Tonks and lupin relationship trust

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tonks and lupin relationship trust

So, I know we all wish that Lupin and Harry had been closer in the books after PoA. He lowered his voice while the rest of them exchanged last-minute good- byes with Tonks, “Harry, The trust and love there is just, I mean. Nymphadora Tonks, her hair a strict black in keeping with her attempt . She had convinced him to let them try to have a real relationship after. Harry finds out Lupin is a BAMF who knows what he's doing .. I think it gets overlooked a lot, but in a way, it's almost worse than Lupin leaving Tonks in DH, Narratively speaking, Harry's trust for and relationship with Lupin.

She took out the vial, and unstoppered it, pour half in each of the two mugs, and tapping each with her wand to make sure it was cool enough to drink quickly. She planned to gulp hers down, and hoped Remus would do the same, his typically method of drinking coffee, when he preferred tea.

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She brought out a tray, staring at her feet to make sure she didn't drop anything, and managed to set down the tray of a low table. She missed the chair as she sat back, but as long as the potion was intact, she didn't mind. Remus looked at her with intensity she didn't quite understand, though her skin felt flushed. She tried to think of a topic of conversation, but her own nervousness got the better of her. She simply picked up her cup, and drank, praying that this wasn't the biggest mistake of her life.

He picked up his cup, still staring at her, and took a sip. How are Harry and everyone? He and the rest of the kids are deeply involved in some project or another.

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No doubt they'll manage to save the day again. He stared at her again, and gulped down all his coffee with a grimace. Then, he stared into the cup, and back at her. He rose up and towered over her, "What is it? I'm had every quack try and sell me something to fix my lycantropy. I'll always be a werewolf. I understand if you can't accept that. It…I'm even entirely sure that it will work. If…I was told, that if you share the potion with your true lovet allows use to feel each others sensations, even thought.

It even allows you to share, to share each others powers. What the bloody hell were you thinking! I'm not even sure that would cross over anyway, it's not the normal kind of magical power.

I meant to give you my abilites, to make your transformations easier. To let me bloody see you for more than the two weeks you'll let me near you in the month. She could feel him come up behind her. They stood there in tense silence. Anger poured through her, but as the second ticked by, she could feel it change, morph into something else. Her stomach clenched with it, her blood pounded through her. Her sense of smell became incredibly acute, and her nose was filled with an irresistible smell.

It took every ounce of her strength to resist devouring it's source. What the hell was happening to her. Oh Godric, it's me. I feel what he feels. He wants me, it's my scent. She panted in small breaths as the wanting enveloped her, her nipples puckered, her sex grew wet with her need for him. He stood there, just behind her, still battling to control himself. She found her voice, though it was low and husky. I'm more flexible than most people, and stronger besides.

Metamorphagus and all that.

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They were desperate for me to become an Auror, you know? He was hanging by the merest thread, and she would weld the knife to cut it. She inched forward to the edge of the kitchen table, and bent over it, farther than necessary, to push the cracked flower vase which sat there to the other end. Her lovely little bum was raised at an enticing angle, and she knew the precise moment his control shattered. There was an odd ripping sound, and then she found herself rammed face down into the table, her breasts pressed against the smooth surface, her hips against the table's edge.

Her skirt was pushed up, and her fishnet stockings and thong were torn asunder with one rip, and not the least thought given to the use of magic. And then he was there, huge and hot, and he thrust into her with brutal force. Never had the act of penetration given her such unbelievable pleasure. She was the possessed and the possessor all at once, and the wild, feral thrill of mating overtook her every thought.

He plunged into her, fast and hard, gripping her hips with such force that it would leave bruises on a normal woman. She keened a long moan of ecstasy, and he let out a low growl in response. The angle of the table, her incredible wetness, his unrestrained need, all built too quickly into a storm of sensation that threatened to drowned her, she was so close.

The wind whipping through the room, the sudden brightness of the fire in the room behind them when unnoticed. Suddenly, the need for complete possession swamped her, and he leaned forward, biting the back of her neck with his teeth, and with that burst of pleasure-pain she came and came and came. She let out a scream that became a howl, and he growled with unmatched ferocity.

The wind howled with them, and the light in the room so bright it blinded her, and she was utterly lost in a whirl of incredible sensation.

When sanity returned, she was kneeling, straddling his bare legs, with Remus's left arm wrapped tightly around her, with him still embedded deep within her. Her head had fallen back to rest on his shoulder, and he gently stroked her hair, his breath a warm caress on her cheek.

She smiled, the immensely satisfied, feline smile of a woman who'd had her share of ultimate bliss. She spoke, her voice unsteady and hoarse after the intensity of her screams, "So, that's why you avoid me just before the moon. Your scent is irresistible. She saw a flash of the first time he had seen her as an adult, when Moody had brought her to Grimmauld to see Sirius when he'd returned. When she walked into the room, tripping of course, her scent had reached him, and he had immediately responded, though she had been completely unaware of it.

