Meet the cast of walking dead uk season

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meet the cast of walking dead uk season

The seventh season of The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror television After the first episode aired, the cast faced numerous changes: Steven Yeun and Michael . the Saviors, Jesus introduces the group to the Kingdom, where they meet "King" Ezekiel and reunite with Morgan. .. Amazon. Following the news that Andrew Lincoln will continue to play Rick Grimes in a trilogy of Walking Dead films, other cast members are looking to. The Walking Dead Season 8 Cast. quiet and mysterious teenager Enid, whom Carl (played by Chandler Riggs) meets shortly after arrival in.

The noise draws zombies, forcing Rick's group and Hershel's surviving family to evacuate the farm. The Walking Dead season 3 Eight months after fleeing Hershel's farm, Rick's group finds a prison, which they clear of zombies to make their new home. Lori dies in childbirth, and Rick becomes withdrawn. Meanwhile, Andrea is rescued by Michonne and the two discover Woodbury, a fortified town led by a man known as the Governor. He learns of Rick's group at the prison, leading to conflict between them.

Rick's group eventually raids and destroys Woodbury, but the Governor has Andrea ultimately killed and escapes. Woodbury's citizens live with Rick's group at the prison. The Walking Dead season 4 Several months after the Governor's attack, a deadly flu kills many of the people at the prison.

The Governor finds his former right-hand men and kills them, taking over their group and destroys the prison. Rick's group are forced to separate and flee, but not before Hershel and the Governor are killed. The survivors divide, face their own trials and meet new faces before finding signs pointing to a safe haven called Terminus.

One by one, they reunite at Terminus, but all the group are captured for some unknown purpose. The Walking Dead season 5 Rick discovers the residents of Terminus engage in cannibalismbut the group manage to destroy Terminus and reunite. Some are injured and kidnapped to Grady, a hospital run by corrupt cops and doctors.

When the remaining survivors regroup, they are approached by Aaroninviting them to join a fortified community called Alexandria. They are initially welcomed, but Rick's group realize the residents have not faced the zombie threat directly. Morgan, who has been searching for Rick, arrives and is shocked to see Rick killing an Alexandrian, who has been abusing his wife, in anger.

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The Walking Dead season 6 The residents of Alexandria put more trust in Rick's group to protect the town better. A group known as the Wolves use a zombie horde to attack Alexandria, and many lives are lost before the living regain control. While recovering, they learn of a community called the Hilltop, who offer to help trade supplies if they can end the threat of the extortionist Saviors led by a man named Negan.

Although Rick's group decimate one Savior outpost, they are later caught by Negan, and forced to swear loyalty to him. Season 7 —17 Main article: The Walking Dead season 7 Negan brutally murders Glenn and Abrahamand then demands that Rick cut off Carl's lower arm before relenting at the last possible moment.

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Negan demands that the Alexandrians become his slaves, and his actions lead Rick to submit. Later, Michonne persuades Rick to fight back, and they recruit a community called the Scavengers to help. Meanwhile, Rosita and Eugene make a bullet for the purpose of killing Negan. When their attempt fails the bullet is blocked by Lucille, Negan's baseball batNegan forcibly recruits Eugene as a Savior.

Negan, the Saviors, and the turncoat Scavengers attack Alexandria, but are repelled by Sasha's sacrifice and the aid of Kingdom and Hilltop soldiers. Season 8 —18 Main article: Losses are heavy on both sides. Many of the Kingdom soldiers are killed, Alexandria falls to a Savior attack, and Carl is bitten by a walker. Before euthanizing himself, Carl convinces Rick to end the war and restart society anew. Negan attempts to wipe out Rick and his allies in a final battle, but Eugene disrupts his plan by sabotaging the Saviors' bullets.

Negan is then wounded and captured by Rick. Against Maggie's wishes, Negan is spared and imprisoned, ending the war. Season 9 Main article: The Walking Dead season 9 In Januarythe series was renewed for a episode ninth season. The ninth season premiered on October 7, Gimple, who was promoted to chief content officer for The Walking Dead franchise.

List of The Walking Dead TV series characters The list below contains those that have been credited within the show's title sequence and those who are credited as "also starring".

