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hero academy meet the council wizard dance move

JOSEPH CAMPBELL'S MONOMYTH OR THE HERO'S JOURNEY .. STAGES OF . A SHORT HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD'S STUDIO ROOTS AND. AMERICAN .. meet with structures similar to traditional religious groups. According to . term 'hyper-religion' for the Jedi movement designating it a ' simulacrum of a. They hope to take in one small child but when they meet three siblings, . Gigantic moving cities now roam the Earth, ruthlessly preying upon smaller traction towns. three-time Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Peter Jackson , Fran Walsh and . meticulously creates a wondrous town where he can heal and be heroic. But Team Public Servants definitely has an edge, says dance captain National Health and Medical Research Council are among his biggest fans, . I love connecting with people through dance and movement and lose all by Academy and Tony-award winner Tim Chappel (OMG!) and meet so many.

In video games, contrast That One Bosswhich is when it is the player and not necessarily the characters that has difficulty beating an enemy. Only Guts and Casca make it out alive albeit missing limbs, an eyeball and raped. Que Roaring Rampage of Revenge. In Delicious in Dungeonwe are introduced to the Red Dragon when it eats Falin and she makes a Heroic Sacrifice to save the rest of Team Touden before she's swallowed. Later on it's revealed that she was digested before the rest of the party could find and slay the dragon to save her.

King Piccolo was the original Hero Killer. His actions lead to the deaths of Krillin, Master Roshi, and Chaotzu.

He also ordered the deaths of dozens of martial artists. Nappa directly killed Piccolo and his actions led to Tien and Chaotzu's death who both tried to pull Heroic Sacrifices. In addition, the Saibamen that he and Vegeta used led to the death of Yamcha when they blew him up.

Frieza set the standard to follow for many Dragon Ball villains by killing Dende and Krillin. Whis rewinds time to give Goku the second chance to destroy Frieza for good. The Androids were this in the timeline Future Trunks came from; he and Bulma are the only main characters still alive before the timeline is altered, though Dragon Ball Super would later expand this number to include Android 8, Turtle, and Yajirobe.

Cell kills Future Trunks in the original Future timeline in order to get into the present day, where he kills Android 16 and Future Trunks again, and forces Goku to make a Heroic Sacrifice to stop him from blowing up the world. Majin Buu is the most prolific example for this series. He killed the entire cast, except for Goku, Dende, and Mr.

Satan, along with the Earth's inhabitants before blowing up the planet. And before he was even introduced, he already killed or ate several GODS. The Demon King Dabura, a minor villain in the Buu arc, kills Piccolo by turning him to stone though Piccolo is brought back laterdoes the same to Krillin, and incinerates Kibito with one blast. But what really gets him a spot here is his actions in the alternate timeline as seen in the Dragon Ball Super manga that Future Trunks is from.

Even Speedwagon was afraid!

hero academy meet the council wizard dance move

This even extends into Part 3, where he kills Kakyoin and Joseph at least temporarily and his Stand ability is so broken that it requires a Deus ex Machina to even stand a chance against him. In part 3, Vanilla Ice, who makes his introduction by killing off Avdol for real this timeand proceeding to kill the team's mascot, the loveable stand-wielding dog Iggy of all things.

In Part 5 Diavolo turns up, and justifies his name by killing Bucciarati, Abbachio, Narancia and almost killing Polnareff. That's half the good guy's team! Part 6 brings us Father Enrico Pucci, who outdoes all hero killers, past and future by eliminating the entire cast of heroes, up to and including Jotaro himself, except for Emporio.

The Series and no one would notice the change. Tobi aka Obito Uchiha from Naruto. He's responsible for the deaths of Naruto's parents, Hiruzen's wife, Itachi's teammate, Danzo's bodyguards, Konan, Neji, Shikaku with Inoichi and a large number of allied ninja troops. By claiming Madara's name as an alias, he gains enough clout to force the entire Ninja World into the Fourth World War. Madara Uchiha also has a right.

He puts both Naruto and Sasuke on their deathbeds in just two chapters. It didn't stick, but that doesn't change the fact that he did it. He also would have possibly killed the five kages if Karin and Suigetsu didn't heal Tsunade.

He killed one of the most influential mentors to Naruto, Jiraiya, destroyed the Leaf Village, and brought Tsunade to a coma. He also killed numerous named characters, such as Fukasaku and Shizune, lead Kakashi to his death, and nearly-killed Hinatathough these were reversed with his redemption, other than Jiraiya.

