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far cry 2 walkthrough meet the jackalope

Oct 12, Explore Chloe Dawe's board "Jackalopes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas Hare poses Suffolk PART 2 by Margaret the Novice. Chloe Dawe. Based on Crytek's original Far Cry directed by Cevat Yerli. with more damage before they can reach you. auto francinebavay.info 13 3/2/18 PM. Sheriff Whitehorse. whisking you away into a Bliss-filled meadow of jackalopes and bison. Far Cry 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Before he can get out of bed, he meets the Jackal, who shows up to.

As mentioned, the greenhouses are to the east. If you want to attempt this mission using stealth, wait until night. Go to the Pala bus station and ride a bus to the northeast station. Stay off the road and instead turn around and head south along the eastern edge of the map. Continue south until you reach the point where the road meets the river. Get out of the car and into the river. Stick to the shoreline on the eastern side and begin your approach toward the greenhouse.

Look on top of the car and find a diamond briefcase. Use the monocular to scout the area. Snipers overlook the northern and southern parts of the greenhouse so stay away from those locations. Stick to the eastern side and find the opening in the fence. Go right and then left following the fence to the next opening.

Spot the greenhouse west through the orchard. Stick inside the tall grass and the thick orchard to stay hidden from the patrols. Check to make sure there are no guards nearby before moving carefully toward the greenhouse.

Head south along the edge of the greenhouse. Watch the sniper on the southern perch and wait for him to look away. Sneak into the greenhouse. Get along the western side and go to the northern end to find the pumps. Drop a trio of IED devices next to the pump and retrace your steps out of the greenhouse. Stay in the high grass and go back to the eastern side and around north to the river.

When you reach the map with the safe house, avoid the guard post and instead go off road to the south and rendezvous with your buddy at the safe house. Pick up the defoliant canister from the chemical dump shed. Instead of driving to the chemical dump through the guard station, follow the road toward the train tracks.

You can use the train tracks to move north toward the chemical dump and avoid the guard station. As you move north on the tracks toward the chemical dump, search a pond on the eastern side for a diamond briefcase. A second can be found inside the large building at the dump. Ascend the staircase to the upper railing and find the diamond briefcase. Also, when you meet up with your buddy to deliver the canister, look inside a red container near the marked building to find another diamond briefcase.

Park close to the dump and assault the area on foot. Use a sniper to eliminate guards from long-range. Get inside the large building and find the defoliant canister inside the bottom floor.

Deliver the defoliant canister to your buddy. Drive down to the marked location at the airfield and find your buddy inside the building. Interact with your buddy to deliver the canister. Destroy the red pumps at the greenhouse. Leave the airstrip to the east and make the long trip to the greenhouse. Approach the location from the east. Go on foot and spot the sniper north of the marked location; recon the area and then eliminate the sniper.

Or if you can avoid him, remain stealthy. Cut through the gap in the fence. You can also just toss a couple grenades at the pump. Quickly drive to the crash site south of the area and find your buddy under attack. Eliminate the attackers and complete the mission. The UFLL-friendly police chief is riding around in a convoy. The APR has paid me to kill him.

Ambush the convoy and kill the police chief. Head over to your armory and grab some IEDs. The mission objective requires you to destroy a convoy of vehicles-one of the best methods is planting IED explosives and detonating them from safe range. Exit Pala along the northwest road.

Continue toward the guard station. Head north and then west past the Slaughter House. You may have riled up some local guards around here so you may have to deal with them before continuing to the west. Drive out of Pala to the northwest and get past the guard station. Go into the corner of the area and find a car with a diamond briefcase nearby. When you reach the next quadrant, pull over.

There should be an elevated train track on your left and the road on the other side. The convoy actually moves directly underneath the railroad overpass-a perfect ambush point! Use IEDs and plant them along the convoy route.

Space out the IEDs so the detonation destroys all of the convoy vehicles. Plant a trio of IEDs along the road as it dips underneath the railroad overpass. Take cover in some tall grass nearby and patiently wait for the convoy to appear. The police chief is inside the middle vehicle-make sure that middle vehicle is over the explosives before you detonate.

The explosion may not eliminate the armed escorts. Escape without being seen or deal with them before you escape. Or just run really fast! Drive north out of Pala and rendezvous with your buddy at the safe house near the Slaughter House. Drive toward the target located in the fishing village of Shwasana. You can approach from a variety of directions. If you take the northern road, which would be by the main road, then eliminate the guards at the first dock.