Recurring and guest stars are listed on the individual season pages. Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes: The series' protagonist and a former sheriff's deputy, Rick is the leader of a group of survivors and becomes the leader of Alexandria.

meet the cast of walking dead uk season

Rick's former police partner and close friend. In the second season, he forms an intense rivalry with Rick. Rick's wife, who has an affair with Shane when she believed Rick was dead.

A former civil rights attorney and member of the original Atlanta group of survivors. An older member of the group who owned the RV in which a group of survivors traveled. Often the voice of reason within the group. A former pizza delivery boy who saved Rick's life. Glenn begins a relationship with Maggie Greene and later marries her. Over the course of the series, Glenn becomes an integral member of the group known for his character and resourcefulness.

Rick and Lori's young son. Carl is forced to mature and learn to survive in the deadly new post-apocalyptic world. The group's primary hunter, Daryl becomes a key member of the group and Rick's trusted lieutenant.

Originally a meek housewife, Carol overcomes domestic abuse to become a skilled, resourceful fighter capable of making difficult decisions.

meet the cast of walking dead uk season

The eldest daughter of the Greene family, she marries Glenn, becomes pregnant with their child, and becomes the leader of the Hilltop Colony. A fierce, katana -wielding woman who joins Rick's group.

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Michonne eventually becomes Rick's romantic partner and a mother figure to his son, Carl. Merle is Daryl Dixon's racist and volatile older brother. In season three, he is the right-hand man to the Governor. The antagonistic leader of the town of Woodbury, the Governor is ruthless, paranoid, and dangerous. A veterinarian and farmer who maintains his faith and acts as the group's primary moral compass.

Hershel is the father of Maggie and Beth Greene. A soft-spoken teenage girl who enjoys singing, Beth is Hershel's younger daughter and Maggie's younger half-sister. Coleman as Tyreese Williams: Tough and compassionate, Tyreese places an emphasis on moral reasoning.

He struggles to cope with the immoral nature of some of the group's survival tactics and finds it difficult to kill in defense of the group. Tyreese's fiery younger sister and a former firefighterSasha is the group's sharpshooter. After several personal losses, she suffers from PTSD. A former army medic and recovering alcoholic who develops a close relationship with Sasha. Abraham is a former military sergeant on a mission to bring a survivor to Washington, D.

A former police academy student, Tara joins Rick's group after having initially been affiliated with the Governor. She serves as a primary supply runner. Aside from last week's The Walking Dead season 9, episode 7which was a comparatively subaverage chapter, the show hasn't been this good since the early days, even now that Andrew Lincoln has gone off to make his own Walking Dead movies for the big screen.

So, with major story spoilers for The Walking Dead, we've recapped every episode of The Walking Dead season 9 so far, with bitesize summaries of the key story highlights from each one.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Cast

Not even caught up The Walking Dead season 8 yet? I wouldn't blame you, but you can quickly get back in the loop our The Walking Dead season 8 recapwhich also summarises every episode from Rick's war with Negan. Also here, you'll find all the important information about The Walking Dead season 9, including its scheduled weekly air dates, all the released trailers, and more.

The Walking Dead season 9 release date: Angela Kang The Walking Dead season 9 cast: On the way back from Washington, Ezekiel casually proposes to Carol, who resolutely declines the offer "Not on a horse!

Back at home, trouble is brewing at Sanctuary after pro-Negan graffiti is found scrawled across the walls, while Rick has trouble persuading Maggie to help out her neighbouring communities by sending more of Hilltop's workers and fighters. Is Maggie becoming The Walking Dead season 9's next big villain?

The Walking Dead S9. Naturally, Daryl is pissed at the saviour responsible for the disaster, beating him repeatedly and trading verbal blows with Rich, who instead decides upon banishment as the most appropriate punishment. Alas, before he can make it very far, the exile is murdered by an unknown assailant. Meanwhile, Anne and Gabriel develop a burgeoning romance but, during her night shift, the former spots that same helicopter she tried to flag down in season 8, and is visibly worried by its presence.

