Meet the artists 2014 dodge

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meet the artists 2014 dodge

Meet the Artist Who Moves Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: He's " Phenomenal". AM PST 12/4/ by Christopher Wyrick talents as L.A.- based Tomory Dodge and Francesca Gabbiani and also collect such established artists as. Dani Dodge is an award-winning installation artist who creates immersive, " Meet Dani Dodge," Voyage LA, March ; "Dani Dodge: Then/Now at Shoebox Dani Dodge's CONFESS one of 's outstanding public arts projects," Art and. at Dodge Pratt Northam Art and Community Center Schuyler St, . the Meet the Artist event held during the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Iinstitute Arts.

August 1st through January, 8 in the Filley North Gallery: Oils, Acrylics, and Sculpture selections from the Dr.

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The exhibit represents a wide variety of media from traditional film to digital photography. Saturday, August 1 at 7pm: Guest Exhibition by photographers John D. My wife, Shellee, and I have four grown children, seven grandchildren, and are year Wichita residents.

meet the artists 2014 dodge

While much photographic composition involves isolating a subject by removing all that is not visually essential, panoramic photography presents a subject in its context. Often I find the subject is the context. Done well, the panoramic format lets the photographer reward the viewer everywhere he or she looks.

meet the artists 2014 dodge

I do not hesitate to include man-made features in the landscapes. Roads and fences and power lines are part of our lives, physically and metaphorically, and they need not destroy the God-formed beauty on which they lie. I enjoy shooting very early or very late in the day, when the colors are more saturated, and when the low sun reveals the contours of the land and tints the clouds and the prairie grasses in beautiful, fast-changing ways.

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My goal is to help the viewer find pleasure and respite amidst the beauty that fills our state. Panoramic Technique Each of my landscape panoramas is a composite of multiple overlapping exposures.

meet the artists 2014 dodge

With the camera mounted on a tripod, I manually set focus and exposure and use a cable release and mirror lock-up for the sharpest image possible. I then take seven to twelve vertical-format exposures that cover the scene, each exposure overlapping its neighbor by about one-fourth. I make all my prints on a large format inkjet printer Canon iPFthat uses pigmented inks twelve colors to produce images with a projected hundred-year life. Staab Leon was born in Hays, Kansas in He spent the next six years teaching at the high school level.

Leon opened Pioneer Photography a full service portrait studio in and during the next 39 years worked in his studio located in a historical building West 10th st. Pioneer Photography closed in Leon continues to devote a portion of his time working on fine art photographic projects. His work has been accepted in many juried shows and has won top awards on many occasions. He has also exhibited in one man shows in Kansas and the adjoining states. He has juried photography shows in Kansas and has presented programs on photography to both professional and amateur photography groups.

He pursued his art and passion for photography through out his career and education. Reimer has specialized in custom archival framing for 37 years.

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Statement My photographs vary greatly in method, style, and subjects. Often oversized, his paintings are colorful, concerned with space and dimension and carefully arranged, sometimes sharp-lined but relaxed.

meet the artists 2014 dodge

Paint, sometimes lots of it, is applied in unusual ways, carved out or cleanly scraped away with a palette knife. Through process, technique becomes its own thematic element.

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The concept "developed from a couple different directions, a couple different lines of enquiry," Dodge says. To create them, Dodge makes a mark on one side and then immediately tries to replicate that mark on the other side.

You have this tension between the two sides-literally-but there's also this tension between the expectation and what you're actually making. Now, though, he's finished with the diptychs and on to something new. When I ask him which one of his paintings he's most proud of, he says, "Always the most recent one. Glitches are interesting to Dodge, at least visually, because they're a disruption that exposes an underlying system.


The glitches are represented in his paintings as layers-"multiple paintings, sort of stacked on top of each other"-different elements made visible, some pieces removed. It's important to find ways to speak to the world around you … There's a threat of losing significance. I'm not saying it has to look digital or talk about some technology, but it has to have some grounding in the time it's made. A reception will immediately follow.