Zebra and ostrich relationship

The Zebra and The Ostrich by Shannon Wells on Prezi

zebra and ostrich relationship

Zebra's have poor eye sight and ostriches have poor hearing. These two have formed a symbiotic relationship through communicating and warning each other . Nature is full of symbiotic relationships. For instance, looking at a zebra and an ostrich, we wouldn't necessarily think that they were good. Email Address: BZT Wall Street # La Jolla, California, () or () [email protected] P.O. Box

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Ostriches have a very poor sense of smell and hearing, while zebras are proficient in those senses. Zebras, though, have poor eyesight, but ostriches have excellent vision. This small feathered friend of the rhino rides around on its back, eating ticks and other parasites off of its hide.

zebra and ostrich relationship

The oxpecker gets the benefit of food, while the rhino gets pest control. These may be rudimentary examples, but they remind us that God wants our relationships to be mutually beneficial.

Symbiotic relationship between ostriches and zebras - Barking Zebra Tours

Consider what Paul said to the church at Rome: Rather, we read in Acts 4: And great grace was upon them all. There is something dynamic about being vitally joined to others in a corporate atmosphere of grace and faith. When the church in Jerusalem began hearing of Gentiles being converted, they wisely sent Barnabas to find out what was happening. A man of lesser character might have observed these people and gotten stuck on their non-Jewish cultural practices, but Acts These newly formed congregations were vibrant and thriving.

He saw the grace of God upon these believers corporately as they fellowshipped, worshipped, received the Word of God, and served together.

Barnabas was glad because of what he saw! There was life flowing in and amongst them. Grace in Marriage Peter described the roles and responsibilities of husbands and wives, and admonished couples to treat each other with respect and love 1 Peter 3: Grace is Contagious Through Relationships One of the truths we see in the New Testament is that grace can be shared and transmitted from one person to another.

Symbiosis in the Savanna

This edited article about animals originally appeared in Look and Learn issue number published on 25th June Ostrich and zebra top left Ascent of something drifts across the grasses of the African plain.

A zebra, grazing peacefully with its herd, raises its striped head and sniffs the air suspiciously, large ears pricked. Nearby, a party of ostriches stretch their long necks and scan the grass keenly.

zebra and ostrich relationship

A moment later there is a pounding of hooves and nailed toes as both zebras and ostriches flee from their grazing ground in a cloud of dust. When the dust clears, a lion which has emerged from the grass stares hungrily after the vanishing zebras and roars his disappointment. Once again the two groups have acted as watch-dogs for each other and escaped the predator.

Symbiotic Holiday Symbols

Zebras and ostriches, so different in appearance and form of life, often travel across the open African plains with each other for their own protection. While the zebras have acute hearing and sense of smell with which to scent out danger, the far-sighted ostriches can spot trouble from afar and give their own early warning.

zebra and ostrich relationship

When one group takes to flight, the other is very quick to follow. The ostrich, once plentiful over much of Asia, is now found wild chiefly in the grasslands of Africa. This alert, fast moving bird stays in open regions where mammals such as zebras and wildebeests not only help to keep danger at bay but also flush out any small game to which the ostriches, although chiefly vegetarian, are partial.

Themes of Parasitology: You Look This Way, I'll Listen That Way

In return, the acute vision and speedy movement of the ostriches are reliable defence weapons for the zebras. The ostrich is the largest bird alive. The male has the black and white plumage which is much prized, while the female is smaller and a dull greyish colour.