In the end, she releases her blacksmith and would-be killer Earl from imprisonment, which in turn allows Hilltop to spare more resources for Alexandria, Sanctuary, and The Kingdom. Oh, and Negan shows up right at the end, taunting Rick from his Alexandria-based prison cell with predictions of doom and destruction. The Saviours are getting agitated about the mysterious deaths of several members of their team, forcing Rick to investigate potential suspects.

She sneaks off to her old Junkyard to reestablish contact with the helicopter she spotted in the last episode, and strikes a deal for an evac. Fortunately for her, Gabriel has followed her there, and upon discovering her intentions to flee, tells Anne that he plans to inform Rick about everything. In response, Anne knocks out her lover, presumably to use him as her bargaining chip for safe passage with the chopper.

After Rick fails to find the murderer and soothe tensions, an aggressive trio of Saviours capture Carol and threaten to kill her unless Alexandria gives them back their guns. Meanwhile, Maggie, and Daryl catch Oceanside red-handed, performing an execution on one of the Saviours during the night. Meanwhile, Anne decides to spare Gabriel's life, instead knocking him out and fleeing alone, presumably via the mysterious helicopter we still know so little about.

Maggie begins her infiltration into Alexandria, while Daryl prevents Rick from stopping her by literally punching him into a giant pit. Both stuck at the bottom, the pair hash out their differences just in time to stop a massive herd of zombies overcoming the camp in the forest, who have been drawn there after a group of Saviors open fire upon Carol and The Kingdom. Having barely escaped the pit, Rick tries to draw away the herd from his people on horseback, but accidentally leads them into another massive herd along the way.

Aaaand cut to black. Meanwhile, Maggie finally makes it to Alexandria and, after a tense chat with Michonne, reacquaints with Negan with the intent to kill him. But the man in the cell is a husk where Negan used to be, and Maggie decides imprisonment to be a fate worse than death for the former villain, leaving him to wail and rot in his confinement.

Rick makes it to the bridge just before Maggie, Daryl, Michonne and Carol find him, and realises that, in order to prevent the herd making it to Alexandria, he must blow himself, his bridge, and thousands of zombies into oblivion by shooting some conveniently placed dynamite on the floor. The entire thing is sent tumbling in the river, but Rick washes ashore downstream next to Anne, who smuggles him out of Atlanta via the mysterious helicopter she's been in contact with since season 9's beginning.

Flash forward six years later, and we meet a young Judith Grimes saving a new group survivors from a pack of zombies. I guess we'll find out what's happened over the course of this time jump in the next episode Following on from last episode's six year time jump, Who Are You Now?

Alexandria is thriving, with its council of OG characters implementing a strict immigration policy following some unknown event which has apparently lead to Michonne being branded with an 'X' on her back and has isolated the three main communities from each other.

Speaking of, Michonne is now a single mother to Rick's two children, Judith and the newly introduced R. Oh yeah; Daryl is wandering the earth as a nomadic hermit, Gabriel and Rosita are lovers, Negan appears to be on the path to redemption despite still being locked up in his cellthe Saviours are all but dead with Carol burning alive the last remaining remnantsand The Whisperers show up right at the end, pursuing Rosita and a smitten Eugene amongst a large Walker herd.

After Alexandria's council votes against accepting the four new survivors from episode 6 into their ranks, Michonne promises to take them to Hilltop, where an unnamed female leader awaits we know this isn't Maggie, who's now left the show, so who could this be?

Carol, Henry, and Daryl are also on their way to the agrarian community, so expect to see a reunion of sorts in episode 7.

Eventually, Siddiq reveals to Michonne that Maggie has left Hilltop for The Commonwealth, telling few people outside of the community's walls in the process, and it's implied that the pair were not on speaking terms before she departed.

Meanwhile, at Hilltop itself, Jesus is struggling to rule with zeal as the community's newly elected leader, and often sneaks out for some one-on-one training time with Aaron. It's during this excursion that the pair come across Rosita, who's in bad shape after a run-in with The Whisperers, having lost Eugene somewhere along the way. It's around the same time that Carol and Henry make a pit stop at Daryl's camp in the woods, where he and his new pet dog have been living it rough while still searching for Rick's body.