Yudhisthira and draupadi relationship advice

Panchali : Beloved of the Five Pandavas by Maj. Gen. Shekhar Sen

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship advice

The secret of Draupadi and her relationship with the Pandavas - Whilst polygamy is no more in practice, India sure has a record breaking. Draupadi who was dreaming about love in marriage feels that her mouth is want” (Divakaruni, p) Draupadi seems to remember the advice throughout the life. . The disagreement between king Draupada and the Pandavas gets settled . Their relation with Draupadi was dictated by Yudhisthir. dependable, informative and as well as cool guidance on that topic to Tanya.

Further, the same punishment will apply if any brother happens to disturb another when he is carnally engaged with Draupadi. This punishment actually comes into play when Arjuna disturbs Yudhisthir and Draupadi. Arjuna has to retrieve his weapons from the armory, in order to help a poor Brahmin whose cows have been stolen by thieves. Arjuna departs on exile for 12 years, where he visits his father Indra, gets cursed by Urvashi, learns a lot of new skills from multiple teachers Shiva, Indra etcmeets and marries Subadhra, followed by Chitrangada, etc.

What was the relationship between Draupadi and the Pandavas like?

However, what happens to the year that he is to spend with Draupadi? Of all her husbands, he is the one who loves her the most. He fulfills her every request, he cannot bear to see her hurt. Bhima cried because his beautiful wife will have to serve as a Sairandhri maid to Queen Sudeshna of Matsya.

Bhima kills a Kauravas to avenge the insult to Draupadi. Bhima was the one whom Draupadi run to when she is molested by Keechak in Matsya kingdom. She is prone to outbursts of rage, she makes unreasonable, unwise demands. Bhima simply walks up to Keechak in the middle of the night and tears him limb from limb.

He is a savage monster with others, but he is always and only tender when it comes to Draupadi. Draupadi with Nakul and Sahadev: Not many version of the Mahabharat where Nakul and Sahadev have any role of substance.

In reality, Nakul and Sahadev are more loyal to Yudhisthir than anyone else. They could have gone and ruled over Madradesh, and lived a life of luxury and ease, but they stuck with their brother through thick and thin. Makes one appreciate them a little bit more.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship advice

Her husbands gamble her away as if she were property. When Dusshasana strips her in view of a full court, she has to beg Krishna to save her. Even at the end of their 13 year exile, the Pandavas are not intent on war. They worry that the losses in the Kurukshetra war will be too big to warrant it. Draupadi has to turn to her friend, Krishna, to heal her soul. Even they, O timid one, will weep like thee, their kinsmen and friends being slain. They with whom, O lady, thou art angry, have their kinsmen and warriors already slain….

I will accomplish all this. Key words- Swyamvara, complex, exploits, revenge, humiliation. In the introductory note, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni writes that she was unsatisfied by the portrayal of women in the Mahabharata. This foretells the agenda that she had in her mind.

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She further says that if she ever writes a book, she would place the women in the forefront of the action. In the popularly accepted version of the Mahabharata Draupadi leads a desexualised existence. Since childhood Draupadi is being portrayed as fascinated by Krishna. Draupadi here carries some complex for being dark complexioned. But it was Krishna, who was even darker than Draupadi, raises her self confidence and motivates her not to treat her complexion as disadvantage, but to believe it to be of advantages.

I adored the way he laughed I often forgot that he was much older than me. He called me by a special name, the female form of his own; Krishnaa. His motive is political. He says that Arjuna, the greatest archer marrying Draupadi will be a great victory for the Panchala, because Arjuna as a son- in-law will not fight with against Draupad.

Draupadi who was dreaming about love in marriage feels that her mouth is filled with the ashes as she is nothing but a worm dangled at the end of a fishing pole. Through this disappointment and heartbreaks Draupadi seems to be growing up. Reflecting upon the power play behind her Swyamvara, Draupadi learns how to wear the armour of caution so that no one could reach past to break her heart.

