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yoshimori and tokine relationship quizzes

Kekkaishi is about teenagers Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, Due to his rash and headstrong personality, Yoshimori has always fallen behind Tokine After a number of tests presented to him by Koenma, the son of the ruler of. Jealousy (ヤキモチ, Yakimochi) is the th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe. They go up to the roof, and Julia asks what Tokine's relationship is with Yoshimori. Tokine naturally denies this, but soon realizes that Yoshimori must have. Tokine is taller than Yoshimori as well as two years older than him, with fair skin . The defining moment in Tokine's relationship with Yoshimori occurred when.

Shichirou Ougi states that Hiura was sent to Karasumori to kidnap a kekkaishi; Toshimori was likely to be his target, since he is the weakest kekkaishi in both the Sumimura and Yukimura households. Very rarely seen in the manga and anime. She is an extremely powerful Kekkaishi and spends so much of her time traveling that she rarely returns home to her family. In truth, she left her home to find a land to seal the lord of Karasumori.

On her first mission for the Shadow Organization she killed the god she was assigned to calm down, claiming its child told her to kill it. She was able to easily injure and subdue a god-class dragon as shown in Chapters and of the manga. It has been recently revealed by Tokimori that Sumiko had discovered the sealed castle under Karasumori and has been helping Tokimori find a suitable place to seal the Lord.

Sumiko abruptly returned home under mysterious circumstances. When pressed on her intentions, she revealed her intention to take the being locked under Karasumori and seal him away in a more secure location. She further shocks her family by planning to take Yoshimori with her, because he is the only one compatible with the being under Karasumori.

Tokimori coerces Yoshimori's continued help sealing the Lord, after the latter learns the truth about the Karasumori site and all the horrible things that have happened there, by telling him that though Sumiko doesn't have the required power to seal the Lord, she will do it alone if Yoshimori won't help them.

Tokimori states her motivations behind sealing the Lord are not to help him, but for her children's sakes so that they will no longer be tied to the land. Sumiko's cooking and sewing skills are notably lacking when compared to her husband, which is part of why she considers herself unfit to be a normal housewife and mother despite Yoshimori's protests.

He does not have the power to see spirits. Shuji uses special items when he needs to act as a Kekkaishi. He was formerly an assistant to Heisuke, but presumably left that behind in order to marry Sumiko. Shuji is the housekeeper of the Sumimura family, as he does nearly all of the cooking and most of the cleaning.

He wears an apron at all times, and works out of the home as a struggling author. Yukimura family Voiced by: He is about years old. He is constantly teasing Yoshimori. Hakubi also enjoys harassing Madarao about having to serve a master Yoshimori with such pathetic skills.

He playfully flirts with Tokine and likes to call her "honey", and is a sucker for cute girls. In the original Japanese version, he has a habit of using European words and expressions, eventually causing Yoshimori to complain that if he's a Japanese dog, he shouldn't be using European words.

She is the 21st head of the Yukimura family. She is also the current strongest Kekkaishi in Karasumori. She can control space to a high degree, and proves herself superior to Yoshimori in both power and skill on several occasions. Notably, she is able to selectively destroy a target in a Kekkai without harming anything else within.

yoshimori and tokine relationship quizzes

Though she has maintained a strong dislike for the entire Sumimura family for years and generally demands that Tokine not associate with them at all, she has gradually become more tolerant toward them and is starting to see Yoshimori as a proper successor, though typically with plenty of input and criticism from her.

Mikeno is Shimano's counterpart. After Yoshimori begins training with Shimano, Mikeno requests Tokiko to send Tokine for intense training, under Mikeno's tutelage, in a place called the Surge Room. She teaches Tokine to use "Utsusemi," a technique that allows the user to absorb a being's energy and render further attacks ineffective. Married into the family. She possesses the ability to kill a cockroach without letting its inside spill out. He was not blessed with the sign of the legitimate successor, so his power was limited, but he kept a positive attitude nevertheless.

Early in Tokine's childhood, Tokio was mortally wounded fighting a hypnotic Ayakashi at the Karasumori site, after which Sumiko brought him home. For some time, it was left ambiguous whether his final warning to Tokine not to let her guard down around 'them' referred to Ayakashi or the Sumimuras and most specifically Sumiko, who did not seem concerned by the implication that she might have been involved in his death.