She smiled, pleased that she had discombobulated him as much as his restrained wildness had bothered her. But she changed the subject. You've spoiled me for anyone else, you have, being such a sex god. He was always worried that he was too old for her, and she could feel the same now.

If he had any more energy or youth, then what she would have just experienced would have likely killed her. She felt him flinch with the thought, agonizing that he had hurt her. She ground herself down on his softened cock, and purred. Professor Sprout took care of the situation by casting the Boggart-Banishing Spelland introduced the class to what a Boggart was.

As Professor Sprout left to report the incident to Headmaster Albus DumbledoreTonks asked Jacob's sibling in puzzlement about Penny's fear, implying she did not understand why Penny's worst fear would be werewolves. After the lesson Tonks revealed she had crashed into the Owlerythe Astronomy Towerthe Whomping Willowand Rubeus Hagrid's gardenbut that apparently was a few crashes fewer than her average. Tonks also revealed that she had often gotten detentions for turning into teachers using her Metamorphmagus abilities.

She attempted to put it under Filch's desk, but fell on her face on the way, accidentally tossing it into the Potions Classroom. The plant ended up grabbing Professor Severus Snape. He and Sprout agreed to give Tonks daily detention until the end of her school days, but Sprout gave her the chance to not get detention if she managed to pass a special Herbology test.

Tonks told them what had happened and the two agreed to study together. My Head of House said I lacked certain necessary qualities. This means that she presumably took Defence Against the Dark ArtsTransfigurationCharmsPotionsand another subject in sixth and seventh year. She earned ' Outstanding ' or ' Exceeds Expectations ' on all of her N. Being the daughter of the ostracised Andromeda Tonksshe was rejected by the supremacists of the House of Black.

She was an Auror--she knew she could be a great asset. And she knew that her son was safe and cared for, and she was, I think fighting as much for his future in the same way Remus was. The fact that they both died is both sad and happy, but I am glad that they were able to embark on that next great adventure Emmy September 17th,4: I kind of agree, I just wish that she had taken more time out to develop it so it would have made more sense.

I especially thought the marriage was really really out of the blue. It did seem kind of to appear out of the blue I wish we could have more insight into their relationship PotterGurl08 September 17th,6: You know, I never quite looked at it that way. All this time I've been quite sad over Lupin and Tonk's death because I really liked them as characters and I just thought their story ended so sadly But when you look at it the way you say, it isn't so bad.

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It is quite happy. Thanks for the insight! I never said that Sirius and Remus would make a good pair I think Sirius and I would make a good pair: But if you see the amount of fan fiction there is about Remus and Sirius, it would stagger you. And they have been around for a long time.

tonks and lupin relationship trust

I think I read one some seven years ago. Also it is reported that JK herself was none too happy about the slash shippers. She has expressed her grief over some of the pairings like Draco and Harry and Snape and Sirius. Sure they would hypothetically make a good couple but Jk didn't sell that idea well to the readers I have to say that I agree. I know they say opposites attract, but I never really enjoyed reading about the romance as it certainly wasnt a happy one.

She portrays and rocky and unstable romance and then ends it all by killing off both characters. I think she could have showed remus return a bit more affection towards Tonks, instead of leaving the reader wondering whether Remus really loved Tonks or not. Even now I am still on the fence on whether Remus really loved Tonks and if he did, whether his feelings were as strong as hers.

This pairing has to be one of the most vague and incomplete romances of the entire series. I think you might have to share him, but I am sure that could be arranged, through some sort of time share agreement. I've seen it, and it does shock me a bit the fact of it, not the pairing itselfbut then its just stories. The characters in these stories are never really the ones JKR created, as everyone has their own spin; but then all non canon fanfiction bemuses me.

She seems particularly savvy when it comes to managing the Potter brand. I figure they were put together: So that Teddy would mirror Harry, and yet be an antithesis to him, in that he had a happy childhood.

Lillbet September 17th,6: I think they were friends and I think Tonks had a crush on Lupin. I'm not convinced they were a couple before- Lupin is adept at worrying and navel-gazing, and it seemed to me that he was entirely too caught up in the business of freaking out over what his "disease" would do to her that he never allowed himself to enjoy a relationship.

I think that they probably worked together for awhile- perhaps they bonded a bit after the fight at the Ministry? I don't think he did. As I said above- I think he was far too concerned about what his "furry little problem" love that bit would do and the repercussions it would have in terms of a relationship that he wasn't able to return her affection.

