Tidus and yuna relationship quizzes

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tidus and yuna relationship quizzes

Mar 31, Can you name the Final Fantasy X Quiz (Spoilers)? What is Cid's relation to Yuna? What does Tidus teach Yuna how to do in Luca?. For Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Yuna and Tidus' Relationship *SPOILERS*". Aug 9, And if you don't know them as well as you'd like to, this quiz will give you the perfect In this Final Fantasy game, Tidus lives in the fictional world of his father, he carries some emotional baggage from their flawed relationship. Yuna is one of the main playable protagonists in this Final Fantasy game.

Moving on from loss and grief is a complicated subject. How does one let go of the past without forgetting the ones they love entirely? Everyone has their different methods of coping and paying tribute.

tidus and yuna relationship quizzes

The very first piece of art made for the project was Yuna's outfit. It had been conceptualized and completed before a single word of the script was penned. All in all, it is a good jumping off point considering how it reflects the game's upbeat vibe. Since these virtual creations do not have those, the burden of crafting all of the dressphere's looks fell upon Tetsu Tsukamoto.

Prior to the second adventure through Spira, Tetsu had specialized in monster design. As such, he admitted in an interview that designing the cute outfits were the most challenging. By all accounts, he did a stellar job with the final product. Going out of one's comfort zone is a necessary for growth, particularly in artistic fields.

While it may be harder, it provides learning opportunities and a chance to add something new to long established aesthetics. Final Fantasy X was completely absent of such a party member, but its sequel remedied this with the Gunner dressphere. The Gunner outfit, which is also Yuna's default costume in game, utilizes dual pistols called the Twin Bees.


It must be frustrating to wield pistols in a turn based RPG, though. Why do they have to wait so long if they can just fire at targets from a distance? Elements that don't immediately appear to have significance usually do have some meaning behind them.

tidus and yuna relationship quizzes

Names, for instance, are carefully chosen to represent a personality or a theme. Yuna's name was picked because of its resemblance to the Okinawan word for "night. The story is so focused on the two characters developing a relationship and eventual love for each other, so it makes sense that their names would also be connected.

This is, off course, assuming that the player kept Tidus' name "Tidus" and didn't change it to something immature like "pickle. When Yuna decided to become a summoner, Lulu initially protested, but after returning from Father Zuke's pilgrimage Lulu agreed to become Yuna's guardian along with Wakka and Kimahri. Though Lulu is protective of Yuna, she respects her decisions. Lulu travels to Kilika with Yuna, Wakka, Kimahri, and Tidus, a young man who claims to hail from Zanarkand and looks a lot like Chappu.

Although Lulu does not believe he is from Zanarkand, she offers Tidus information about Spira, believing Sin's toxin has induced an amnesia in him. She is unhappy with how keen Wakka is to befriend Tidus, seeing him as clinging on to Chappu's memory in wanting to make Tidus his surrogate brother rather than trying to move on.

Lulu tells Wakka to face the truth. During their journey to Kilika Island their ship, the S. Likiis attacked by Sin, and Lulu helps fend it off. Sin destroys the Kilika Port where Lulu tells Tidus about the sendingpyrefliesand fiendsexplaining that Yuna must send the dead lest their feelings of anguish remain on Spira in their pyreflies and in time turn into fiends. The morning after, she sets off with Yuna, Tidus, Wakka, and Kimahri for the temple on the mountain top where Yuna obtains the aeon Ifritand the group leaves for Luca to attend a local blitzball tournament.

Lulu and Wakka discuss Tidus as she worries about Wakka's intentions to desert him after the tournament under the impression he could join another blitzball team.

She advises him to ask Tidus to become a guardian as it would be difficult for Yuna to ask for it. Lulu explains it is Mika's fiftieth anniversary of being a grand Maester and this year's blitzball tournament is held in his honor. Amid the commotion Yuna and Tidus check if rumors of Aurona legendary guardian to Yuna's father Braskabeing in the town are true. Kimahri has been apprehended by his rivals, and when Tidus is distracted Yuna goes missing.

tidus and yuna relationship quizzes

Lulu catches up with them and informs Tidus and Kimahri that Yuna has been kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches and for her safe return they want the Besaid Aurochs to lose the blitzball game. Lulu says Wakka told her he will play the match while they rescue Yuna.

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The three board the Al Bhed ship and rescue her. Lulu comforts Wakka after he is injured in the blitzball game. After discussing Yuna's Al Bhed heritage with Tidus, Lulu shoots a flare into the air to signal Wakka, who wins the game for the Aurochs.

After the tournament, fiends attack the stadium and Seymour summons Anima to slay them, impressing the crowds. When they are about to leave, Tidus and Auron request to be Yuna's guardians, much to Lulu and Wakka's surprise.

When Yuna says she believes it is worth it if for the greater good, Wakka asks for Lulu's opinion, only to be frustrated when she says she can only speculate. Lulu explains to Tidus that Wakka's brother Chappu left the sword he gave to him and fought with a machina weapon instead, fueling Wakka's hatred toward the Al Bhed, as Yevon's teachings forbid the use of machina.

Before the operation begins, Wakka discovers Luzzua Crusader and friend of Chappu, was the one to convince Chappu to enlist, which angers Wakka into hitting him. Square responded that such a storyline, given Tidus' nature, would be too complicated.

For the franchise's 30th anniversary, Square presented Tidus' new design in a museum. He wanted to continue the recent trend of sky-related names, and Kazushige Nojima chose a name based on tiida Okinawan for "sun". Kitase noted that, in contrast to previous orphan characters seen in the franchise, Tidus' character arc included accepting Jecht's seeking redemption for Tidus' child abuse.

Kitase felt that the voice acting and facial expression were crucial to Tidus at this stage. He called the character a career highlight, comparable to his voicing of Bleach manga protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki.

Morita also enjoyed performing Tidus' motion capture, which gave him a greater understanding of the character's personality; when he recorded Tidus' dialogue for the game, he moved his body.

As his first work as an actor, he has fond memories of voicing Tidus and interacting with other Final Fantasy X staff members. However, he was concerned that if fans did not enjoy Tidus it would impact his career. He was concerned about being able to perform the character's lines like the original Final Fantasy series, since it had been nearly a decade since he voiced Tidus.

By that time, he was also more accustomed to acting as Ichigo and Keiji Maeda from Capcom 's Sengoku Basara hack-and-slash games and the characters had a different vocal tone than Tidus'.

When Moriata returned to voice Tidus, he tried to make it match his original performance. When the game director complimented Morita for keeping the character's tone, Morita was relieved and joked that he felt younger. Taylor was offered the role by voice director Jack Fletcher who believed that he would fit the characterand translator Alexander O. Smith explained Tidus to him.

In contrast to Morita, Taylor made the character friendlier and less serious with the staff's approval.