Orochimaru is the original example of this in Narutogiven that he killed the first Big Good of the series, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. To be fair, it was via the Third's Heroic Sacrificebut Sarutobi would've died straight-up if he'd kept fighting normally. Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist is introduced in this fashion.

He kills many high ranking state alchemists, and shatters Ed's arm the first time they meet. The Homunculi never lose this title. Of all the villains, he has the highest count of characters killed Dorchet, Loa, Martel, Greed I, Fuu, and Buccaneer, in addition to cutting of Lan Fan's arm, nearly killing Scar, and taking out most of the Briggs garrison and a tank ; most people just run after seeing him.

Both of his fights with one of the Homunculi have been utter Curb Stomp Battlesand a specific part of Father 's plan was to give him a Game-Breaking Injury so he couldn't interfere. In the anime version which went in a very different direction from the manga Scar retains his Hero Killer status for much of the show, and Kimblee, while a different character, still has this going for him. Envy is another very good example, murdering numerous named characters, dancing pirouettes around the heroes during combat, and ultimately killing Ed during the climax.

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If you see Envy, book it. Whenever Ali al-Saachez of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 shows up, you can be sure there will be much asskicking towards the heroes involved. Towards the end of the first season, Ali kills off a total of three named pilots, capping off his killing spree by defeating The Hero of Celestial Being, Lockon Stratos, in mech combat.

By the second season, however, Ali al-Saachez has been downgraded from Infinite effectiveness to only High, thank to his first defeat at the hands of his enraged mortal enemy, Setsuna F. Eventually, his threat against humanity ended for eternity with his Karmic Death at the hands of the second Lockon Stratos. No doubt about it. He's one of the few pilots who can regularly give Judau a run for his money, the protagonists typically flee rather than engage him, and he takes out both Mashymyre Cello and longtime Gundam veteran Hayato Kobayashi towards the end of the series.

Lord Darcia from Wolf's Rain becomes this in the final episodes. Anytime Battle Royale 's Kazuo Kiriyama shows up, everyone you are rooting for is going to die.

Well, with the exception of Sugimura, the only character who is badass enough to survive this encounter. Pretty much any incarnation of Astro Boy has Pluto, whose entire function is to destroy the most powerful robots on Earth.

Kazutaka Muraki from Descendants of Darkness. Literally, by the end of the series. Attack on Titan The Female Titan. While ordinary Titans are quite a problem to deal with, this unique variant proves to be a literal case of More Deadly Than the Male as well as an Implacable Woman.

She begins her rampage by slaughtering numerous experienced soldiers, and kills several in unnecessarily cruel ways such as spinning one poor soul to death after she catches his maneuver gear wires. But she's only getting started, and proceeds to slaughter the expert Titan-killers of the Special Operations Squad one by one. In the end, the best the surviving heroes can hope to do is slow her down long enough to escape with their lives.

It doesn't help that the real identity of said Titan is Annie who is a very strong warrior up to Mikasa's level and knows exactly how they fight and how their gear works. The Beast Titan is this by making his debut in defeating the 2nd strongest warrior of the Survey Corps with strong accuracy and is responsible for the emergence of Titans within the Walls. Still, his impact along with Colossal Titan left Survey Corps to ''nine' soldiers left and also a conflict on whether to let either Armin or Erwin live on as a Titan shifter.

The former was picked. Thankfully Hange and Armin survived but the former loses her eye while the latter had to take the Titan serum and eat the Colossal Titan, Bertolt, in time to kive. In his debut, Neferpitou killed Kite just to test his strength. Later, he forced Gon to invoke a Deadly Upgrade to defeat him, an act that nearly cost Gon his life. Meryuem, the Chimera Ant King, is the biggest threat that has appeared in the series. Netero dies in their fight. Claymore has Priscilla, who in her debut kills the then- 1 Claymore Teresa and from then on proceeds to walk all over anyone and everyone whenever she gets serious.

As well as Rigaldo, who's very first action is to effortlessly kill numerous named characters during the Northern Campaign including Jean, Flora and Undine and forcing Clare to nearly awaken a second time in order to defeat him.

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Ga-Rei -Zero- has Yomiwho takes the position early by killing the entire cast of the first episodewho were advertised as the main characters, and only gets worse from there. While Zeruel didn't kill anyone, he provided the biggest curb-stomping in the series up to that point, actually physically breaching NERV headquarters and defeating all three EV As.

In his very first appearance, he immolates Tsukune and very nearly kills Inner Moka; in the case of the former, it's only thanks to a Superhuman Transfusion from Moka that Tsukune didn't stay dead. In Shakugan no ShanaSabrac is known for having killed nearly every Flame Haze who had ever crossed his path. Ikazuchi, the villain of the second season of Future Card Buddyfightis the first person to beat Gao, the series' Invincible Hero.

He also has his Buddy monster, Yamigedoeat Tenbu. In Tokyo Ghoula pair of these exist to contrast each other and have even clashed with each other during the finale of the original series. He is responsible for killing Yomo's older sister, and finally makes his grand appearance on the battlefield during the finale — appearing standing calmly among piles of corpses. He follows this up by fatally wounding Kaneki, resulting in his status as an Amnesiac Hero in the sequel.

Arima's mere presence on a battlefield will turn things in the favor of the CCG every single time. The One-Eyed Owl is famous for having carried out a string of brutal attacks, slaughtering many Investigators including the wife of Kureo Mado and the father of Kuki Urie. This rampage was finally ended through the efforts of the legendary Iwao Kuroiwa and Kishou Arima, but the Owl ultimately escaped.

It emerged a decade later, suspected of leading Aogiri Tree. When it appears again during the finale, it proceeds to mortally wound Yukinori Shinohara and leaves many Investigators dead or wounded before being driven away by Arima. And it still got what it came for, and laughs the whole thing off. Shinohara is left in a coma, as a result of his injuries. X has Fuuma Monou, Kamui's childhood friend and Kotori's brother, who ended up being the "other twin" of Kamui once he chose a side.

He's probably the only character with the highest kill count though this only in the anime and movie. In the manga, he only killed three people Kotori, Daisuke and Nataku so far unless you count destroying the entire Ginza area. In Future Diary we have the brutal stalker Yuno Gasai. The plot of the anime revolves around a game of survival, in the course of which all participants have to kill each other until only one remains.

Yuno kills many of them, but most of them are at best anti-heroes, and at worst villains and anti-villains. However, she also kills three good people who are actually heroes, namely Kamado Ueshita, Yomotsu Hirasaka and Akise Aru. As Oven beheads his stepfather Pound when latter stopped Oven from trying to capture his daughter and co. ARC-V has a few characters who fulfill this roll. The Obelisk Force start the trend off during their first phase as Elite Mookstaking out minor heroic character Michio among a few other non-heroics.

During the later arcs B. B also takes out several heroes via carding, among them Tsukikage and Crow and nearly taking out several others. The biggest hero killer of them all however, is Yuri, whose list of victims include Asuka, Yugo and Yusho, between beating and kidnapping many others. In My Hero AcademiaStain is often just referred to as "the Hero Killer" due to the number of professional Heroes who have been murdered or maimed by him the latter category includes Tensei Iida.

He's a Knight Templar who sees most "Heroes" as selfish individuals in it for fame and riches ; he'll actually spare those whom he deems truly deservingincluding Izukuand says that All Might is the only Hero worthy of killing him.

One-Punch Man has Garou, a martial artist who targets the Hero Association out of a desire to become a "Monster" in his own right. Subverted, however; it turns out that he never actually kills the heroes he defeated, and his true goal is to be the Big Bad so that there can be a Big Good who can unite the world against him. Comic Books Thanos pictured above. At one point he literally killed half the population of the universe including many superheroes. At another he literally killed the entire population of the universe including every superhero.

Doomsday is the ultimate bioengineered killing machine and lived up that feat by tearing through the JLA and killing Superman. While he's never topped that feat, he remains a deadly threat to all life, everywhere, and his entrance into a story is usually a sign that the bodycount is about to skyrocket. In the Marvel Universe there was The Fury, a robot created by an insane Reality Warper for the express purpose of killing all the heroes of an alternate Earth ; it succeeded almost completely.

From Spider-Man 's universe: Norman Osborn 's most well-known murder was that of Gwen Stacy, but he has nearly killed a few super-powered adversaries and did kill Ben Reilly, Peter's clone. Julia Cornwell, who was going by the name Arachne at the time, was also a target, but was saved by Spider-Man. And of course, hundreds of Spidey's equivalents from Alternate Universes were killed by the Inheritors during Spider-Verse.

You'd need a separate page to list them all. Nitro, the Made of Explodium hitman from Marvel Comics, is notable because he's a low-level C-lister who doesn't even have a nemesis. Yet he is the man who killed the first Captain Marvel and most of the New Warriors, both major events, and in a world where Death Is Cheapalmost all of his kills have stuck.

hero academy meet the council wizard dance move

Ultronin the Marvel Universe, a genocidal robot who has wiped out an entire nation on his own. Massively on his own, in fact; on that occasion, he turned himself into an army. And after he had killed everyone in the country, he turned their corpses into cybernetic combat drones to fight the heroes. Later, he tried to pull the same stunt again, only this time he did it with a galaxy. And later, he returned in "Avengers" in such a way that the heroes - the most powerful hero team in the world, mind - basically were "Oh, no The institution continues into the story's present day, and Twilight's mother Twilight Velvet is mentioned to have held the position of Archmage of Canterlot in her youth, something she's still quite proud of.

His loss of power in canon and death in-story has created an Evil Power Vacuum. Several minor plot threads in the story focus on the various villains who are now trying gain enough power to take up Wong's mantle. The Moochick is known as the greatest white magician to have ever lived, and his performance in past sequences show why. Hydia was the Moochick's dark magic equal, and during the Final Battle of G1, the two has a wizard's duel.

Queen Majesty is the most powerful unicorn to have ever lived, and repeatedly acknowledged as such. She was so incredibly powerful that she was known as a Titan, a mortal with power on par with a god.

Film The villain, Maax, from The Beastmaster Yoda and Palpatine in Star Wars are the respective heads of the Jedi and Sith Orders, two opposed philosophies for harnessing the mystical power of the Force, and are quite easily the two most powerful Force-users alive by the time of the movies. His name was a combination of the Latin words arch meaning "first" and imago meaning "finalized form"thus literally "first and final form", a subtle reference to Alpha and Omega, one of the titles of the Judeo-Christian God.

Many scholars agree that, this being an allegorythe name is a clever tip-off to the fact that the character embodies religious hypocrisy.

The term "archmage" is a later bastardization of the name, first by Shelley, and eventually by Le Guin who gave the name its present day spelling and connotations. In this instance, the term is used to describe the head of a college of wizards, a primus inter pares or "first among peers. Tolkien 's The Lord of the Rings novels is an archmage, though he is never referred to by that title; however, as the White Wizard at the head of the order of wizards as Gandalf describes himhe seems to occupy the place of an archmage in Middle-earth.

Gandalf eventually supplants him after being brought back to life with a power boost and beating Saruman in a battle of wills. Before the confrontation he had being fulfilling much of the role anyway; advising rulers, shepherding the heroes and watching the Big Bad while Samuran was off playing The Starscream to his new master.

In Barbara Hambly 's writings, the fantasy worlds of both the Darwath series and The Windrose Chronicles feature archmages, the leaders of the wizards of those worlds. In the Windrose Chronicles, the archmage's authority magically moves to another wizard on the death of the archmage.

Many characters in the world of Harry Potter may be considered archmagi: He was also able to control people through magical and mundane means. He is also said to be the only person Voldemort fears and even as a teenager was using magic in a way people had never seen before.

The Minister for Magic could be considered one as the head of the wizard government, although in practice he's usually chosen for political reasons rather than supreme magical knowledge. Regarded by all who live in the world of Dragon Raja as the most powerful wizard of all time, he is reputed to be the only wizard who mastered Class Nine of magic. There are several characters, good and evil, throughout the history of Dragonlance who could rightly bear this title: Par-Salian, as the head of the council of wizards and master of the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth would probably also merit this title, although he was certainly not as powerful as Fistandantilus.

Torak's third Disciple, Urvon, was a somewhat powerful sorcerer, but seems to have been more of an arch-butt kisser. Among the lot, Belgarath is the best candidate for a specific archmage, as he was the first disciple of Aldur, and probably the first disciple of any god, since Torak only started taking disciples as a copycat move. This gives him seniority over the other disciples of Aldur; however, he's not necessarily wiser or more powerful than any of them.