He rushes at Krishna with a drawn out sword and Druapadi feels that if Krishna is not there in her life, nothing mattered. Nor her husbands, nor her brother, nor even Karna!

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship advice

Was it love I saw in his face? He is aware of the relative strength and weaknesses of both the sexes. Knowing that Bhima, the most powerful and most straightforward among the Pandavas is devoted to her. She takes her revenge on her perpetuaters through him.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship advice

She allows him to fulfil her demands. Which Bhima always cherish to do.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship advice

It was Bhima who fights with Yakashas for the Saugandha flowers for her. He kills Kichaka, who molested her. It was he who punishes Jayadratha, who tried to kidnap her.

Why Draupadi married five Pandavas -Mahabharat

He tears open the chest of Dussasana, drinks his blood and ties the hair of Draupadi with his hands stained with the blood. It was he who breaks the thighs of Duryodhana and punishes him for his offensive gesture to Draupadi. During the period of exile, Draupadi do not let the fire of revenge cool down.

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She says that going against the laws of righteous war, Bhima will kill her tormenters at Kurushetra, not for victory or glory, but for her sake. Divakaruni introduces a character called Sorceress, who teaches many skills to Draupadi. She teaches her how to seduce a man, an important job a women should do to sustain her marriage. She also teaches her how to cook delicious food, how to cure illness, when to speak and when to remain silent.

How to sleep comfortably on floor. In a way the Sorceress prepares Draupadi for different roles. Role of a queen, role of a wife of five men as well as a difficult life of exile in the forest. If you are lucky, it strikes you right. For portraying flourishing of romance between Karna and Draupadi, Divakaruni introduces many episodes. While seeing the portrait of Kaurava princes Duryodhana and Dusasana, she notices Karna also painted in the portrait.

She was immediately drawn towards him, especially towards his eyes filled with ancient sadness. She finds herself strongly pulled into those eyes.

But as Karna was making his way into her imagination, Krishna intervenes and stops the growth of tender feeling.

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He scolds the 3 artist for showing picture of Karna to Draupadi as Karna was not a prince. He also belittles Karna by saying that his kingdom is a gift and Karna is just a son of a chariot driver.

Krishna was eager to nip in the bud the tender feeling that she might be developing for Karna. The thought made her uncomfortable. She confesses that she loved Krishna, but not that way.

Krisha puts her at ease by saying that he is not going to compete against Arjuna. Dhrishtdhaumya tries to convince Draupadi that as Karna is cursed and anyone joining him in a bond of matrimony will also be cursed.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship advice

At this a dual was about to commence between Karna and Dhrishtdhaumya, but here Draupadi steps between two to save her brother and deliberately insults Karna by asking the name of his father. Defeated, head bent in shame he left the marriage hall. But he never forgot the humiliation of that moment in full sight of all the king of Bharat.

She follows Arjuna, barefoot on cracked, burning path. She falls, her knees and palms get cuts and Arjuna nurses her. Forcing Karna out of her mind, Draupadi prepares herself to accept Arjuna as her husband. She repeats different virtues of Arjuna like being courteous, noble, brave and handsome and began to believe that he would be a suitable husband for her.

She tries to convince herself that she would no longer waste time on regret. She would turn her face to future. She would satisfy herself with duty and if she was lucky love would come. But Draupadi is 4 disappointed to find that Arjuna do not say anything.

Her mind again goes back to Karna and she began to think that probably this was her punishment for having treated him so unfairly.

The disagreement between king Draupada and the Pandavas gets settled with the intervention of sage Vyasa. He rules in favour of Draupadi marrying all five brothers. He also makes an arrangement that Draupadi will stay with each brother for a period of one year and every time she goes to the new brother she would be virgin again.

But Draupadi realizes that her situation is different. Like a man with several wives, she had no choice about choosing with whom to sleep and when.