Taurus and sagittarius man relationship

Sagittarius Man And Taurus Woman Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

taurus and sagittarius man relationship

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Sagittarius man guide. How Taurus and Sagittarius come together, how you can make it work, Together these two can make for a very productive relationship, they come . how each zodiac works individually, and then alongside another person. According to most every astrological publication, we are a match ready for disaster. Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility begins with an uphill struggle, as the and he uses it to encourage me and make me a better person.

He is also very geniuine, straight-forward and forthright in his characteristics, which makes the love affair more stronger. On the other hand, the Taurus female is very compassionate, who will give her best, to work out the relationship in the best way possible, and be a devoted companion. Therefore, the Sagittarius man and Taurus woman love compatibility will reach the pinnacle and in turn get them more closer to each other, as companions for life.

Level Of Understanding There is a great sense of mutual understanding between the Sagittarius male and Taurus female. Though there may be instances where the Taurus woman is not very jealous, but really possessive about him in the relation. She may not like the fact that he goes out with his female friends leaving her alone at her place.

This is a big mistake which he may have to repay for, in the future. The same has to be implemented by the Sagittarius male, and also take care that he does not become very frank with females, and perhaps make sure that he showers more love on her to make her realize that she is the only one that matters. These small adjustments will make him more zealous and sincere, and she inturn will pour a lot of love and romance in the astrology relationship compatibility.

He will acknowledge her all the more, when he sees the support and adherence with which she believes in his dreams with positivity. They may also lead a great physical relationship in bed. Sagittarius needs space to move around and flame brightly; Taurus, on the other hand, is down to earth and needs stability.

taurus and sagittarius man relationship

Sagittarius relies on feeling and impulse to direct them through life, while Taurus is practical and concerned with efficiency. As long as they both take care to reassure the other that the relationship is special and important Taurus, especially, needs this reassurancethings will run smoothly between them. Taurus is stubborn; once their mind is made up, it takes a lot to convince them to change it.

If this urge to experience something new strays into the realm of experiencing new partners, Sagittarius had best beware.

taurus and sagittarius man relationship

Taurus does not tolerate infidelity; if cheating occurs, Taurus will be deeply wounded and the relationship may not survive the strain. In turn, Taurus must give Sagittarius the freedom to enjoy other experiences and people on a platonic level, of course!

He is as bad at being a friend as he is at being a boyfriend. Even after we broke up he continued to betray my secre ts and told everyone about our sex life. With him there's nothing sacred, and he has no propriety at all, content to run around naked in front of total strangers just for the shock value. On top of all this he isn't intellectually curious at all, doesn't care for travel, nothing.

He's ignorant and immature and totally content to be that way, with no direction or purpose in his life at all.

I will never, ever date a Sagittarius again, and I hope no other Taureans do either.

  • Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman

I m taurean women. I met this sagg man on zoosk and first he seemed like he liked me and after two weeks he told me that I m not his type girl. I did everything for him like took him out oh his birthday and helped him out with moving stuff. He took all my money and never appreciated me at all instead I got hated by him but I don't know why he still wants to keep me as a friend.

I don't wanna play no game stuff like that. I need somebody more than sex. I am a Taurus woman dating a sagg man. I've been dating him for 6 months now. So far so good he tells me on a daily basis how he feels about me. The sex is good and commucation is on point. I have a Sag man being a taurean woman.

I was his best friend since childhood, after 22 years of knowing each other we decided dating. He is fun, doesn't have a friend except me. Sex is good, he has sense of humour, he is always home, he buys gifts, he writes good poems and small love letters.

He is so in Love, on the other hand I am moderately in Love and its all good. I like the attention and he makes Lots of money, I spent it. I am a taurean girl in love wit a sag man for about 5 months. I met him through facebook. I liked his personality. I never seen a strict guy like this. I always care for him.

