Tlw shane and molly relationship

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tlw shane and molly relationship

Molly appeared to genuinely care for Shane, but her mother still didn't approve of the relationship and told Shane that if she really cared about. How/where they met: Shane saw Molly first at Phyllis's pool party in Molly the seasons and record the evidence and quotes that point to a relationship. Words: Views: Story Shortlink: Author Notes: Shane and Molly navigate a new relationship.

She explained "you're always attracted to someone you want to learn from". Erin Daniels who plays Dana Fairbanks added that "you see Shane struggle with actually having feelings, which really scares her".

Moennig was unsure whether their relationship would last because there was uncertainty over the character's future. But viewers responded well to the storyline and the show decided to develop the romance. Her character has been emotionally hurt by men she sees Shane as "a little wounded as well, and I think she likes that sensitivity about her, that vulnerability.

Loken said that she was able to draw inspiration from her own childhood experiences with the issue. She joked that they were unsure of who should be "on top" during the scenes. Series creator Ilene Chaiken added that they were "hot together". But some viewers wanted their relationship to become a romantic.

tlw shane and molly relationship

Moennig believed that the friendship was sweet and humanized them both. She added that "it was one of the few times where a type of relationship really took its time to grow. She is angry because Shane would not commit to a relationship. Lacey puts up posters and hands out flyers to locals to expose Shane's promiscuity.

Shane confronts Lacey and accuses her of being scared of being on her own. Instead of going to the police, Shane convinces Lacey to stop the harassment by sleeping with her one last time.

Following that pseudo-fiasco, Shane lets her old friend Clive Matthew Currie Holmes move in with her. She used to work alongside Clive as a male prostitute. Shane works at a salon called Lather.

This gives her the opportunity to network and secure important and high-paying Hollywood clients. Unfortunately, Shane is forced to throw Clive out of her home when he steals items and money in order to pay for drugs.

Shane begins an affair with her client Cherie, who has a family.

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Cherie convinces her husband Steve to invest in Shane's salon. However, Clea is in love with Shane and exposes her mother's affair with Shane.

Steve threatens to murder Shane if she ever comes near his family again. Shane tells Cherie that she loves her, but she refuses to leave her rich lifestyle.

Arianna Huffington hires Shane to cut her hair and so Shane is introduced to her production assistant Carmen, who is also a lesbian. After sex, Shane says she is not interested in relationships, but Carmen pursues her believing otherwise. They discover that Mark has been taping their sex lives for a lesbian documentary. Hollywood producer Veronica Bloom Camryn Manheim hires Shane and gets her to manipulate potential clients because Shane is naturally good at talking to people.

Shane enrolls at the same school Molly goes to and begins taking photography classes to prove to Molly that she is in it for the long haul. Shane and Molly adopt Chinese babies and they live in a trailer park just joking, but that's a good idea. She asks Alice who she is and comments that she thinks she is cute. Much to Shane's surprise, Molly has a great time there. When Shane sees this, she jumps into the ring to fight for her girl! In episodeShane tells Jodi that she likes Molly and Jodi suggests that she bring her to a dinner party at her loft.

Later that afternoon, both Shane and Molly are at The Planet. Shane is talking to Kit while Molly is finishing lunch with her mother. When Phyllis says some not so nice things about Shane, Molly gets up and tells her mother that she is "going to gay for Shane.

We're going to adopt Chinese babies and live in a trailer park! Shane is surprised to see Molly as she didn't return her phone call earlier. She tells Molly to call her and that she looks forward to hearing her phone ring. Later that evening, Shane and Molly are at Jodi's dinner party.

They discuss Richard, Molly's boyfriend, and go outside for a cigarette. Molly freaks out and asks Shane to take her home. In episodea heat wave has hit WeHo. Shane is clearly upset with what has transpired with Molly.

She tells Jenny that she has "a straight girl crush that won't go away. Shane is clearly frazzled by Richard's appearance in WeHo. That evening, Molly calls Shane and asks her to come over because the lights keep going out due to the rolling black outs.