Sumiko eventually stated that she had no interest in the feud between their families or in killing Tokio, and Tokine did not press the issue. Takes authority over everything in the Shadow Organization in order to harmonize the decision making process and protect the Shadow Organization following the apparent deaths of three of the council's members. He founded the Shadow Organization years ago with his brother.

After a confrontation with Masamori, he is seemingly killed by his brother's subordinate, Zero only to escape and instead transfer his consciousness to Zero but was killed by the founder shortly after his revelation.

He, like his brother, has two powers, one the ability to manipulate plants, and the other is a psychic ability, with his psychic form being a spider-starfish. It is as yet unknown what began the rivalry between the brothers, but the Sousui has a deep hate for him, culminating in his eventual demise.

As of chapterit has been revealed that the Oumi brothers were able to live so long, because they would "hop" from body-to-body, thus no longer being "human". He stole the founder's memories and manipulated him, leading him to believe they were brothers. Due to continuous body transfers both Oumi brothers remember little of what is true about their past.

She did not attend the latest meeting of the Council of Twelve and thus escaped the Sousui's attack. Kidoin is a demon tamer and a pacifist with the most military power in the Shadow Organization.

The sheer quantity of powerful demons she controls is immense, and they are said to have built her entire underground palace in three days. However, she is described by all to be kind and compassionate, yet somewhat distant to new acquaintances.

Her power over demons renders them immune to the Sousui's powers. When her power invokes, she changes from an older woman to a much younger one. Tatsuki mentions that when the Shadow Organization is rebuilt she would be the perfect person to head the organization.

As of Chapterit would seem that she is in fact a shapeshifting dragon ayakashi of the first class. In that form, she goes by the name of Raijin thunder god. She wields extremely powerful lightning in that form and is easily able to overwhelm Masamori's zekkai without using her full strength. He is one of only 5 remainders of Council of Twelve, who is currently fighting the Commander, the Sousui. As of Chapter he is under the influence of the Sousui's mind control. He was leading the Council of Twelve against the Sousui before he fell under control.

He seems to have knowledge of all sorts of forbidden techniques, including the ability to create a Kurokabuto, a black-helmed soldier with the ability to emanate an energy katana. However, the two Kurokabuto he created also are able to be controlled, setting them apart from others of their kind.

Thus, they are remarked to be the strongest ayakashi. Yet, the Kurokabuto still fell before the Sousui's psychic powers, which were able to control even ayakashi. He is clad almost entirely in cloth wrapped around himself, almost like a mummy.

He has the ability to raise the dead to do his bidding. However, he shows little mercy, even to his own the Shadow Organization members, preferring to kill them all.

This is a view he shares with his colleagues on the council: As of Chapterhe returned to take part in the commander court martial hearing. Claiming to be bored with the old, Mudou attacked the Urukai Training Facility, explaining to Masamori Sumimura that it was an opportunity to "play with the young.

His spirit has been resurrected by Masamori, so that the latter could gain information on the Sousui. Member of the Ogi clan, who are the wind masters. Ogi secretly conspired with Kokuboro, and Byaku in particular, to seize control of Karasumori's power. Masamori Sumimura has long suspected him of being a traitor and is working with Okuni to expose him. Ogi is physically very large, over twice the size of a normal human, and wears a hood that conceals his face at all times.

When Masamori attempts to confront Ogi about his treachery, it is revealed that Ogi is actually six brothers who have the ability to merge physically and combine their powers. This explains Ogi's large size and immense power. When the Yagyou reach his hiding place and Masamori comes to face him, he is shown to have been killed, along with his other brothers excluding Rokurou by Shichirou Ogi, the legitimate successor to the Ogi family.

She serves as the organization's historian and record keeper. She also is a strong proponent of justice and order. She appears to be invincible and has the ability to create portals and pockets in space for moving great distances or storing various items.

After Kokuboro was defeated, Okuni investigated the Karasumori site, to better understand why Ayakashi are drawn to the location. There she witnessed a powerful ayakashi attack Karasumori itself causing her to question whether the force below the site is just energy or possibly a living entity. Later, she confronts Ichirou Ogi and reveals that she knows he conspired with Kokuboro to seize control of Karasumori.

