Young ran and shinichi relationship

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young ran and shinichi relationship

8 Relationships analysis. Family and friends. Shinichi Kudo; Kogoro Mouri and Eri Kisaki; Kazuha Toyama; Heiji Hattori; Sonoko. Explore Bourbon's board "Detective Conan Memes" on Pinterest. | See more Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri Detective Conan Ran, Detective Riddles, Otaku Anime, Manga . Actual young Shinichi that's not Conan Manga Detective ConanManga JapanCase ClosedMagic KaitoOtakuKarateNeonRelationship Truths. Pain is Ran And Shinichi, Kudo Shinichi, Detective Conan Quotes, .. It's amazing to me how young Shinichi looks so different from Conan. It's the same.

What's strange is the bomb didn't go off even when time's up, and Conan discovered Ran has cut the blue wire. At the end when Conan asked why, Ran told him that color red is her and Shinichi's lucky color and cutting the red wire means cutting off their relationship. Movie 2 Edit Inside the Aquarium-like building, a bomb goes off which blows the whole aquarium up. Considering it's in the middle of the sea, water enters the building which leads to drown some of the people targeted.

On the surface, Conan noticed Ran was nowhere in sight, so he suspected Ran was in the bottom of the water. He grabbed an empty bottle for air and dived in, and discovers Ran was indeed in the bottom, her foot stuck in a car model which was drowning her. Conan quickly placed the mouth of the bottle into hers to allow her to breathe, and Ran thought it was Shinichi who saved her.

When she came to her senses, she realized it was Conan. Conan's foot gets stuck in the car too, and thus he was unable to hold on much longer and fainted.

Ran then 'kissed' Conan, resulting to a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When Conan wakes, Ran then fainted, so he makes use of Ran's sacrifice that very moment and he managed to remove the car using his belt suspenders. When finally in the surface, Ran thanks Conan, into which Conan blushes. When the culprit was finally figured out, he grabbed into the weak Ran as hostage and dragged her up in the heliport of the sinking building. The culprit called unto Conan to bring him Shiratori's gun, and even he hesitated, Conan deliberately obeyed.

But seeing the scene was exactly when Eri's been held hostage and Kogoro was in decision, Conan understood why he shot Eri's leg.

young ran and shinichi relationship

He did the same then, in which he slightly shot Ran's leg in order for the culprit to let go. In the end, Ran also realizes why Kogoro shot Eri's leg is because to save her, not to threaten her. She thought that if Shinichi was in the case, he'll do the same as Conan did.

young ran and shinichi relationship

Meanwhile, Conan understood the meaning of the video game he played earlier that he will get to kiss someone, and that was Ran during the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Before the roller coaster case, Shinichi brought Ran into a plain court in the middle of the park, which was actually a fountain and sprouts after 2 hours. He insisted this is his gift for Ran winning the karate championship, and they had a toast.

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During a wedding reception, Ran witnessed Sato got shot multiple times and happen to see the culprit's face. Due to shock and belief she's the one who did it, she fainted. When she woke up, everyone discovered she has an amnesia, which worried Conan the most. Suspecting that the culprit was coming after her because of the fact she saw his face, Conan gets over-protective of Ran. There are times that the culprit tried to kill Ran by pushing her in the railway with a train fast approaching, but Conan always comes into rescue.

When Ran and family decided to go to Tropical Land in order to gain memories, they refused to tell Conan who was busy solving the case. Shinichi's image keep appearing in Ran's mind, but still doesn't remember who he is.

When they thought they have captured the culprit, Kogoro and Takagi who was protecting Ran left, leaving the real culprit still targeting her. When Conan discovers about it, the culprit was in the threshold of killing even those innocent people, so he tried his best to save her and bring her to a deserted place inside the park to avoid these killings.

When Ran asks why did Conan keeps protecting her, Conan didn't hesitate to reply "Because I love you. I love you more than anyone else in this world. In the end, when Ran's memories have returned, she told Conan that she weren't suited for him because she's older.

As Conan tried to counter, Ran thought he must've said such things to help her return her memories back, because of the time Eri told them how Kogoro proposed to her, saying the same things Conan said. When it's their turn already, Conan noticed Gin was aiming for Sonoko who he mistook for Shiho in a building apart from them.

Gin misses, but he hits the controls that manipulates the elevator, which made it stop. They managed to get out, but they were stuck in the floor where the fire's coming. Seeing there's no way to get out, and Conan's suffocating in the smoke, Ran decides to go 'bungee jumping' to the lower floors to escape. But Ran was shivering--this will be the first time she'll do it.

