Temari and shikamaru relationship

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temari and shikamaru relationship

During the entirety of the manga and anime I would describe their relationship as being: * Filled with mutual respect (both are strategic thinkers). While some relationships in Boruto have only grown sweeter with time, Temari and Shikamaru's loving and complementary relationship. Boruto Naruto Next Generations, Naruto Family, Naruto Couples, Shikadai, Shikatema, Naruhina, Naruto Shippudden, Sasuke, Shikamaru And Temari.

Our couple has well defined personality traits and backgrounds. This makes them a worthy pair to revisit and remember.


So, without further ado, here we have… 5 reasons why Shikamaru and Temari fell in love. Because Shikamaru is a cool guy.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 20 Since his introduction in the very first episode of Naruto, Shikamaru is shown to have a very laid back and relaxed personality. This guy literally has his head in the clouds, avoiding responsibilities including exams and confrontations.

He wanted to become a ninja in the beginning because he thought it was going to be fun, so, this makes other people be caught onward by his abilities.

temari and shikamaru relationship

Deep inside, he has a remarkable intelligence and strategical knowledge, but only a few people know at the beginning. Thus on his first encounter with Temari during the Chuunin exams, Shikamaru was uninterested in fighting with her, until she attacked.

He looked distracted while Temari was rapidly calculating her enemy's abilities, but after a long battle, Shikamaru succeeded in moving her towards a hole where he could project his shadow, immobilizing her from behind. But, when he was going to give the final blow, he said the time for fighting was almost over and that it would be troublesome to attempt to defeat her again. Needless to say that the combat savvy Temari was surprised at the turn of the events.

temari and shikamaru relationship

Because Temari is a fearless girl. Naruto Shippuden Episode Strong voiced and stronger willed Temari appears for the first time in episode 20, where she wins and loses at the same time against Shikamaru. This ninja with the giant folding fan can be described as rather blunt and not empathic towards enemies, even to the point of cruelty.

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We can see a clear display of how their personalities coincide on episodewhen Temari was sent to rescue Shikamaru from Tayuya. He wanted to simply retire, but she simply leveled the forest to kill the enemy, without mercy. Then, Temari asked Shikamaru how he think she did in the battle, so he made observations on her scary but beautiful smile. She and her team arrive just in time, as the Land of Silence's leader, Gengo ,was just about to kill the captured Shikamaru.

She uses her wind jutsu to knock Shikamaru away from Gengo and to break him from the genjutsu. Seeing Temari ignites something inside of Shikamaru as he realizes that he loves Temari and wants to live to protect her. Gengo believes that Temari's appearance strengthened Shikamaru's resolve.

Together, along with Ino and Choiji, they defeat Gengo and his army. After his arrest and the mission has ended, Shikamaru asks Temari on a date. She repeats his catch phrase, " How troublesome " and accepts. The two begin dating.

The novels ends with the couple now married and the birth of their son. Ino tells Sakura that Shikamaru and Temari are always together and she can tell they are in love. Sakura doesn't find this surprising. Shikamaru is happy with his decision but will need a woman's input to help him plan something suitable. Though Temari is indeed a woman, Shikamaru doesn't believe she has the right personality to advise him on this. Temari is embarrassed and Shikamaru, not realising the confusion, believes he's offended her.

Evening descends and Shikamaru and Temari walk around in the soft lighting of the hot springs. Temari remains quiet and strange the whole time, so Shikamaru suggests they go to a shop so the trip isn't wasted.

Temari points out some target-throwing booths where numerous couples are trying to win prizes. Shikamaru ends up winning two small trinkets in his determination to figure out the booths' scam, which he gives to Temari. Although Shikamaru feels embarrassed by their size, and wishes he could haven gotten something much better for her, Temari says they are perfect.

Afterwards he takes her to an inn, hoping she can tell him if Hinata would like it. Temari, who is flustered that Shikamaru is moving so fast with their relationship, suspects he has sexual intentions and declines, believing she won't refuse him if they go inside.

Shikamaru puts his hands on her face, worried she's sick because of how red it is, causing her to run away. He chases after her, desperately needing her opinion.

When she stops he assures her how important she is to him, explaining that he, as a man, can't evaluate the inn's services for women. Temari is confused once again and Shikamaru is confused by her confusion. In the case of Boruto, Orochimaru's love affair with science has served the show for the better.

After all, where would the new Team 7 be without their friend Mitsuki? Sasuke and Sakura Sakura and Sasuke's relationship has always been an odd one.

5 Reasons Why Shikamaru and Temari Fell in Love

There is strength ot it, as it did stand the test of corrupting darkness, time, and war. Also, of course, they gave birth to Sarada Uchiha, one of the best characters in Boruto.

However, that's about where the good things stop. Sakura is completely at the mercy of her husband's decisions. Sasuke is never around. Sarada is confused and conflicted by her parent's lack of affection and near-constant separation. While Sarada is fantastic, their relationship in Boruto only seems to bring more hardship and suffering than it brings joy. Sasuke and Sakura may be something that built from the beginning of Naruto, but it's something that just doesn't quite work.

This couple's time in Boruto only shows how much they don't fit, and hurts the show in turn. Shikamaru and Temari Both Temari and Shikamaru are no-nonsense, stoic, and determined ninjas.

They have their own ways of going about their demeanor, Shikamaru with indifference and Temari with bluntness, but both have softer hearts at their core. This is why it's so endearing to fans the way the two bring out the softer sides of each other. Besides being adorable, Temari and Shikamaru also created one of the coolest characters in Boruto: Like his parents, Shikadai is calculating, confident, and strong.

He takes from his father a strong tacticical strength and unenthusiastic personality. From his mother, he's adopted her outspoken nature and protectiveness over people he cares for. Shikadai is a fantastic friend and rival for Boruto.

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Temari and Shikamaru's loving and complementary relationship helped warm fans hearts and make one of their favorite new ninjas.

Orochimaru and Science Orochimaru's marriage to science is a double-edged sword, of course. While it created Mitsuki, it also causes hordes of trouble. Without it, Sasuke might be less of a strange, distant, scarred husband and father. Also, perhaps one of his experiments Shin Uchiha might have not tried to casually kidnap Sarada.

For as much good his experiments do, Orochimaru will always cause just as much, if not more, evil. In Boruto, he has created a great ninja in his son.