Ogi attacks her with his wind, but she is unhurt and Okuni makes it clear that she intends to bring him to justice. She is apparently killed, or at least badly wounded, by an unknown assailant when one of her subordinates tries to reach her when a fire is started at the Shadow Organization Headquarters. She reappears as a spirit in chapter to confirm her suspicions. She was killed by Zero. In chaptershe reveals to Masamori that Karasumori is not a spiritual land but an actual human being.

The being possessed a massive 'spirit reservoir' and had the potential to destroy the world, but was sealed underneath Karasumori. She also believes that the true purpose of the kekkaishi successors is not to prevent ayakashi from stealing Karasumori's power but to prevent the being sealed beneath from escaping. Before disappearing into the afterlife, she reveals one final revelation, Yoshimori possesses the same massive 'spirit reservoir' and potential as the being sealed under Karasumori, and that the being is trying to share its power with Yoshimori.

She is one of only 5 remainders of Council of Twelve, who is currently fighting the Commander, the Sousui. As of Chapter she is under the influence of the Sousui's mind control. Her entire face is obscured with thick hair, and she has the power to bring inanimate objects ,up to and including houses, alive to do her bidding.

He was killed by Shichirou Ogi. He is one of only five remainders of Council of Twelve, who is currently fighting the Commander, the Sousui. Due to that, the other two Council members present remarked that it was best to leave the "heavy stuff" to Juho, commenting on the strength of his spell. He also has the ability to animate shikigami-like beings to act as an army.

She appeared using the artificial ayakashi to gather information and they went berserk, as repentance she cut her hair, a miko's source of power. She delivered her master's message about Karasumori being trapped in chaos. After her master killed herself she left the group and confronted the group to tell them a horrible future for the Shadow Organization will begin; she then secluded herself to see if she can see a change in the future.

Premonitions cut down the users and those who see its life span. It was created and run by Masamori Sumimura, and includes many young ability users still in training.

Urara Takano Japanese ; Erin Fitzgerald English An energetic fighter who specializes in taming monsters and using them in combat. She was assigned to be Gen Shishio's trainer when he joined the Night Troop, primarily due to her skill for handling "wild things".

She develops a lopsided relationship with Gen, becoming more of an 'overbearing, older sister' to him. Gen's death devastates Atora, who breaks down during his memorial service. Later, when the Night Troop arrive to help protect Karasumori, Atora stays in Gen's old apartment instead of Yoshimori's house. Yasuhiro Takato Atora's favorite "pet" who is good friends with Gen. He has the appearance of a large white, bear-like monster, and has the power to create and control lightning.

He injects poison into Gen when he tries to fully transform to calm him down and to make him transform back into his human form. He is an ayakashi majiri, whose powers demonstrate a plant-like transformation, quite like that of Aihi's, from Kokubourou. He also hated Gen. When she was young she was teased by others who said she should have chosen a better demon. She now works for Masamori as an informant.

Yomi originally shown contempt and disdain for Tokine and her father Tokio, but after seeing a small fragment of Yoki's horn regenerate Yoki into a small version of himself, Yomi regrets her actions toward the Yukimura and Sumimura families.

Yomi would've faced execution for her treachery had Masamori Sumimura not intervened and assured the Shadow Organization it wouldn't be repeated. Yomi is still important within the Night Troops.

It carried many people to Kokuboro to rescue Yoshimori and Sen. Also carried Shigemori and Shuji to Heisuke Matsudo's home once.

yoshimori and tokine relationship quizzes

Her ability "Black Wing" can shoot countless black pinnate from her left arm's tattoo. He is also shown to have excellent hearing which aids him when he transfers from the combat division of the Yagyou to the intelligence division. In the most recent chapters, Shu and his friend Sen have been assigned to investigate Karasumori's Kekkaishi. His true form is that of a Vampire who plays with his female victims when he loses control.

Ryohei Kimura Japanese ; Steve Staley English When Yoshimori is chasing after Kaguro actually it is Shion, who is dressed up as Kaguro during the Kokuboro assault on Karasumori site, he follows Yoshimori secretly but winds up getting caught by the Kokuboro members.

He is rescued by Yoshimori and helps albeit briefly in the following fight against Kaguro. It is implied that he was jealous of how strong Gen was, since he states that in battle he was always staring at Gen's back. He, Shu, and Dai as the weakest of the combat division were always in back relegated to support. He sees Yoshimori in kind of the same light, as Yoshimori is now the one who steps to the front in battle to protect him when it is needed.