I msg a big paragraph to him. I want the person to do the same. I don't really get this guy's mentality. I am a Taurus woman was in a relationship with a sag man we wer friends for 3 months befor we decided to try dating we wer together for 2 years I tell him all the time I love him an all that he never said it back but his actions show that he definately does I love this man we are not boyfriend an girlfriend well we didn't put the labels on it but we are basicly without the title I been crying an didn't want to see he just yet so I said sorry im home but going to sleep, he says we better have sex tonight I want my pussi im like wow its not yours and you are cute call the girl you bought the condem for she can handle I think I want to let him do him an figure out on his own what he wants but one thing I do know is that he doesn't want to let me go at all I am Taurus girl with a sag.

I love him and he also SAID he loved mii. I give his time to be alone and flirt but what ive noticed is that when im not near he always thinks about mii. I cud be gon for an hour and he'll say I missed yu. I asked him to show more affection and now that I got it its toooo much. I have been dating a sagg man for two years and it has been a very hard journey. Keep in mind that before I met him I had not had a serious relationship that lasted past 6 months since my divorce in We stated dating in and now live together.

I look at the previous men I dated prior to him and each one was a cheater. Each one in an existing relationship or starting one up while dating me. So when I truly think about sagg men cheating, I can truly say that they are not the only guilty party.

However, they are stingy, lazy, and not willing to grow up. They do flirt,have a constant wondering eye, and enjoy their freedom. But when they are also the type that like to know when, where and what their woman is doing at all times.

They Love different and for a Taurus women this is very hard to understand becasue Sagg men can change their feeling so quickly that you don't know what's going to happen next. One day you are the love of there life and the next they don't want to talk.

taurus and sagittarius man relationship

So for me I have to deal with my sagg man on a daily basis and base nothing on the future. Becasue I feel that one day out of nowhere he will walk away for good without any type of excuse. My sagg man is older and never been married but says that since he has lived that free spirited life and experienced many relationships and flings, that he can not keep going down that path because he does not want to look like an old fool.

So I really do believe that I must always prepare myself for the unexpected because of the experience that I have encountered with him and because of his past history by just taking one day at a time. He is no way perfect but he never lied to me about his family, children, finances, and past history.

So I grateful for that becasue none of the other men prior to him had the guts to be this honest and blunt. I am a Taurus woman dating a sag man and yes they are very charming well aware of there appearence and love to be complimented they are masculine and love a secure woman it really turns them on although I havent known him for long I can say that he likes having his own space is a free spirit and has many family values although he's really confusing and always likes to be ahead in the game he gives me butterflies I never met anyone that creates those emotions in side of me so I consider him a winner cause anyone that knows a Taurus woman knows that its very hard to captivate us were one of a kind and always like to be in control but our chemistry is amazing so lets see what happens for now I can say that sag man and Taurus woman are a very intense and explosive match without yet having let him taste the goods; i'm Taurus girl, just met sag man who is 7yrs older than me.

He's great man, very straight forward and very busy. He compliments me all the time, cannot get his hand off from me every night! Now I must say that Sag man are not for girls who always need to be together. They are independent and do not need someone to protect them. They are not children. They like strong willed adventurous girls who can lead or follow them, who can just jump and fun travel together. However, they become very depend on you if you can actually fulfil the areas where they cannot handle well.

This is the reason why they also like girls who can take care of them physically. I see him only once a week but I give him oil massage, aroma therapy, dvd and new techniques on bed just to keep a night intense and interesting XD i have learnt that relationship is about meeting at the half way and TAURS GIRLS have to be more strong and open to negotiate what you want and how you felt in the relationship. Sometimes I just resist myself and wish he realises what I want without myself telling him, but that is not the way sags communicate.

If you suggest an idea, he'll act and he'll listen to you as long as it is logical and interesting.

Taurus and Sagittarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Do not be hurt by their actions, act emotionally, get angry on them or smother them with silence. Explain bravely, nicely, logically and gently. They are sensitive and warm hearted people who is very nice to talk to. Always giving me a great advises and funny jokes: I'm of first decan Taurus and I'm in love with a Sagg man for almost 3 years now.

A Love Match for Taurus and Sagittarius

He doesn't want to commit. He never tells me he loves me. But he does care for me. At first I suffered because I need emotional securiy, I was afraid of losing him. I ended up being so needy and he got bored and he got another woman. I was like dead but being a Taurus I got over this quite fast. I still love him despite all and he also realized something in me and he's still in touch with me. I'm waiting for him and I told him so. Back to the time we were together. I love the way he pushed me to achieve my goals.

