Zack morris and kelly kapowski relationship help

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zack morris and kelly kapowski relationship help

It seems Saved by the Bell sweethearts Zack and Kelly off-again romance between Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Kelly Kapowski. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski were always our relationship goals growing up -- even when they eloped in Las Vegas after graduating high. Was there anyone cooler in the 90's than Zack Morris? Besides Zack, Kelly has been with that sleazeball Jeff, acting legend and pothead This romance only lasted like two days, about the average length of a Zack Morris relationship. Sidenote: How does the Kapowski family, with the 23 siblings and.

Lisa Turtle is the exception here. Lark Voohries must have had some questionable pictures of the SBTB writing staff because the episode where her and Zack are an item was her Super Bowl. Cut to her and Zack backstage, working late, and well, you get the picture. She is a gold diggerkind of a turn-off. I never understood why Kelly was so cool with those two, but she was probably breaking up a marriage with her 30 year old boyfriend somewhere.

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Then summer is over. Total guess on that last sentence though. I always thought Zack could have done better that summer, you know, being at a beach and all. After changing her tire wink and lying to her about being a photography major at the same college, Zack meets her at the over club, The Attic. But she was dumb as hell.

zack morris and kelly kapowski relationship help

USC is a big campus, but why would Zack be hanging out at the Max, an obvious high school hangout, if he went to college? What Appalachian backwoods town does she think Los Angeles is? A- Joanna Peterson Joanna Peterson is responsible for the single greatest sitcom fight in history. She was the new girl that both Zack and Slater wanted more than Mr.

The balls on you pal. Joanna ends up choosing neither of them, what a god damn tease. She calls the first iteration of the Teen Line where Zack, posing as Nitro, gets the lines crossed and tells Nicki to go for Zack and tells Kelly to let him go.

How does the Kapowski family, with the 23 siblings and poverty stricken parents Kelly claims to be responsible for have TWO phone lines? And another thing, were the writers SO lazy that two entirely different episodes have the gang creating a Teen Line?

Zack ends up trying to act like a dork to shake Nicki off of him, which backfires until he tells the truth. Does the drama club at Bayside even lock the costumes up at night? Nicki is like 14 in this episode, and I feel dirty even writing about her. Incomplete Penny Belding Mr.

zack morris and kelly kapowski relationship help

Of course, Zack gets blackmailed into a date with the hideous beast. Belding is a fine educator. They meet for a date when he learns she is in a wheelchair. He acts like she is helpless and tries to take care of her wherever they go. What a nice guy, right? After a wheelchair basketball FULL of lolz and Slater forgetting the rules, Zack lets everyone know that Melissa is the only handicapped person playing. She freaks out on him, forcing him to apologize and whatnot until they make up. We never hear from Melissa again.

Wendy, a larger than life character, outbids the slutty blonde Zack wanted to win, by dropping a hundred on Morris. What about Kelly you ask? Zack is repulsed by fat Wendy, faking illnesses and such, just to avoid her. She gets pissed at him, refusing to speak until he apologizes, which he does.

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Look in a mirror sometime, Wendy. He looks past her daughterwho is at least 5 years old, and still wants a piece of the Hawaiian beauty. Jessie, who is a crazy feminist, lobbies for Kristy until she thinks the hussy is moving in on Slater while they practice rear bear hugs, a totally normal wrestling move based on the wrestling knowledge I learn from Saved by the Bell.

Zack gets beat up on a date with Kristy and she takes care of the bully.

zack morris and kelly kapowski relationship help

Emasculated and embarrassed, Zack wants nothing to do with her until she quits the team and he realizes the errors of his ways. But here comes Jennifer, the new school nurse. Blinded by beauty, Zack falls for the smoking hot nurse and throws Kelly to the curb. Sometimes it was in order to make money, other times it was in a bid to get himself out of trouble, and many times it was in order to win the heart of his lifelong crush, Kelly Kapowski.

She gave him a peck on the lips as a thank you for the beautiful ring.

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He really liked the girls to say the least. So during ''Saved by the Bell: The College Years'' of the series, he was trying to pursue his suite mate Leslie, but it came as a shock to Zack when his ex-girlfriend, Kelly, arrived as the new transfer student!

Fortunately, it was not. Kelly realized she still had feelings for her old high school boyfriend and wanted to tell him.

zack morris and kelly kapowski relationship help

However, things got complicated when she discovered he had feelings for Leslie. Nonetheless, it was a sweet moment seeing Kelly confess her love for Zack. Via Giphy If you were paying any attention to ''Saved by the Bell,'' you would know that Zack had an obsession with making money. He was always finding ways and sometimes not always good ways to earn some extra dough. And often, his money-making tactics got him and his friends, Slater and Screech, into a whole lot of trouble.

So in ''Saved by the Bell: And Kelly thought so too. It's a patient game that takes years of practice. But if you knew Zack Morris would be teaching you how to play, maybe it would change your mind. What do you think, girls? Well, Kelly was one lucky girl in this episode where Zack got to help her play the patient sport.

If you had a cute teacher teaching you how to play golf, the sport would definitely be much more entertaining.