In the latest manga chapters, he is instructed by Masamori to observe the ones chosen by Karasumori. He has gotten close with Yoshimori, developing a kind of friendship with him and becoming a close confidante, but he is uneasy getting closer to Yoshimori knowing that he is spying on him.

It has been revealed that Sen possesses the ability to read into the minds of people although, so far, he can only see their outermost thoughts. He hates being reminded that he has feminine looks and is afraid of bugs. Since Yoshimori has taken the lord from Karasumori and the school has collapsed and is being rebuilt, he and Shu have rejoined Night Troop at their main headquarters.

Is able to make duplicates of himself to confuse opponents. He was the first one to see Yoshimori and Sen in the odd "zekkai" type thing. This ability helps her and Akira escape the "box. He once had Hatori ride him to defeat ayakashi. According to Sen, he is reliable and good at giving accurate commands.

He's a Jiugenka power-user who uses shadows. He is sent to Karasumori to combat the majinai that is left in Karasumori by Michiru and Kakeru after their first visit to Karasumori to mark it for hunting. He specializes in charm design and is the one who created the tattoos seen on Gen and Miki Hatori to suppress their ayakashi sides. Using Makio, Takemitsu, Todoroki, Ito Orihara and Shegmori Sumimura as power sources, he is the one responsible for breaking the majinai Kakeru was going to use to annihilate the town in which Karasumori was located.

She works with Fumiya Somegi and is a charm neutralizing specialist. She is a very shy person only seen speaking by whispering into Fumiya's ears. Karasumori Academy Voiced by: He is known as the "Information Wizard" because he enjoys collecting information about people.

He tends to be reserved and sensible. She can see ayakashi and various other spirits, and frequently consults Yoshimori when she sees one. It is implied that she may have a crush on Yoshimori. This is also suspected by her friends, who constantly tease her about it. Believes Yurina has a crush on Yoshimori, and likes to tease her about it. Believes Yurina has a crush on Yoshimori, and likes to tease her to go for him.

She thinks Yoshimori is "cute" and encourages Tokine to improve her relationship with him. He has supernatural powers which are manifested as three snakes named Josephine, Simone, and Roxanne. While he acts very seductive and sinister when possessed, the true Mino is very kind, conscientious, mildly perverted, devoted to teaching, and goofy.

Whether or not this three snakes are his landlord is unknown. She is an enemy of Mao. Mao is jealous of Tokine. She is nicknamed as "the Black Widow" and "Puppet Master. Ryoko Shiraishi Japanese ; Carrie Savage English A friend of Yuri that saw Gen jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and has even since that moment has had a crush on him. Also has an abandoned puppy who was fed by Gen, which was also named Gen by Aoi.

Ayakashi and spirits Voiced by: Masashi Ebara Japanese ; Paul St. Peter English A wild dog who was a friend of Madarao then known as "Ginro" back when they lived on their mountain together. The mountain was taken over by humans during the Sengoku period and the two dogs were driven out, after which they perished. He was killed by samurai and became a demon dog along with Madarao, but became twisted by his hatred of humans. Madarao defeated him in the third volume of the manga and the twelfth episode of the TV series.

Yoshimori asked his brother to return Koya's remains to the mountain he used to live on. Recently, it was revealed he was forcefully brought back to life by Masamori and serves him in exchange from Masamori promising to return the mountain he and Madarao used to live on back to him.

He is black with a white chest, and ruthlessly strong. Long ago, Tokimori begged him to give the middle of the "forest" to him, and in return Tokimori promised him a new place to sleep.

Mamezo resembles a Jiminy-cricket-like bug with a leaf growing out of his head. When he changes to a human form, he looks oddly handsome compared to his lord. Who looks like a dirty old man. In return for the help Yoshimori gave him, he gave him a feather that calls crows, and allows Yoshimori to understand them. They have overly large feet.

Can turn into hundreds of feathers to escape attacks. Together, they can turn into a gigantic owl -looking Ayakashi. He is agile and playful. He is the Lord of Karasumori. He asked Yoshimori to call him lord and also tried to order Tokine around when they met him. He has a vast spiritual reservoir that is capable of destroying the world.

This is seen the first time the reader is introduced to the child. Tsukikage states he is not always in that form, and he will usually smile when he is happy. His disciples were the first heads of the Sumimura and Yukimura families. He is a powerful Kekkaishi and is able to use zekkai.

Hazama was also Madarao's former master. Later in the manga series, Madarao smelled a familiar scent and he showed up to the astonishment of both Yoshimori and Madarao.

Hazama is now actively training Yoshimori to refine his abilities as well as training him to master the shinkai technique. He had the power to force an ayakashi within his territory to follow him and he ended up collecting a wide assortment. He has a personal acquaintance with both Oumi brothers and he was present during the founding of the Shadow Organization.

He is not particularly trustworthy and he is keeping secrets from Yoshimori. Tokimori states that he always knew he was different from others. He was an orphan because of his powers but found ways to be useful because of them. He was outcast and reviled as a monster. Upset that no one would acknowledge his power he became bitter and angry. Tsukikage, the princess of Karasumori, tells him the air around him is always stagnant from his anger and hatred and that it looked like he was wearing heavy drooping robes that were pulling him down.

However, she told him that he still had a chance to save himself from the darkness. He initially thinks about killing her, but changes his mind, eventually falling in love with her.

He was thrown out of Karasumori after it was found that he had impregnated Tsukikage and tried to avenge himself on the world by casting a spell that would ensure that his and Tsukikage's child would not only become lord of Karasumori, but also that he would be extremely powerful. Tokimori has stated that he cannot forgive himself for what he had done. Tsukikage leaves them then, while Tokimori begs her to stay with them.

Afterwards he, the child, and all the ayakashi he'd collected left Karasumori.

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She dies giving birth to him. After her death she visits Tokimori as a ghost for a while until she eventually leads Tokimori back toward the castle so that he can take care of their child as everyone else at the castle has died. She states that Tokimori is the only one who can hold him. While she lived, she had the most spiritual sensitivity of anyone in the castle at Karasumori and later Tokimori realizes that she was the one calling the ayakashi to the castle, though her father was unaware of this and she asked Tokimori to keep that from him.

She was sickly so could not see the world so called for the ayakashi because she enjoyed seeing strange things. She also had the power to see people's emotions as shapes. Accurately pinpointing that Tokimori's heart was black but that he had a chance to turn it white again. She is truly happy to have met Tokimori, stating that because of him she was able to know a part of the world. She looks up to the Sousui like a big brother and he attacks a member of the Ougi clan for making her cry, calling her his sacred treasure.

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Near the end of the series, Mahora-sama's accompanying guide takes the spiritual power from her. Helps lost souls rest in peace. Helped Yoshimori with his castle cakes, while hanging around for a while. Eventually, he comes to terms with his brother and manages to pass on. Owner of the Tsukijigoaka Food Company.

Reason why Masahiko was unable to pass on was because he was afraid Toshihiko resented him. An associate of Yoshimori's grandfather. An expert of ayakashi and was the first to discover the secrets behind the human skin that Aihi had created. He had a love interest in a woman called Risa Kagami, who was unfortunately married to Byaku. He grew vengeful when Kagami died and swore to exact revenge on Byaku for her death. Hiromu admits that it might not be such a bad thing, since Julia is pretty, and Yoshimori likes older girls.

Yoshimori goes to the high school section and considers asking Tokine to pose as his girlfriend so he can get rid of Julia, but the very thought overwhelms him. Madoka notices him and warns him to do something about Julia, since Tokine is really mad. She offers to go get Tokine, but soon comes back and sadly reports that Tokine doesn't want to see him.

Yoshimori wonders if this means Tokine might actually be jealous. After school, Yoshimori decides to try his luck at running away from Julia.

Hiromu warns him that Karasumori Academy has always produced a large number of exceptionally talented people that excel in various fields, and thinks Julia might be one of them. After Yoshimori leaves, Hiromu adds that Julia displays approximately a twenty-fold increase in athletic skill when pursuing a target.

Yoshimori flees over the rooftops, shocked that Julia is able to keep up with him. Just when he is considering using a KekkaiJulia suddenly falls off a roof, and Yoshimori has no choice but to save her again. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a trap, as Julia was counting on him to save her. She drags him to a nearby park, but neither is aware that Tokine is angrily watching them from the bushes. Characters in order of appearance.