He's very supportive and generous. He enjoyed my care, my patience, my cooking skills and he told me the sex was wonderful. I could read him like a book. I adore his intelligence and kind heart. Hi I'm a Saggitarius Woman and I am dating a Taurus Man and we have been together for 2years and I couldn't have ask for anybody greater I love him and he makes me truly happy and I couldn't have ask for for anybody better I know they say that this couple can't make it but I belive that your relationship is what you make it to be and it can be good or bad it want ever you want it to be so I feel no your not gone always be truly in love everyday but you do know and feel love in your heart for someone you care for and this love I have has taught me that how to generally love and don't care what the result is to take a leap out on faith and make it happen and I would truly like to thank the love of my life for teaching me that.

I love you my love very muuch!!!! I met three sag men and I really loved their honesty. They do not cheat on you unless you act possesively, very trustworthy people. They do not have warm heart towards people, because they are too materialistic and reserved. Where as Sag men were a little frickle but very much like to share many things with people, Humanitarian.

They are very goal oriented people and very caring. They are the people I can trust include Aquarius people. It is impossible for me to follow their active power, but it is what I always crave for and their progressive life is just amazing to look at. I enjoyed supporting them because they were so progressive. During the day time, My boyfriend go out for exercise, meet people and I stay at home doing my own work.

In the evening, I give him a good massage when he comes back and we relax on bed together. Apprantly Sag man are neat picks, but love fantasies and kinky plays. If you're going out with a sag man, all you need to do is treat them like kids, act like a mature woman, be sexy, be progressive and passionate with your life.

Sagittarius man and Taurus woman

They love your originality and accept you the way you are X I am a Taurus woman having an affair with a sagging male I've known him since I was 17 always playing hard to get mind you our affair started with me being single and him living with his kids mom I've always adored him but he was always to blind to see. I wanted to see him with it all and did whatever I had to to make it happen, it always took him so long to make moves and that's how I ended up with my now husband I was still just dating my husband and over 15 years have past and this off and on love affair is still in full swing, he is my best friend I love him so much and I wish things had gone differently.

I always feel he should have been my husband and the father if my son but his inability to recognize love when it's there brought us here I know it's wrong I'm married and I have never thought I would have to have an affair with a man consider my friend counselor and lover, on and off I could see him 10 years from now and I think our attraction would over powe r us and we could make lover right then and there anywhere I want to please him and I just love to listen to him talk I don't know if I can let him go and I contemplate leaving my husband because I love my sagg so much that this affair has lasted my whole relationship with my husband it started with him cheating on his girlfriend 15 years ago to me cheating on my husband now I'm in a life long affair with a sagg and neither one of us knows how to stop I love him to much to let him go So much that I think when he's an old man I'll be there to take care of him.

Alright so, I'm a Sagg male In love with a Taurus woman, i've read every other post in here and it's mostly from Taurus women so here's a little of the male sagg's insight. My Taurus goddess and I have been dating for almost a year, in the beggining it was pretty hard but I loved the fact that she was a challenge, not to even mention how beautiful she is.

I had to make all the moves and as hard headed and stubborned as she is I did not stop trying because even though it was slowly and little by little she gave in more and more, like I said this was a challenge which was not impossible, but it wasnt easy.

I think that she came in the right moment in my life, im 23 years old and barely starting to put my life together, I realized the way I was doing thing wasnt right and decided to make a u-turn in my life. What she offers me is what I love the most about her, she brings balance into my life, I feed off of her as much as she feeds off of me, when I go crazy with my ideas and start to act without thinking she calms me down as only she can and makes me look at things in a different way.

She loves going to places and just "chill", I in the other hand hated it it with a passion but I did it to please her and with time I learned to like it, same as she is a very quiet person and shy but when she's around me she's able to do things she wants to do but normally wouldnt dare to because she's too shy, I give her the support and the spark she needs to start living her dreams, while she keeps me hooked down to earth and enables me to want to be a better person and stay focused on one thing, do everything I can to make her happy.

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