Use your sniper to pick off targets in the village to the south. Eliminate remaining guards and gather supplies. Grab the ledge off of the table. There are several ways out of the fishing village. There you can grab supplies, heal, save your game, and switch out weapons. Take a sniper with you to the police station to help eliminate the perimeter guards. Approach the police station from the southwest side near the tracks.

Take out the perimeter guards from long-range. Once the area is secure, get inside to the marked location and eliminate the chief. You have to run and leap from the rocks on the opposite side. Jump from the rocks to rooftop and grab the diamonds. Meet your buddy and help destroy the UFLL convoy. Leave the police station and drive toward the marked location. Fight off the enemies and save your buddy if possible.

Free the captive from the back room at the Slaughter House. During the course of the story during both Act 1 and Act 2, the guard standing outside a faction building may block entrance; instead of letting you inside to talk with the contact, he may commission you for a different mission. These missions involve rescuing a potential buddy.

You may receive a different rescue mission during your play-through but the object remains the same: Drive out of Pala through the northwest exit.

You have to drive past a guard station on the way to the Slaughter House so be prepared for a fight. You can just drive quickly through the guard station but expect pursuers.

Deal with the enemy pursuers before you reach the Slaughter House to avoid additional enemies. You could avoid the guard station by exiting Pala on boat and following the river north toward the safe house. Search the dense foliage north of the Slaughter House to find an abandoned shack.

Look on the back of the shack and find the ladder.

far cry 2 walkthrough meet the jackalope

Approach the Slaughter House carefully and begin taking out the enemies, either with a sniper rifle from long-range, silently with a weapon like the Silent MP5, or Rambo-style with an assault rifle.

Go into the main structure and open the door. Open the next door and find the captive inside. Speak with the captive to end the mission note that the captive is added to your buddy list. The APR hired me to destroy a tanker car containing natural gas. The UFLL is using it to pay for food, arms, and medicine.

Head to the rail yard and destroy the tanker.

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Pay a visit to the armory and grab your IEDs. A sniper rifle or a silenced weapon will also be useful for stealthier tactics. The railyard is located on the western side of the map. Take the bus from Pala to the northwest station. Grab the dune buggy at the bus station. Follow the railroad along the northern edge of the map, and proceed west into the northwest corner. Turn south toward the railyard and drive the long distance toward the objective. Search across the railroad tracks due north from the bus station.

Look in the center of the rock formation for a diamond briefcase. It nearly blocks the route south. Get out of your vehicle and search the top of the rock formation for a diamond briefcase. Approach from the north and get out of your vehicle as you near the outskirts of the railyard. The hill to the north and northeast of the railyard makes a suitable recon point. Use the monocular to scout enemy positions and equip a sniper rifle to start taking them out.

Alternatively you can sneak your way into the rail station-this is much easier at night, obviously. Stick close to the rail cars and watch patrol patterns.

You can actually move toward the target through open rail cars, which become very viable hiding spots. From this point you can toss a couple grenades toward the target to complete the task.

Otherwise you could get closer and drop IEDs below the target and detonate the devices as you flee. Obviously the explosion alerts the railyard enemies to your presence. Fight them off or flee toward your getaway buggy. Retrace your path back north and around to the northeast toward the bus station. Hitch a ride to Pala! Head to the northwest bus station. Drive south to the safe house near the North Railyard. Find your buddy inside. Kill the UFLL official at the ranch.

Take a vehicle west toward the Cattle Xing. You can avoid the eastern guard station by driving between the mountains found west of the Cattle Xing. Approach from the east. Get out of your car and make the attack on foot. Eliminate guards from long-range if possible. Using a sniper from long-range means dealing with fewer close-range attackers as you get close to your target. Check your map and get to the marked location and eliminate the UFLL official to complete the objective. While inside the Cattle Xing, take the time to search the area.

Locate a covered storage area on the western side. Destroy the tanker car at the rail yard. Exit the Cattle Xing going west. Avoid the guard station by moving between the mountains.

Continue on a northwest route to avoid the roads and hit the train tracks that run north from the rail yard.

Rendezvous with the tracks and turn south toward the target. Proceed to the ambush point and help your buddy eliminate all UFLL troops. Exit the rail yard to the north and find a parked jeep. Drive north along the tracks and avoid the town and roads. Watch the explosion as you get close; the action is on the southern side of the tracks.

Approach from the north and you can move through the train cars and attack the troops on the southern side. Aid your buddy and complete the task. They have a compressor for equipment repairs. I gotta go in and destroy the compressor in the garage. Destroy the compressor in the junkyard garage. Drive down to the armory and snag some IEDs. Drive out of the southwestern exit and cross the bridge. Follow the route toward the guard post. Search the grassy area north of the shack to find a diamond briefcase behind a couple rocks.

