Usagi and seiya relationship test

20 Strange Facts Only Real Fans Know About Sailor Moon And Tuxedo Mask's Relationship

usagi and seiya relationship test

Dedicated to Usagi Tsukino and Seiya Kou's relationship in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Unrequited love, romance, images, articles and more. She scrunches up her test and throws it over her shoulder, hitting Mamoru Chiba, who . This will be remembered as Usagi's and Tuxedo Mask's very first kiss. The Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask relationship has been a constant in all the By contrast, Usagi and Mamoru have very little in common. Usagi is.

What I mean is Usagi and Mamoru hardly ever experience hardships in the original whether it's being separated by a Villain or just feeling sorry for themselves because they couldn't protect each other is literally the only thing they face as hardships while in their relationship with each other but in Crystal however, they NEVER experienced any hardships besides again being separated by a Villain because in Crystal that's all there is it is just Usagi and Mamoru's relationship being developed more and more as the series goes on.

I mean how would you like it if your favorite show only developed through only Romance or a genere that you didn't like? Annoyed properly bored that you'll stop watching the series all together what I mean is that for a relationship to work out you need to accept the bad with the good, accept your partners flaws or immaturity while also being with them because if you don't take the bad with the good then the romance in the relationship will become bland and "too Perfect" witch can piss some people off thinking that your just there to show off, resulting them hating you For some reason and in Crystal their relationship is exactly that a bland and perfect relationship.

That's because Usagi is too young and her innocent nature blocks those topics leaving her confuse or angry because of it. Hell, she even fights with Chibiusa over him even though Chibiusa is Usagi's child Chibiusa often makes remarks that Mamoru would be hers and says that Usagi is a clumsy, lazy Crybaby behind her mother's back but in Crystal Usagi's jealously towards Chibiusa spending time with Mamoru portrays it like it's an actual problem Why the hell would Usagi be jealous of a freaking child?

Yes, there's a hint of insist behavior in a Magical girl anime and yet I don't care what culture this behavior comes from, it's freaking gross! I mean who in their right mind wants to see family members have sex with each other?!

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Reason 5, The OTP type of thing in this ship Look, I honestly wanted to like this ship, I really did but it's just now a days the ship MamorUsa has skyrocketed into everyone's favorite and only choice when it comes to Ships in Sailor Moon and it's litteraly everywhere! So stop thinking that Usagi and Mamoru are just the only pairing in the series. My problem with the hashtag OTP is that this hashtag is everywhere when it comes to fans who ship MamorUsa and for those people who don't like the ship, get hated on or even blocked by the fans themselves just because of saying "I don't like Usagi X Mamoru" first of all, all of you who are blocking people or hating on them just because of their opinion you need to stop, it's getting ridiculous and this kind of behavior is very unacceptable and second please calm down and accept that they don't like the ship, do not force them or threatened them if they don't like the ship because if they don't like it that's fine!

Just don't make it such a big deal about it. Usagi was pretty bad at Softball and so Seiya patiently trains her to catch a ball for the whole afternoon. Soon the night sky takes over and the two take a break while looking at the stars. He tells her he believes in her and that he doesn't want to lose the game. The truth was, Usagi didn't want to lose it either and she tries her best which causes her team to win.

Things start to get bad in episodewhen Aluminum Siren sets a trap for Usagi after knowing her true identity.

usagi and seiya relationship test

In order to protect her, Seiya transforms in front of her, revealing his true identity. Usagi is shocked by the truth but realises she has no other choice but to transform as well. Confusion, anger and sadness takes place, with the Sailor Starlights conflicting with the Senshi of the Solar System. Despite their differences, Seiya couldn't stop thinking about Usagi, he still trusted in her.

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Usagi is also saddened because she doesn't want their friendship to end. In a later episode, Seiya discovered Sailor Moon was vulnerable to Tin Nyanko's bazooka and he runs quickly to take the blast for her.

usagi and seiya relationship test

He is injured severely, losing consciousness and starts to bleed. Sailor Moon is horrified and becomes desperate to help him.

The other Starlights appear and take him away angrily, warning them to stay away from them. Their view on Sailor Moon turned into hatred as they blamed everything that happend to Seiya on Usagi.

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Their chances of seeing each was was slim. Haruka and Michiru also warn Usagi to break all ties with him.

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Nevertheless, Seiya and Usagi try desperately to see each other- She wanted to apologise for his injury, and Seiya wants to tell her everything about his mission. He calls Usagi and invites her to one of his concerts, which was held in an Amusement Park. Usagi couldn't get a seat since the tickets were sold out, but notices a Ferris wheel and rides that.

usagi and seiya relationship test

From such a high angle, she was able to see him on stage clearly. He was able to tell her his story through his song, all about Sailor Galaxia and his mission to search for his Princess. Soon they were able to reach a mutual understanding. As time passed, Usagi felt more and more lonely without Mamoru's presence. We soon learn that Mamoru hasn't replied to a single letter Usagi has written to him.

usagi and seiya relationship test

On the school roof-top, Usagi starts bursting into tears and saying everything from her heart. She misses Mamoru dearly, and she can't stand being alone anymore. These words hurt Seiya, and his anger shows He kneels down and places his arms on her shoulders, looking into her eyes "Aren't I good enough? Seiya and Usagi meet at the backstage before the Three Lights have their final concert.

Seiya tells her that he is going to leave her after the concert. He confesses that he really likes her, and think about her all the time.

Usagi doesn't know what to say. He tells her it's okay if she doesn't love him in return. He leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the cheeks. During the final battle, Sailor Star Fighter constantly put Usagi's life in front of her own, she meant everything to her.