If he has an advantage, it's that he possesses a mix of pragmatism and determination that enables him to face any specific task, no matter how difficult or morally abhorrent. Alfred probably counts too, since his magic rates him the title of "Serpent Mage", a high honorific among the Sartan, though he's very uncomfortable with his power and has no desire to lord it over lesser mages.

There are also the mysteriarchs, who are archmages compared to other human wizards, but are far less powerful than any of the above—the most powerful mysteriarch is said to be about even with a very weak Sartan, and Patryn Anti-Hero Haplo is completely confident in his ability to take the man in a duel if it comes to that it doesn't. Any wizard who has reached a "respectable" age of several centuries might simply make this trope a logical progression.

The Senior Council, the seven wizards who form the leadership of the Council. Standing together they are equivalent to an army. Individual members are no slouches either. Causing a Colony Drop and volcanic events, more than once.

Beating a shapeshifting millenia old Skinwalker at its own game. That sort of thing. Being the Merlin, the head of the council, is not a position one acquires by collecting bottlecaps. Arthur Langtry, the current one, specializes in defensive magic.

He, along with the Gatekeeper, once, on the spot, crafted a ward capable of standing off an entire court of powerful vampires in the NeverNever, meaning he had no threshold to bind the ward to, making it a lot weaker. He later creates a ward to contain a malicious non-corporeal entity from outside reality, formulates a battle-plan, adds 3D visual aids and telepathically communicates it to the or so other wizards in the room. Without losing his cool for an instant.

Described as a "wizard Superman" and a folkloric hero that achieved feats other wizards consider impossible. While it's uncertain how much is true he is known to have traveled through time to create the island of Demonreach, at the same time at multiple points in time. The Demonreach is a prison built to contain beings of literally godly power so massive it is better to blow up the Midwest just to slow them down in escaping.

It's described as being an internal combustion engine to Harry's wooden axles. We can take that reputation as pretty on point. The Archive, a little girl who knows absolutely everything that the human race has ever written down, or currently typed. She's been shown as powerful enough to hold off fallen angels, literally with one hand, using only the latent magic present in her 12 year-old body.

Heinrich Kemmler is a dangerous warlock and necromancer who had to be hunted by the White Council. He was killed seven times over the years, with the final one being the one to finally stick.

His most well known infamy was no less than World War I, though it took him several decades to get things up and running.

When they killed him for good, it took the Senior Council neutralizing his magical powers and other wizards attacking him with more mundane things like flamethrowers. He also created a means to turn a mortal into an immortal being. The Wheel of Time: The Amyrlin Seat is the political head of the Aes Sedai, the most powerful association of magic-users in the world as of the time of the books.

She and it's always a she, as male magic use comes with a heaping helping of madness is nearly always an incredibly accomplished and powerful magic-user in her own right as well, since Aes Sedai authority derives from strength with the Power.

Rand is this in title as early as his founding of the Black Tower; he becomes it in fact after merging with the memories of his year-old past self, becoming easily the most powerful and knowledgeable magic-user in the world and not far from a Physical God. Sethra Lavode is considered the most powerful sorcerer in the Empire and is known for performing miracles that have shaped history; according to Vlad she's forgotten more about sorcery in her ,year lifespan than anyone else will ever learn.

She's also sort of an arch-vampire who turned down an offer of godhood. Tazendra, a former apprentice of Sethra, is a Lady of Black Magic and warrior of legendary reputation. In her Dying Moment of Awesomeshe defeated a Jenoine, one of the Eldritch Abominations feared even by the gods, while mortally wounded. In-universe, the title of Wizard is awarded to those who can synthesize elements of Eastern witchcraft, Imperial Sorcery, and Elder Sorcery to do things that would be impossible for an individual discipline.

Such people tend to be recruited when the gods need a heavy hitter. In Discworldthe Archchancellor of Unseen University is the head of all organized magic and in theory the most powerful wizard on the Disc. In practice, given wizards' penchant for killing their immediate superiorsthe Archchancellor was mostly just the wizard best at murdering and not getting murdered. This stopped with the stubbornly unkillable Archchancellor Ridcully, and while he seems to be powerful whether or not he's the most powerful wizard is a moot point, since the point of organized magic is to not use it as much as possible.

Discworld also had a Sourceror, a source of raw magic. He was able to, with much effort, literally imprison all of the gods on the Disc in a pearl. Plus his mere presence dramatically boosted the powers of every other wizard. Elminster is basically the definition of this. He's a wizard so absurdly powerful that he is frequently accused of being a Mary Sue.

Though the setting also contains several wizards with even more power than him. The Simbul is quoted as having more raw power albeit not experienceLarloch and Ioulaum vastly outclass him noted below under Tabletop Gamesand Telamont Tanthul of Shade is also around one of the last living Netherese Archwizardsamong others.

Elminster is more dangerous because of the networks of allies and helpers that he's managed to construct over the years rather than just his sheer power, including the Seven Sisters, the Harpers and various other organisations that he had a hand in creating and manipulating while many evil archmages are busy manipulating right back at him in what frequently seems to result in a Gambit Pileuppotentially qualifying him as a Big Good. Subverted in the end when instead of a wise patron he is shown to be spiteful, manipulative and just evil.

The Prisoner who had spent centuries in a room under the temple of the Cold Flame is even more qualified. He turns out to be Merlin, head of the Council of True Magi generation, creator and ruler of the Avalon island. He has been imprisoned by Chaos.

It's worth noting that while her political power is unparalleled, her actual magical power may be in question. She's also a Hot-Blooded Tsundere. Numair Salmalin in the Tortall Universe is often referred to as the "most-powerful mage in Tortall" and is likely the most powerful mage in the world.

Archmage is the title given to the leader of the Magocracy. However, the Archmage openly admits that actual wizardry is the least important part of the job compared to politics or being a Manipulative Bastard in general, is rarely shown using magic, and is described as a remarkably ordinary magic user with several other characters being shown to be much more powerful than him, some of whom were passed up for the position.

Notably, Zedd wouldn't have had much standing at all in the presence of the wizards years before, and Rahl would've been just second-rate. Much later in the series, Richard becomes this, in addition to the Seeker, a Mud Man, Lord Rahl, a wizard, and many other impossible jobs that he asks not to have in the first book.

Nathan and Ann from the Palace of the Prophets. Which is saying something, since most of its inhabitants have been there for hundreds of years. Nicci is even stronger, and about as powerful as Darken Rahl unusual, as sorceresses are almost invariably only a shadow of wizards.

That said, she and the other Sisters of the Dark have been stealing wizards' Han and making deals with the Keeper. War Wizards were this years ago. Special mention goes to Alric Rahl, Joseph Ander, and several others. In the Krondor series, Macros the Black is the archmage at the beginning of the books. In the ages-ago prequels, Urtho and Ma'ar also qualify.

Chrestomanciin the Diana Wynne Jones series of that name, is a title equivalent to Archmage. It's technically a government job title, but is only given to one of the most powerful enchanters in the multiverse, chosen and trained by the previous Chrestomanci. Otherwise necromancers are an example. It is implied that there are other archmage type people out there, but we haven't met them yet in the books. Archmaester Marwyn can be considered to be the archmage of Westeros since he's the only person really knowledgeable about magic on the whole continent.

Since real, working magic is seen as a thing of the past and has not been witnessed by anyone for centuries, he is viewed as an eccentric and almost crazy man. He's the last human Greenseer, with powers that make an "ordinary" warg look like a toddler on a tricycle next to an Ace Pilot in an F Night Watch has a magical ranking system from 7 lowest to 1 strongest.

These mages are usually centuries if not millennia old and spend their time playing Gambit Roulettesas engaging in open combat is strictly forbidden by the Treaty.

In Last Watch, Merlin is revealed to have been a mage with unlimited potential, called an Absolute or Zero-level Other. There's also Olga, Geser's lover and faithful companion, who is a Great enchantress at least a few centuries old, and Arina, a Great witch who doesn't ally with either Watch. Svetlana and Anton are nominally Beyond Classification in terms of pure power and potential but are too young and inexperienced to be considered true to this trope.

However, Svetlana is able to defeat Arina in a duel, although she was in her Mama Bear mode. Dworkin clearly holds that position in The Chronicles of Amber. He created the Pattern and is clearly the ultimate authority about the nature of Shadows, the Jewel of Judgement, the Trumps, the Pattern, and all Pattern-related powers. He is also more than a bit mad. In Sergey Lukyanenko and Nick Perumov 's Wrong Time for Dragonsthe leaders of the four Elemental clans are the most experienced practitioners of their respective Elemental magic.

While they're not the only mages of the first rank, they combine strength, power, experience, and intelligence to fit this trope. Ritor is the leader of the Air Clan and is widely considered to be the most powerful mage in the Middle World.