But she says this isn't the right time for her to die yet, because she promised she'll wait for Shinichi until he comes back. Conan agrees, convincing her she could do it. They jumped and managed to escape the raging fire, and this amazes Conan. When Conan discovered the Detective Boys were still stuck and the culprit was still in the 6oth floor, he returned there to save them. He then discovers there were numerous bombs planted on the said floor and risked to use a car model to escape from it.

He called unto Inspector Megure and Ran took the phone, worried about him, but Conan responds by "Don't worry, I'll come back to you.

Movie 6 Edit Throughout the whole game, Ran keeps thinking about Shinichi, knowing they were inside Shinichi's dreamland: Mixed characters were also in the game, including Shinichi's famous idol Sherlock Holmes and London's serial killer Jack the Ripper. Ran recalls something that Shinichi said to her while in Tropical Land, something that will play a big role in solving the case. When only Conan and Ran were left to save the other children trapped in the game, Ran sacrificed herself by jumping in a cliff from the train which kills Jack the Ripper as well, remembering the thing Shinichi told her.

Conan was very affected by what Ran did, but thinking giving up will not be the solution, he and the remaining character who is actually the Noah's Ark managed to stop the running train and therefore saving everyone who were 'Game Over'.

At the end, Conan asked why Ran did such reckless thing, and Ran replied by saying Shinichi's words to her. Movie 7 Edit This movie is mostly about Heiji's first love, but there's also a little moment of Shinichi and Ran. At one part of the movie, Conan looks at the full moon and smiles, which confuses Heiji and causes him to ask him what's wrong. Conan recalls a memory of when Shinichi and Ran were supposed to meet for a date, and he ended up forgetting which caused him to be two hours late.

I'm just making up the hours thing, I think it is one hour. Since I'm not from Japan, I don't know how the systems go, correct me if I'm mistaken. I seriously can't stay in this class for the next 2 hours doing nothing you know. I want to check out something on the web. And away from him," Finger pointing at a mere seventeen- year old young man, who was yawning-Kudo Shinichi, Detective of the East.

Ran had always known that Sonoko has a 'grudge' agains her child-hood friend. She knew that the pointing will go to a smirk to the 'face' to shouting and then to her head off to the bathroom, though with the 'humiliation' that she will face, she still didn't want to ruin the 'fight', it's so amusing, two people that she had make apart of her life fighting. It's weird isn't it? Shinichi being Shinichi smirk at the short blond knowing that it will make her irritate.

As the smirk become noticeable, the scarf wearing girl makes 'the' face. On to the shouting. Would it kill you to be nice to me for once?

Man, where is she? Shinichi calls Ran on occasion using his voice changing bowtie, assuring Ran of her worries and to make her feel better whenever she is troubled or hurt. Since becoming Conan, Shinichi has grown and developed a stronger and closer relationship with Ran, learning facts and details he never knew before, including her true feelings for him.

Throughout the series, Ran is shown to be dedicated to Shinichi and will always love him no matter where he is. Shinichi's love for Ran has been proven to be incredibly and deeply strong on numerous occasions throughout the series as he becomes protective and jealous whenever other guys are revealed to have feelings for her such as Eisuke Hondou. During these situations, Shinichi becomes extremely jealous and does whatever he can to keep any man who shows an interest in Ran away from her.

Shinichi also cares a great deal about Ran's well being and is shown to be deeply saddened to see Ran upset regarding their separation and pains him whenever he sees Ran crying for him. Shinichi wishes he didn't have to cause suffering to Ran as he knows how hurt she is constantly waiting for him to return and is annoyed he can't do anything about it. However, Shinichi comes to realize that despite their strong feelings for each other and although he would want more than anything to tell Ran the truth and to relief her pain, he can't tell Ran as he doesn't want to put her in danger against the Black Organization, as he considers her life more important than his.

It's also shown that despite the current status of their relationship, Ran and Shinichi have shared many precious romantic moments such as when Shinichi bought Ran a pair of red gloves for Christmas or when he ate her Valentine's Day chocolate that she had made for him, while she was asleep. There have even been times where despite their separation, both Shinichi and Ran have tried to confess their true feelings for one another at several different point in the series.

Shinichi's Valentine Gift for Ran

Shinichi confessed his love for Ran during the fourth movie, Captured in Her Eyes, but since he was Conan, he wasn't taken seriously.

Later during the eighth film, Magician of the Silver Sky, Shinichi called Ran to instruct her how to safely land a plane when she and Sonoko were forced to take control and do an emergency landing. However, Ran became upset, revealing her sadness that Shinichi is never been by her side since his leaving, but in the process confesses her true love for him, much to Shinichi's shock.