She tells Shane that she sent Richard back to Vermont.

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When Shane shows up at Molly's, Molly confesses that she wants to be with Shane. They make love for the first time. Molly is unsure about how to go down on Shane, so Shane offers to show her again.

Just as she does, Phyllis walks in and interrupts them. Molly goes out to talk to her mother who is upset that Molly was with Shane. She calls Shane uneducated and Molly says that its okay.

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She likes Shane because she's simple and easy. Shane hears all this and is visibly hurt. At first, Shane does not want anything to do with Molly, even though Molly tries to explain herself. Shane takes off on her bike. When Molly catches back up to her, she challenges Shane to a race to the next pitstop.

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If Shane wins, she goes home. If she wins, Shane has to listen to her. As they are getting to the pit stop, Molly, realizing she is about to lose, yells out "I love you" to Shane, causing her to stop. Molly cycles past her and wins the race. She tells Shane that she won so she has to listen to her. Molly says, "I don't know if I'm gay. She leaves Carmen at the altar. Season four Edit The fourth season begins with Shane, severely depressed after her failed wedding, going on a drug binge with Cherie Jaffe.

tlw shane and molly relationship

She attempts to get back in touch with Carmen to talk it over, but is shunned by two of Carmen's male cousins, who tell Shane that Carmen never wants to see her again. She arrives home to find Carla there, having fallen back into drug addiction now that Gabe has left her. She abandons Shay at Shane's house.

Shane first does not want to take responsibility for Shay and tries to find his parents, but decides that she does not want to condemn him to a life in foster care like what happened to her.

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When Shay breaks his arm skateboarding, she takes a job modeling underwear for Hugo Boss AG in order to pay the health bills. She enrolls Shay in school, where he befriends a boy named Jared Sobel. Shane becomes close to Jared's mother, Paige, and eventually hooks up with her. Gabe returns to take Shay back, and though Shane tries to fight it, she realizes she is unlikely to win in court and lets Shay go home. The season ends with Shane proposing the possibility of buying a house with Paige and raising Jared with her, with Shane strongly implying that she wants to fight to get Shay back.

Season five Edit While touring an apartment with Paige, Shane is caught off guard by the realtor knowing so much about her and people Shane has known in the past. While Paige leaves to pick up her son from school, Shane and the realtor hook up in the apartment she was planning on renting. Paige walks in on this and later confronts Shane, explaining that she can deal with Shane sleeping with other girls.

Shane responds by letting Paige know she shouldn't have to live with it, and although she does love Paige, she is not in love with her. Later, Wax is burned to the ground, with hints that it may have been Paige who started the fire. While working as a hairdresser at the wedding of Jenny's boss' daughter, Shane has sex with the bride's sisters and her mother. The ensuing jealousy and chaos prompts Shane to declare a moratorium on sex. However, Shane soon returns to her old ways and has a three-way with Shebar nightclub owner Dawn Denbo and " my lover Cindy ".

She later has a tryst with Lover Cindi, without Denbo's knowledge or permission. Denbo crashes the party where the Shane and her friends meet their Les Girls actor counterparts, and vows the ruin the lives of Shane and all her friends. This escalates into a turf war between Denbo and Shane's group of Planet patrons. Shane and Molly eventually have sex, but soon afterwards, Shane overhears Molly and Phyllis talking about her.

Molly refers to Shane as "a little bit uneducated", "easy and simple" and "maybe she's not the smartest person in the world". Shane attends the Subaru ride for breast cancer in honor of Dana, where Molly chases after her. Molly declares her love for Shane, but the relationship does not work out after all because Phyllis has a talk with Shane about Molly's future. Shane and Molly end the relationship. Shane states that Jenny is her best friend, but while Shane is distraught from the breakup with Molly, and Nikki being under stress from not seeing Jenny, they have sex on a balcony at the premiere of LezGirls.