Ups and downs in a relationship

Relationship ups and downs, or something else? - Are you OK?

ups and downs in a relationship

Those early days of your relationship are some of the best, right? You appreciate every gesture, so you tell your partner you love them every. With all the ups and downs and hardships that life has, having a true best friend that is dedicated to being beside you through life is about the best thing you. Nothing will make you feel more special than being in a relationship, But at the same time nothing will have the power to get you down more.

I happen to agree with both those sentiments. There is, however, a flip side—and that comes down to your priorities. The secret sauce Virtually every couple I know that weathered the tough times to build a lasting relationship agrees that one essential ingredient to success must be commitment.

As a couple, you must both be committed to making the relationship work. That means that, individually, you must commit to work on yourself. For our relationships to work, both partners must be willing to invest in their own emotional evolution.

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And that can be as difficult as it sounds. True intimacy has a tendency to expose our vulnerabilities. It can be awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, even ugly.

ups and downs in a relationship

If we ignore that opportunity by trying to re-bury the things we most dislike about ourselves, dollars to donuts our relationships will suffer. Conversely, if we embrace the opportunity, we make ourselves emotionally stronger—and the spillover effect strengthens our relationship in turn.

Over time, that practice becomes a habit, and you get better at more rapidly identifying and overcoming the challenges. You learn how to calmly handle conflicts that may have boiled over in the past. You begin to resolve differences of opinion up-front, before they ever have a chance to fester. New love means you can't sleep at night. You think about your lover constantly. You want to always be with them.

You don't want to be apart. This is THE person for you. Many people get married during this stage of overwhelming passion and romance, thinking it will be this way forever.

Mature Love Sets In If your body really kept up that new-love passion for its entire life, you would burn out pretty quickly! Plus your pocketbook would become empty as you spent every last dime on flowers and phone calls.

ups and downs in a relationship

Now that you are together, it's no longer necessary. You've already proven to each other that you love each other. You don't have to keep proving it. Flowers die, but knowing that your boyfriend will be there at 2am when your car breaks down makes all the difference in the world.

ups and downs in a relationship

A dinner out at a fancy restaurant is nice, but any gigilo could pull that off. What's truly special is when you two have your own private meal at home, with your very favorite dishes, your favorite wine, and share the memories of your best times together. For people reared on MTV and romance novels, this can be unsettling.

Ups, downs are normal in relationship, but not extreme ones

You mean that every day isn't about fresh bouquets of flowers and passionate speeches of undying love? It's about the things that really matter in life - being a best friend. With all the ups and downs and hardships that life has, having a true best friend that is dedicated to being beside you through life is about the best thing you could possibly hope for.

Acutally, This is Pretty Good Stage three in most relationships is the settling down with the notion that "this is rather good after all! But as you start to get comfortable with that idea, the little things that were "cute" in the beginning of the relationship now start to grate on you.

Yes, it was "cute" that he went out every Friday night with the guys, but now you'd really like to be able to go to the movies with him instead. Yes it was "cute" that she was completely inept in the kitchen, but sheesh, you'd just like a non-burned meal every once in a while! Those little grating annoyances can start go be like water torture The important thing here is to realize that every one of us is an individual, and we each have good AND bad parts.

Yes, your partner has some annoying traits. Undoubtedly some traits of yours annoy your partner.

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Yes, your partner might really try! But it's not that easy. If it were, we'd all be model-thin, nobody would smoke, and we'd all be incredibly rich.

ups and downs in a relationship