Drive up toward the entrance to Scrap Salvage and pull off on the side of the road.

Far Cry 2 Walkthrough

You can use the thick brush for cover as you move around the junkyard avoiding contact with enemy forces or proceed straight toward the target. Follow the southern fork in the road toward the junkyard entrance and spot the blue bus on the left side of the road. Watch for an enemy patrol at the junkyard entrance. Equip the machete and use it to break the boards on the back of the bus and find a diamond briefcase inside. Also, go to the far western side of the junkyard area and find another blue bus.

Break the boards to get inside and find another briefcase in a small alcove. One of the best routes to take is through the brush south of the junkyard.

The thick grass provides ample cover from patrolling guards and the route takes you close to the objective. Maneuver through the brush until you are just south of the marked objective. Observe the junkyard and look for any guards patrolling the junkyard grounds. If you navigate the junkyard perimeter carefully you can get this close to the compressor without being detected.

Sneak north toward the objective. Get inside the small building containing the compressor. Drop a few IEDs at the base of the compressor. Return to the brush south of the junkyard. If you were spotted fleeing the compressor, then just keep running through the brush back east toward the junkyard entrance. Detonate the IEDs to complete the task. Take the bus to the northwest station. Take the dune buggy and drive short distance to the west to find the safe house containing your buddy.

Steal the map from the fuel depot. Go east then north to the train tracks. Take the tracks west toward the fuel depot so you avoid the guard station nearby.

Maintain distance from the location so you can scout. Use the monocular and discover a sniper on the eastern tank. This area is quite open and the approach lacks cover so it can be difficult to make an assault-there will be a lot of enemy guards targeting you!

Take out the sniper with your own and then start working on the other depot guards. Take advantage of the explosive barrels around the depot and shoot them when guards are near-or just blow them up to start lots of fires. Locate the map inside the eastern building. Diamond briefcase on train car next to the middle circular fuel tank.

Ascend the stairs to the top of that tank and then jump onto the railing and then down onto the train car to recover the diamond briefcase. Return to Pala via the bus. Head to the ambush point and help your buddy eliminate all UFLL troops. Run out of the junkyard and proceed north to the marked location on the map. Aid your buddy by shooting all guards at the ambush point to complete the mission. Kouassi has ordered me up to the Goka falls retreat-north side of Mt. Head to Goka Falls and kill Gakumba.

This mission will appear after you have completed all six faction missions three for UFLL and three for APR, plus a possible free buddy mission. Although the locations and objectives of this mission remain the same, some details may differ depending on your play through. Visit the armory and grab a sniper rifle, which could prove useful in taking out the guards surrounding the faction leader target. Get over to the Pala bus station. Grab a bus ride to the northeast station, which is closest to the target location at Goka Falls.

Drive north and through the desert sticking between the road and the oasis to the north. While driving west along the northern edge of the map, stop due north from the Fort. Look north of that tree and find a diamond briefcase behind a rock formation.

From the northeast bus station, start west along the road. Instead, turn into the alcove south of the road. Continue to drive along the northern edge of the map to avoid patrols. Hit the train tracks and keep west avoiding the nearby guard station. Once you are north of Goka Falls, veer south and start off road toward the target location. Approach Goka Falls from the north. Park the car well away so you can sneak up.

Stay in the thick grass along the western edge. You can sneak past or eliminate them from long-range or with a silenced weapon. Emerge onto land and advance along the path up the hill. The path winds up the hill-you can check the map to gauge the route. As you near the suspension bridge leading to the target, expect to see a guard likely relieving himself over the waterfall. Take him out from long-range or use stealthier tactics.

Pull out a sniper rifle and take out the guards near the target. Or you could try to sneak across the bridge to the other side, locate the target inside and eliminate him. Toss a grenade in his room, fire a rocket, or just shoot him. If you have angered the local guards, be prepared for a vicious counter attack.

Escape across the bridge quickly or eliminate the guards at close-range snag a dropped assault rifle to replace the sniper. Escape the Goka Falls Lodge. Battle your way across the bridge and back down the hill.

Return inside the brush. In case you misplaced your vehicle, there should be a jeep parked close to that lower cabin. Reuben has some vital info for me. Talk to Reuben at the lumber camp. Grab a vehicle and exit Pala on the southeastern road. Before you reach them, veer to the left and proceed toward the Lumber Camp. Search the camp for health and ammo before entering the building containing Reuben.

Find Reuben inside-he has some bad news. The faction has begun wiping out all opponents including hired guns and civilian dissenters. Get back into your car and drive from the Lumber Camp back to Pala.

Park at the town and notice that the residents have left. Check the map of Pala. There are a couple faction buildings marked red.

These were restricted areas; if you attempted to get inside these buildings before now, you were likely attacked. But with the residents gone, you can now look inside the buildings. Each restricted building contains a diamond briefcase.

Approach Father Maliya and speak with him. Walk over to the other side of the cabinet on the right side. Use the action button to move it.

You can make a valiant effort and attempt to fight off the attackers but the same result happens every time: Eliminate any guards outside. When prompted, help your buddy push the fridge in front of the door. The windows break open and enemies completely surround the bar. You fight off the horde as long as you want but eventually all of your buddies and you will fall to the assault.

Act 1 - Counter Attack Mission Details: Leboa-Sako fell and me with it. Pick a direction and start moving. Eventually you will pass out. Soon after, another man enters. Your next orders depend on which faction you were attacked by in the previous mission but the concept remains the same: So note while the names and factions may differ on your play-through, the objective is identical.

Terminate faction leader at his troop rally. Heal your wounds and then replenish your syrette supply using the cabinet on the left side of the room. However, there are a couple diamond briefcases to the north. As you drive north on the road, spot the blue bus on the left side. Get out and search the back of the bus to find a diamond briefcase. Follow the road to the train track. Get out and follow the track south to the end. As you follow the road to the north, expect to encounter an enemy patrol.

Repair your car or just take the other one and continue along the road.

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Note the weapon shop to the west. You can use it to switch out any of your gathered weapons from the shelter for your personal favorites. For instance, a sniper rifle can be particularly handy in eliminating the faction leader the troop rally. Just stay back and long-range and terminate in a single headshot. If you head toward the weapon shop, search a lake to the northeast of the weapon shop and find a diamond briefcase underneath the rock face and on the eastern side of the lake.

When approaching the troop rally, drive in the grassland between the two guard posts to avoid confrontation. Approach the troop rally from the western side. Park the car far away-you should be able to hear the rally as you get close. Get into the hill on the west side of the rally; it has a great vantage point on the rally below. You will spot the faction leader easily: Take him out with a sniper ideally.

If you prefer to get dirty, then get closer and use an assault rifle. If you prefer to get creative, try the mortar recovered at the safe house. Act 2 - Defend the Barge Objective: Meet Voorhees in Sefapane. Note that your contact may change depending on which faction you ended up working for in the previous mission. Return to your getaway jeep and drive south toward the bus station. Go between the marked guard posts to avoid a fight. Get on the southern road and drive to the bus station and then turn south.

Follow the road toward the marked location. Expect to encounter an enemy patrol. Eliminate them and follow the road to the checkpoint and into the southern region.

Park the buggy close by and jump on the buggy and then onto the roof to get the briefcase. Continue south into the northwest section of Bowa-Seko. Continue past the weapon shop and avoid the guard station. Drive south of the guard station and then east toward Sefapane. Search the desert southwest from the weapon shop. Search one of the cars to locate a diamond briefcase. Before entering Sefapane, search the grassland to the northwest. On the northern center is a structure-watch out for guards here.

Find a diamond briefcase north of the structure on a rock formation. Drive into Sefapane and approach the marked building. Replenish your ammo and health at the marked locations. Speak with the contact inside. Exit the room and check the main mission map. Leave Sefapane and proceed to the nearest bus station, which is found north of town.

Exit the town to the west and find the car just outside of Sefapane. Drive west but then cut through the passage to the north toward the bus station. Once at the bus station, board the bus that drives to the center of the map-closest to the Lake Segolo objective.

Before he can get out of bed, he meets the Jackal, who shows up to mumble off a bit and then vanishes just as fighting erupts in the streets outside. Follow the tutorial prompts and exit the building. Fight through the streets as much as possible. If Far Cry Dude doesn't get mowed down in a hail of gunfire, he will keel over due to his illness. Getting wasted at this point is okay, because this is a part of the story.

The guy who saves Far Cry Dude's butt now gets to boss him around.

far cry 2 walkthrough meet the jackalope

Follow more tutorial prompts for performing first-aid treatment and for saving. Take the assault rifle and the flamethrower on the table, and use the first-aid kit on the wall. Outside the building, open the hood of the yellow car and fix it. Using the car, drive south to the safe house marked on the map. Be sure to park the car at a good place.

far cry 2 walkthrough meet the jackalope

Kill the two or so enemies there to seize control of the safe house. Go into the building, and follow the sleep tutorial. Get back to the car, and drive south to the marked spot.