Yemen and united states relationship with russia

Why Is Russia Defending Iran From U.S. Over Yemen? Six Things You Need to Know

yemen and united states relationship with russia

The United States, a longtime ally of Saudi Arabia, quietly began the already tense relationship with Iran because of the threat its nuclear. On July 13, Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi swore in what happened then, as well as of the state of Yemeni-Russian relations. The United States continues to tacitly support Saudi Arabia and the United For the Trump administration, the Saudi relationship is particularly.

In a statement, Haley condemned Russia—a fellow U.

yemen and united states relationship with russia

Security Council permanent member—over its support for "the terrorist-sponsoring regime in Iran" and the pair's mutual ally, the "barbaric" government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Saudi Arabia, one of the U.

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Both Iran and Ansar Allah denied the missile's Iranian origins. Iran is Russia's leading international ally in Syria Iran, a longtime friend of Assad, has supported his armed forces against the rebels and jihadis trying to overthrow him since Tehran mobilized an international network of Shiite Muslim militias to combat rebels backed by the West, Turkey and Gulf Arab states—including Iran's top regional foe, Saudi Arabia.

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While it was the Russian military intervention that arguably gave Assad the momentum to retake most of the countrythe Syrian military has been substantially backed up by local and foreign pro-government militias, many of which answered directly to Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

That no global power has tried to restore peace has left a void, which Russia appears to be looking to fill.

yemen and united states relationship with russia

Russia's stronger position in Yemen is indicative of a shifting power balance in the Middle East. Overall, Moscow's presence is expanding.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown himself to be an opportunist in the past and would conceivably use Yemen to expand his own influence. It would be easy for Putin; Russia has increasing leverage with Saudi Arabia. All this takes place while Russia ostensibly supports the UN-recognised Hadi government, which is backed by Saudi Arabia. Moscow is therefore in a better position than several other global powers to bring an end to the crisis.

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Funds primarily supported literacy projects, election monitoring, training for civil society, and the improvement of electoral procedures. In fiscal yearU. Section Authority is a Department of Defense account designed to provide equipment, supplies, or training to foreign national military forces engaged in counter-terrorist operations.

Yemen became eligible to reapply in November and had its eligibility reinstated in Februarynearly six months after it held what some observers described as a relatively successful presidential election. After the terrorist attacks of September 11,the Yemeni government became more forthcoming in its cooperation with the U. President Saleh reportedly has allowed small groups of U.

The US Role in Yemen: What You Need to Know

According to press articles quoting U. According to the U.

yemen and united states relationship with russia

Current law as applied to counterterrorism was weak. Article 44 of the constitution states that a Yemeni national may not be extradited to a foreign authority. Before his incarceration, Elbaneh was free in Sana'a despite his conviction for his involvement in the attack French tanker Limburg and other attacks against Yemeni oil installations. S Security Assistance Funding.