He is also a former Dragonslayerresponsible for throwing off the tyrannical rule of the Winged Masters. His counterpart in the Water Clan is Torn, a ruthless, scheming mage, who, nevertheless, also wants to protect the Middle World. The leader of the Earth Clan, Anjey, is powerful and smart but also lazy and a pedophile. The former leader of the Fire Clan, Navajo, also fits this trope, but he is slain by an ambush set up by Torn along with many other experienced Fire mages, leaving the Fire Clan in a severely weakened position.

A special mention goes to Loy Iver, the leader of the Cat Clan. While Totem clans are considerably weaker than Elemental clans, Loy Iver is still considered to be a first rank mage.

Bartlett Sher’s vibrant, dancing ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at Academy of Music

She is a Femme Fatale Spy who uses her considerable political and seductive skills, augmented by magic, to keep her clan on an equal footing with the four Elemental clans. Typically the person who holds this position is one of the oldest, wisest, and most powerful members of the Order.

Grianne Ohmsford, Khyber Elessedil, and Aphenglow Elessedil are all former protagonists who have held the post at one point or another, usually graduating to Big Good status in the process. One could make a case that, prior to High Druid of Shannara when the order was reestablished both Allanon and Walker Boh held this position, as they were the both the only Druids around, and the most powerful magic users on the planet at the time. In NoobGeneral Helkazard, the leader of the magic side of The Magic Versus Technology War and a Magic Knight himself, is mentioned to be the most powerful human character of the Fictional Video Game in which the story is set, being overshadowed only by the world's Physical Gods.

In The Balanced SwordArchmage Idinus, the most powerful wizard ever to live, who has ruled the second-largest nation in the world as an iron-clad theocracy for thousands of years.

Mizzamir, who even has this as his title. He is the most powerful wizard in the world left, and the only surviving Hero left from the Victory of Good against Evil at least before Sir Pryse is revealed as still alive. Ozians use "Witch" or "Wizard" to describe these. The scam works great for about fifteen years, and then some tornado drops a house on the East Witch and the unwitting occupant seeks out the "Wizard's" help to get home. In The Unexplored Summon: A high number of Awards brings prestige, and those with a thousand or more are seen as superhuman monsters.

Elvast Toydream Awardwho never loses a single fight on-screen, and is only killed by a surprise attack.

Humanism Awardwho's all the more amazing due to being around ten years old. Madam Professor Awardwho manages to stall the White Queen, the most powerful being in the settingsinglehandedly. Jemisin 's Inheritance Trilogy: Deka becomes by far the world's greatest Scrivener, to the extent that a Physical God calls his power almost divine in scope.

He can intuitively use the gods' Language of Magic that most scriveners can only access through laborious written formulae, covers his body with Power Tattoos in a writing system of his own invention, and boosts his tremendous technical knowledge of magic through the stratosphere with his innate magical gifts from being a Demon. Witches and warlocks are ruled by a Supreme — the most powerful witch born to each generation.

At least until Merlin fried her. Apparently Morgause became the next High Priestessand now apparently Morgana's filled the role, based on events in season 4. She and Merlin are neck and neck for 'most powerful magical person in the world'. As of the Grand FinaleMerlin has taken his traditional place as the undisputed greatest sorcerer of all time. Legend of the Seeker: By the second season, he's the last of his kind. The Prince has shades of this, being both royalty and wielding powerful magic, sometimes even carrying a gold staff.

Mythology Merlin from Arthurian Legend can be considered an Archmage, depending on the version of the tale in question. In this case an "Archmage" was a member of the Magic-User class who had reached 18th level and could potentially cast 9th level spells the highest available at the time. Other classes had similar naming systems e. Although the level names did not carry over into 2nd Edition generally, the tradition of wizards of 18th level or higher being called "Archmages" stuck.

Then, from Third Edition and onward it became the name of a prestige class documented in the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. This prestige class was updated in 3. Their powers allow them to perform feats of magic available to few others imagine being able to cast the spell fireball without having to worry about friendly fire ever againbut at the cost of some of their spells.

The class was updated again in 4th Edition, as an epic destiny available to characters over 20th level. Now focused on reusing spells and using them more often, archmages can also exist as an arcane spirit. At 30th level, they are said to retreat into seclusion to study magic, eventually merging with the singular Demispell.