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However, after landing the plane and upon meeting Phantom Thief Kid, she made herself believe he pretended to be Shinichi to assure her and believes she actually confessed her feelings to him instead. Later in the series whenever Shinichi has regained his true physical body, he always takes these opportunities to try and confess his love for Ran. However, everytime he comes close to confessing, a case occurrs and interrupts them and soon the antidote wears off before Shinichi can finally confess his love.

Eventually, Shinichi at long last finally confessed his love for Ran during the Holmes Revelations Arc. During this time, Conan, Ran, Kogoro and Dr. Agasa were invited by a rich women on a trip to London as gratitude for finding her lost pet. Due to this, Ran did a lot of research and made a list of souvenirs to bring back for Shinichi, knowing how much he has loved and always dreamed of going to London since it's the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes.

Ran called Shinichi to inform him of her trip, but instead resulted in an argument between them instead. Ran began to feel guilty soon after, realising she might be annoying hurting Shinichi's feelings as he has always wanted to come to London.

Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri

Eventually the situation worsened when Ran began to question her feelings for Shinichi upon meeting Minerva Glass, a famous tennis player. While recently going through her own heartbreak with her tennis coach, Minerva expressed her opinion that "Love is 0". Upon hearing her words, but while she tried to ignore them, Ran began to seriously reconsider her love for Shinichi. Later, Ran called Shinichi attempting to apologize, but upon hearing the Big Ben in the background, she concluded that Shinichi is in fact in London during the exact same time, greatly angering her.

Ran quickly began to hunt down Shinichi, asking several people who spotted him and point Ran in his direction. In fear of learning his secret identity as Conan Edogawa, Shinichi takes the second antidote pill, resorting him to his true body and meets with Ran, thereby protecting his secret. However, upon finally meeting and confronting Shinichi, Ran instead became greatly saddened, believing Shinichi doesn't consider her feelings whatsoever and now begins to believe Minerva is right that "Love is 0".

Heartbroken that Shinichi is unable to understand or realize her true feelings for him, Ran bursts into tears and run away. Shinichi runs after her and manages catches up to Ran in front of the Big Ben. Shinichi admits that despite his skills as a detective or even if he were Sherlock Holmes himself, he could never truly understand the heart of the girl he loves, thereby at long last finally confessing his love for Ran. Ran is shocked by Shinichi's confession and he proceeds that "Love is 0" is wrong, revealing nothing would ever be born or achieved and instead corrects 0 is where everything instead starts.

Since Shinichi's confession, Ran is delighted to finally learn the feelings between herself and Shinichi are truly mutual. However, since then, Ran realized that at the time, having been so caught in the moment of Shinichi's confession, she failed to confess her own feelings for him in return.

Over time more people, including Sonoko, Kazuha and Heiji have come to learn of Shinichi's confesssion to Ran. Sonoko and Kazuha encourage Ran to reply to Shinichi's confess to assure and confirm their mutual feelings for one another, but Ran fails on several occasions, still to shy to express her feelings.

However, Ran begins to grow more confident and determind to confess to Shinichi in return and instead of simply calling him, Ran wants to properly meet with Shinichi and confess her feelings in person. Her constant hope is that they finally get together again, and on occasion she even plays re- matchmaker by arranging not-so-accidental meetings between them, though a reunion, while possible, is so far constantly hampered by mutual stubborness and the occasional criminal incident taking place in the immediate vicinity.

Kazuha Toyama Despite having rather different temperaments and personalities, Kazuha and Ran have several things in common, including: Kazuha was initially cold and rude to Ran, suspecting her of being interested in Heiji. However, thanks to Kazuha's frankness and Ran's accommodating nature, the girls quickly overcame this misunderstanding. They have since become close friends and seem to regard each other as confidantes, since they are in similar romantic situations: Ran and Shinichi cannot confess their feelings for each other, as Shinichi is, aside from telephone calls, physically absent from her life, and Kazuha and Heiji cannot confess their feelings for each other due to their own stubbornness and irascibility.

Ran respects Heiji as a very skilled detective who reminds her of Shinichi, but whenever Heiji and Kazuha run into an argument, Ran seems to take Kazuha's side. Despite this, they have become very good friends. Sonoko Suzuki Sonoko and Ran have been best friends ever since they were children. Sonoko was often there to help Ran whenever she was bullied by other school children, more so than even Shinichi.

Sonoko and Ran are often shown walking together after school. Sonoko often invites Ran to join her on trips or events hosted by the Suzuki family most commonly her uncle's showdowns with Kaitou Kid.