Dealer meet themes in the great

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dealer meet themes in the great

For a memorable event with lasting impact, you need motivational meeting themes that are sure to set you up for success. Since your theme communicates the. “For example, if the theme of a sales kickoff were to be 'Command Your Destiny,' We have a great company, we have wonderful solutions, we have the “ Customers left placing orders at the dealer meeting roadshow, and. Sales Kickoff themes help presenters find the center of their message and get . Setting a great Sales Kickoff theme is only the first step in ramping up your sales .

Esparo and her team plan more than events a year for the speech-recognition software company, the largest being the annual sales kickoff.

This year, the company is even deliberating on whether to call the event a sales kickoff in addition to the moniker that expresses its theme, Esparo notes, since the generic title has relatively little meaning.

dealer meet themes in the great

I think I should attend this conference. And so we spend a lot of time with our senior leaders asking, where are we at this year and what is the main core message? Does this resonate with you? So we cull it down, get a top five, and then send that around to our sales leaders.

My motivational speaker should be someone who is the epitome of commanding his or her destiny. I might do a special event such as a sailing expedition where attendees are commanding their destiny on the seas. We have a great company, we have wonderful solutions, we have the people to support the sales organization. The program even had its own original song. Customers left placing orders at the dealer meeting roadshow, and became highly motivated and enthusiastic, asking if they could have the Lennoxpalooza song to play in their shop when customers come in.

This approach was essential in order to ensure that participants of all ages and musical tastes could relate to the program.

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In addition, those who were not musically talented had plenty of activities they could participate in, such as the trivia games and creating band names. Nextel Club NII Ensuring that a theme is not exclusionary can be a bit tricky with a diverse multicultural audience. When Reston, Virginia-based Nextel International was staging its incentive program for participants that included both North and South Americans, a disco theme was found to be something all English- Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking participants could relate to, although in slightly different ways.

It has been clearly shown that an entertained audience is an engaged audience. From boardrooms to TED talks, the ability to entertain your audience largely determines how effective your presentation will be. In addition to providing entertainment, a Sales Kickoff theme should also focus your event on one emphasis: Celebration, Motivation, Provocation, or Information.

They want to cover everything and as a result their Sales Kickoff ends up unfocused and ineffective. Portraits of Success Celebrate high performers by letting them shoot DIY videos, reenactments and spoofs.

dealer meet themes in the great

This provides a fun turnaround from the expected speeches from big influencers and executives. Leading the Pack Emphasize how your company is or is becoming the leader, how you got there, and how others are following in your footsteps. To avoid just tooting your own horn try to focus on leadership over simply gloating. Beat competitor name This is always a good provocative theme.

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Emphasize how you plan to hook a bigger share of customers and beat your biggest competitor. Use competitions that require participation and teamwork to add to the competitive atmosphere.

dealer meet themes in the great

Belief is half the battle won. You win the other half with specific strategies and tactics but starting with confidence is important. Just remember not to make this one too ra-ra and keep it honest. Good metaphors to use here are depictions of owning housing, investment properties, and even parts of a city.

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Custom Monopoly boards work well. When your salesforce morale is low you need bring things up a notch or ten. It puts things into perspective and gives hope for a low morale team.

dealer meet themes in the great

If you feel your sales team is a no-nonsense kind of group, then this will really resonate with them. Throw out the excuses and just be honest and forthright. In It to Win It Bare your teeth and square your shoulders.

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You can easily fire up morale and determination with this classic sports sales kickoff theme. This sales kickoff theme taps into this and reminds them why they love what they do.

Breaking Barriers Recognize the hurdles because they are there, and they are difficult. Your salesforce will appreciate the honesty in this, but be sure to then show everyone the tools they need to to break through these obstacles to get to their wins.