In general, also, I got the feeling Tonks was one of those very stubborn, persistent types. My impression, while reading, is that she loved him much more than he her and that it was in her nature to get all worked up about things. One thing I really loved about DH is that Rowling pulled back the curtain, sts, on each character and let you really see them for what they were. From the beginning of the series Lupin came across as pitiable, morose, rootless, smart and funny, calm and fearless, but at the same time so sad.

In DH he was revealed to be more human- his fear of attachment to Tonks, his fear of letting people down, his need to prove himself worthy were all brought to the fore. Tonks- well, I still never got enough of a sense of her to really understand or like her well enough.

She was a mess o' flaws- kind of the embodiment of love and romance. True love is about accepting another person's shortcomings and seeing them for what they truly are. Tonks accepted Lupin- almost as wholly as Sirius had when he was a kid- and I think that both attracted and repelled him.

He clearly accepted her love, finally, but whether it truly made him happy wasn't entirely clear it may have said so in the text, but I just didn't get that impression. There is no way to stop fans from writing whatever they want. Even now they would write an alternative universe story where Sirius and Remus were still alive and Tonks moved to the Bahamas. I also agree that JKR's purpose was to show a mirror of Harry, she said as much in an interview.

She would know that nothing she wrote could ever stop the shippers. It was also kind of cool for Remus to experience a romantic relationship and marry considering all he'd been through during life. From his viewpoint and the readers it would be quite unexpected. Beatifically September 18th,1: A lot of people were really shocked by their relationship, but I wasn't.

When I first heard of their relationship after OotP I wasn't surprised. All in OotP they seem to be around each other! Since they had so many moments together, naturally they fell in love.

Even though there are some canon ships, that won't stop fans! I don't think that the pair was created so they could have a baby, be killed, and then have Teddy mirror Harry. I'm not sure why she chose them to get together, but she decided to unexpectedly kill them off while writing for DH, so we now it wasn't because of Teddy.

I've thought of some more questions! And if you guys want to ask some, feel free. How do you think they were different? Affectionate, strict, etc use your imagination! But I don't think she originally created them to die either. But maybe she came up with the idea of Teddy during DH: I understand what you are saying but why would Remus tell three teenagers that he doesn't necessarily love his wife?

tonks and lupin relationship trust

I am sure he cared about Harry but they were never close. Their relationship was that of a favorite teacher and his student and nothing more So if Remus didn't love Tonks again I am not saying that he didn't he wouldn't tell that to Harry. I never said that they don't love each other I am just saying that JK never gave us enough reason to root for them as a couple.

I just can't believe them as a couple. In the same way I can't believe that Remus and Harry would suddenly forge an intimate relationship which they sort of did in the last book It felt surreal that all of a sudden Harry would fight with Remus and suddenly they have become as close as Sirius and Harry I know that there are a lot of Remus Lupin fans out there seeing as I am one of them: Well Tonks was his wife, and given the intended audience for these books, I don't think JKR would have ever put a distinctly turbulent, uneven, aloof, and raked with angst marriage into her books.

I mean seriously what a way to speed up, the inevitable, growth of cynicism in children. I really just thought that Remus was like an uncle to Harry: They had a more adult relationship in DH, which is inevitable given Harry's age and growth in maturity.

However, I figure had Lupin lived, it would have developed into a fruitful and mature friendship. I respect your impression from the reading, however, I feel like the Remus and Harry one has been developing since POA.

It was certainly a lot less obvious than his with Sirius, but Sirius had no reservations about getting close to people; I think that made a difference because his feelings about others were more obvious. Maybe Remus and Harry's relationship was more obvious to me because I tuned in so much on Remus, lol. I didn't mind Tonks and Remus at all because I thought it was great for Remus to have a relationship and marriage and a child during his life albeit it for just a short while.

It kind of completed his tale. And it still ended up how I wanted in the end, I thought JKR wrote a genius of a tale with his character and the inclusion of Tonks was great. I don't think J. Harry looked at Sirius like a father Lupin, at that moment in Grimmauld Place, was being very honest with them and he think he respected and trusted Harry enough to tell him if he didn't love Tonks.

I don't think of love in terms of Harry loving his Dad more than Sirius more than Remus more than Fred, etc. I think Harry loved many people and each uniquely based on the interactions and relationship he had with them.

For example, did Harry love Hermione or Ginny more? Well the answer is imo that he loved them both, but in a way unique to them. The same was true with Lupin. He loved Sirius, James, Harry and Molly and more each in a special way that was unique to them.

And he loved Tonks too in a special way unique to his relationship with her. Lillbet September 18th,5: I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but I felt the same way. It seemed as though Lupin was meant to fill the void left by Sirius, but that there was a lot of history and build-up that was just plain left out.

