What do we learn about george and lennies relationship in chapter 1

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what do we learn about george and lennies relationship in chapter 1

George, the small and keen one of the two, goes in front. Lennie From then on we are constantly reminded by George and Lennie, who is in charge of Lennie's . The relationship between George and Lennie is multifaceted, but in chapter three , we see George's paternal side come out. He tries to He can't think of nothing to do himself, but he sure can take orders.” Read the study guide: 1 educator answer; Why do George and Lennie run away from Weed in Of Mice and Men?. There are several things that make Chapter One Important. George and Lennie's relationship is made clear -George is the more paternal figure 4) We find out about George & Lennie's background and what has previously.

Lennie wants a puppy but from previous experiences might kill it. We have now met the main characters which are as follows: Has to always keep an eye for Lennie.

what do we learn about george and lennies relationship in chapter 1

Clumsy, forgets things and extremely strong. Slim — The best worker.

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Very nice, the prince of the ranch and is respected. Curly — Small, does boxing and is very angry and tries to dominate. A bit suspicious of George and Lennie. How does the American dream link to the first two chapters?

P32 The idea they have worked their whole life to try and reach happiness.

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The silence before the shot — Awkwardness — P — Everyone, Candy especially. Candy, George and Lennie dream about future life becoming possible — dreams, friendship, loneliness and unity — P — Candy, George and Lennie. Slim confronts Curley — conflict — P — Slim and Curley.

what do we learn about george and lennies relationship in chapter 1

As you can see, a lot goes on in chapter 3 that builds tension and causes a lot of conflict. Crooks taunts Lennie that George may not return, leaving Lennie on his own.

what do we learn about george and lennies relationship in chapter 1

Unfortunately, George does not realize how dangerous Lennie can be, and this lack of foresight adds to the downfall of their dream. Their dream also sets George apart from the others because it means he and Lennie have a future and something to anticipate.

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Unlike Lennie, George does not see their dream in terms of rabbits; instead, he sees it in a practical way. Their farm will be one where they can be independent and safe and where he will not have to worry about keeping track of Lennie's mistakes. They can be secure and in charge of their own lives. However, Lennie is the one who adds the enthusiasm because George never really believed they could swing this farm of their own. He mostly uses the story to give Lennie something to believe in for their future.

Only when Candy offers the stake does George actually begin to see that this dream could come true. But, realist that he is, George tells Candy over the lifeless body of Curley's wife"I think I knowed from the very first.

I think I know'd we'd never do her. He usta like to hear about it so much I got to thinking maybe we would [be able to have the farm. I am modeling how I want students to complete the chart so that the expectations are clear for great work. Since this will likely be a shortened period due to weatherwe will start working on the organizer and finish it during our next class session. I want my students to work on this in class so that I can see where they struggle in their analysis.

I'm hoping that this will be a struggle-free zone, but I'll be there with my net to catch my students, just in case. OMM Lesson Resource Just to clear up what I mean by annotate, I will ask my students to mark up word choices, figurative language, sound devices, etc.

I will also tell them to write questions about the text or statements in the margins to help them truly understand the piece. I am asking them to mark up the poem because this is one way of reading closely to determine meaning.

After reading the poem, I will ask my students to answer the four questions on the back of the poem. The questions can be found on a literature guide that can be can be purchased at http: