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CD, Released by Bob Dylan, on 11/02/ Artist: Bob Dylan DISC: 2. Digital download. MP3 Meet Me In The Morning (Take 1, Remake) Features alternate versions of Tangled Up In Blue, Simple Twist Of Fate and Shelter From The Label); Portions of website licensed by MediaNet; Website Platform by Broadtime. Meet Me In The Morning January [updates URL/links to songs at] home Born In Time [OH MERCY alternate version] September (lyrics to Fall covers and others, mp3 files) home. Watch the video for Meet Me in the Morning from Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks for free, and Image for 'You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go'.

The Minneapolis versions unleashed the suppressed anger in "Idiot Wind" and brought the momentum of a band to the long quasi-narratives of songs like "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts.

Music News: Unpacking Bob Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks' Bootleg box

The box also allows fans to hear alternate versions of some of Dylan's most mutable songs he's frequently changed the "Tangled Up in Blue" lyrics when playing the song liveand crisper remasters of all the recordings.

More of this week's new releases Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto Comedy rock duo Tenacious D have released their fourth studio album. This one, Post-Apocalypto, features Dave Grohl on drums and has an accompanying web series. Interstate Gospel Pistol Annies are a country supergroup: They formed inreleased two albums and were building momentum when, five years ago, they decided to cancel a tour to "take a breather," as Lambert says.

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When Lambert recently started a group text with a new song idea, the breather came to an end. Interstate Gospel is a rollicking ride full of the trio's indomitable spirit and classic country sense of humor on songs like "Stop Drop and Roll One.

Vince Staples isn't putting a label on his latest release, FM! Levine for information that this track was also available in Dec from iTunes: Picture from iTunes UK web-site The tracks are: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall 6: However, these songs were originally performed solo, here they have been buried under a vile cacophony of electronic instrumentation - strongly not recommended!

This is a great shame, as the original solo acoustic versions represent an important historical document - this is the first public performance of Boots Of Spanish Leather. I have checked through a friend with Bob Dylan's office, and they say the tracks are from bootlegs, reworked and released without permission. The Studs Terkel material has not been authorised for release by Bob or Columbia, and I'm sure the material see below is illegal also. I am only listing this material for reference, and it was removed from iTunes on 8 Jan I hope that Bob's office and Columbia will be spurred to release this show officially so it can be heard as intended!

They are without digital reworking this time but with fake applause! This album also includes the acoustic set from a concert with sound reported as poor.

They're almost certainly taken from one of the circulating bootleg CDs. Again fake applause was added, totally unnecessarily. Thanks to Jean-Pol Hiernaux for information. This album was downloadable from the 17 European iTunes music stores, but not the US, Canadian, Australian and Japanese stores, and was removed on 13 Jan As above, I shall not be listing the material except for reference. I assume that Bob's management will eventually intervene to have them removed. Thanks to Artur Jarosinski and Harold Lepidus for information about this site, which can be found here: This is a site primarily selling memorabilia, much from the archives of legendary rock promoter Bill Graham of the Fillmore East and Westwhose actual first name was Wolfgang.

The site also has an online streaming feature which plays live performances from Bill Graham's collection, including many with Bob.

Bob Dylan / More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series Vol 14 | superdeluxeedition

I have not given these R-numbers because they are only featured for a short period and are not downloadable. In addition to the 42 rarities this set also includes the long-deleted Dylan album, see It also comes with a page booklet that can be downloaded in PDF format. It also has a song index and the Rarities listing.

For details of the bonus video tracks offered, see The Dylan album: Abner" - see a page on the authorship here! No Direction Home, Sepbut in a version with a spoken intro, so R remains a rarity. R was also released on Step Right Up! It also appeared on the Japanese live compilation Bob Dylan Live All versions are still in mono as originally recorded. This is confirmed by Peter Coulthard and Roger Ford, who say that the first two bars of the performance on the mono single and subsequent releases of R up to were spliced in presumably by Columbia engineers, not tour engineer Richard Alderson from the performance of Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues from the ABC Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 6 May !

This means that track 8 on CD14 of The Live Recordings is not strictly the same as R, but I shall retain this R-number for this occurrence for simplicity. A Musical History see D's Collection 1 LP, seeMr. D's Collection 2 EP, seeMr. Rare And Unreleasedsee here.

This means it is no longer a rarity. Music From The Motion Picture, This was listed as an alternate take, but turned out to be the version from the film and the soundtrack album.

The alternate take turned up in on The Bootleg Series Vol. Sep Sony Music Box: For eleven Bob videos including "Don't Look Back" out-takes, see here. Rarities will be added to the site in due course. For an iTunes UK download of the radio edit, see below. Thanks to Rob Carson for information about this show - to download it, see here Apr iTunes: R Thunder On The Mountain - edited version of track 3: For the different video edit, see above.

Thanks to Gino Galvez for information. Trailer for the upcoming Dylan 3CD set 1: This means R has ceased to be a rarity.