It's the same with Lupin and Tonks- we never see them happy together until the very end, so it was a bit awkward to be asked to believe that they were a couple. Of course, Harry doesn't see everything that's happening, but at the same time he does see a great deal. One could argue that Lupin and Harry became close in PoA and GoF, but that didn't imo lead to the sudden closeness they shared here.

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Also the way he was so worried about how his marriage to her had ruined her life. If his feelings towards her had not temporaily overidden his reservations then he would not have married her.

Also, why would Arthur, Molly etc. I seriously doubt that everyone would encourage a relationship that either wasn't there or would be one-sided. I doubt Lupin saw it, but sometimes, an outsider's view is essential. Harry didn't see it until the end of HBP.

I would say it was Harry's nature as written. And yet, he loved him very much. Harry was with Remus more time overall than he was with Sirius, so it wasn't surprising to me that they would develop a relationship. I agree we as readers were forced along in both cases - but we just have to figure that we didn't see everything.

We know here were times when we were not shown things; there were times Harry was just 'with Sirius' at the house Christmas and we don't know what went on. We'd go from one day to the next and in a sentence JKR would narrate that 'the end of Christmas arrived'.

tonks and lupin relationship trust

So one has to assume that during those times Harry got closer with both Remus and Sirius. At some point Harry stopped calling Remus 'professor Lupin', as did Hermione - when did that happen? We didn't see it - we can only suspect it was in HBP when they were together at the house.

We never saw Harry give Sirius a hug or tell him he cared or loved him, but since the story ended up that way, we have to accept it happened for Harry - same with Remus.

And in fact, same with Tonks Tonks and Remus' relationship was completely off page and so it too could seem forced on the reader as were Ginny and Harry - but we just have to accept that it evolved off page.

They certainly didn't go from holding hands at the funeral to married without speaking to one another merely because we didn't see it imo.

Harry loved Arthur Weasley as well, but they had so little interaction that we saw, many would hardly credit it. But the closeness that Harry felt for the Weasley parents was something else that we were to assume based on JKR's interview indicating that he did. But I think in the end that inter-relationships with the exception of the trio was not the focus of the book. It would have taken an extra pages per book to develop all of the relationships we saw formed and that would have changed the character of the series.

Still, imo, while much was left up to our imagination, it was nice that couples like Tonks and Remus and Harry and Ginny got together and that Harry attained a closeness with various individuals in the background.

For me it just made the story richer. But we did not see much of Bill and Fluer either in any of the books Yet in the sixth book when Fluer holds on to Bill even though he is severely injured It made me root for that couple and love them. But when Tonks screamed only moments later at Remus I was rather taken aback. I was like "where did this come from" and I couldn't connect with them no matter how hard I tried.

It was sort of forced and surreal. It came out of nowhere and made no sense to me. Yes he was like a distant uncle that Harry respected and nothing more Therefore the way they talked to one another in the seventh book felt very out of place Like someone practicing lines for some play.

They seemed to play parts Yet in the sixth book when Fluer holds on to Bill even though he is severely injured made me connect with that couple Therefore the way they talk to one another in the seventh book felt very out of place Like someone was practicing lines for some play.

I understand what you mean. I guess my imagination is always ready to fill in the blanks because I read so much fantasy.

tonks and lupin relationship trust

So I could easily move along with what JKR was doing. You love Sirius, so it was likely very easy for you to fill in any blanks as you read - but when I first read POA and then OOTP, I was shocked to find out at the end that Harry was so fond of him - they had just not been together much at all. But I just went with the flow. On re-reading I allowed myself to see things slightly differently, knowing that there are feelings developing that on the original read I did not allow for.

Bill and Fleur may have captured you due to the circumstances, but others may have seen that the same way you see Remus and Tonks. I mean we had only just heard about them at the start of the book - but they may have been dating for a while. Others loved the idea of Ginny and Harry and had lots of time to develop the story in their heads - but if you didn't really care about that particular love story one way or the other like meobjectively, there was terribly little written between them and nothing to go on except imagination.

Yet, I went with the flow and just assumed that everyone's feelings were moving along as JKR indicated. But I do understand how the relationships could all seem forced and out of no where - I mean, I don't really recall Harry speaking to Arthur directly more than 3 times, but according to JKR he loves him too.

So, we just have to imagine: But the relationship between Harry and Sirius was intense I am sure that I didn't imagine it: I don't usually disagree with you ok I never disagree with you: You are right I do love Sirius but we do see a lot of interaction between Sirius and Harry.

Sirius sends him owls daily Sirius was the one Harry confided in when he had problems. In the fifth book, it was even more pronounced.

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Sirius visits Harry through the fire And in the third book, Harry hates Sirius with a gusto. They have some pretty intense scenes in that book Scenes that are quite possibly the most popular ones in the whole series.