enters and attacks Yuliy, calling him the living Sirius while Mikhail disarms Philip. Kershner breaks of the combat, ordering Mikhail to kill Yuliy. Mikhail reveals that Yuliy is the Sirius, and that the Ark was taken by their father years ago when he left their village. Kershner tells Yuliy how Professor Willard was responsible for the destruction of Dogville by assisting the Vampires track the Ark.

meet the jaegers

Confronted by this information, Yuliy releases his beast-like nature and violently kills Kershner with a piece of his own sword. Yuliy then confronts Willard, furious over his years of deception. Later, Willard explains that Yuliy's father must have taken and hidden the Arc of Sirius and that Yevgraf is the one who truly desires it.

meet the jaegers

Meanwhile Iba is assigned to find the Ark and Yuliy departs alone for Sakhalin following reports that Yevgraf has been seen there. He takes Mikhail into a cavern where they find an impenetrable seal, a pool of boiling red liquid at its center. However, Mikhail is unable to break it and they leave. Meanwhile, Yuliy meets Bishop, a suspicious former Jaeger also searching for the Ark who has lost his team to Vampires.

As they approach the cavern, they encounter a hermit who is being attacked by a group of Vampire slaves and the Vampire twins, Larissa and Tamara. Back at Sakhalin, they meet Ryoko and Iba who reveals that the hermit is the former Captain Akasaka Mamoru who, 15 years earlier he was sent to find and acquire the Ark of Siruis, but had never returned. On a second visit to the hermit's cabin, Yuliy and Iba convince Mamoru to reveal the location of the Ark.

The next morning Bishop and Yuliy head off alone to find the Ark. Using the ancient text, he opens a hidden panel and finds a shrine from which extracts a small colorful orb which may assist if the seal of the Ark is broken.

Meanwhile, Klarwein attacks Yuliy and Bishop with a hoard of artificial humanoids constructed from the dying Vampire slaves.

meet the jaegers

However, during the battle an avalanche claims Klarwein along with his creations. Yuliy and Bishop find the entrance to the Sirius cavern, and Yuliy steps into the boiling red liquid at its center. He sees a vision of the past when Mamoru saved him and Mikhail from a bear and was welcomed into the village by Alexei. Alexei convinced the elder Gustav to allow him to seal the Ark away at its origin in Sakhalin to prevent it ever being used again. Yuliy meets his father who says that his soul forever resides within the seal to protect it.

However, Yuliy convinces his father to give him the Ark as a tool to enable all races to coexist. Bishop is forced to reveal that he is both a British agent and a Vampire, however Yuliy agrees to work with him to defeat the Vampires.

meet the jaegers

As Yuliy emerges from the cave system, he is met by the Vampire twins and Mikhail who is now controlled by Yevgraf via a blood pact.