Taurus and cancer relationship 2012

Cancer and Aquarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

taurus and cancer relationship 2012

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Cancer Compatibility. July 20, by Nadia Gilchrist 1 Comment. Advertisement: Live Astrology readings – Compatibility horoscopes. What are the chances of success of a Taurus - Cancer love match? Get revealing insights into Taurus - Cancer emotional, mental and sexual compatibility and. Cancer and Taurus compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Cancer and Taurus zodiac signs.

Neither the Bull nor the Crab falls quickly in love.

taurus and cancer relationship 2012

The Taurean woman has to be wooed by her lover, and the Crab too does not rush into things, but as he is tenacious, he manages to woo his lady love in the end.

If you are reading Taurus and Cancer Love Compatibility you should need to know the main challanges which is involved.

taurus and cancer relationship 2012

Check Janam Kundali The main challenges involved The Cancerian man has a mother complex, he is either too attached to his mother or indifferent to the extent of being cold towards her. Neither of these two attitudes is healthy.

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In case of a disagreement between the two, the stubborn Bull refuses to say sorry even though she may be feeling sorry, and the Crab goes into his shell due to heartbreak — both refusing to budge from their respective stands. What can be done? The obstinate Bull and the wounded Crab should talk about their differences and try to resolve them rather than letting it convert into a deep rooted coldness.

taurus and cancer relationship 2012

The watery, gentle Crab penetrates the hard exterior of the bull and reaches his heart — a place no one has ever reached. Permanence in romance is another thing both of them crave.

In a relationship with Aquarius, they would take over the most of everyday activities and responsibilities.

In return, their children would get a childhood without boundaries and a life of free choices that no other couple can give. This is a consequence of the difference between them and the tolerance they have to build in order to stay together. When they do fall in love, they will not be so quick to end their relationship.

Aquarius will approach it as a kind of challenge and understand the stability and love they get from this partner.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Cancer will realize that they have never been this free to actually be themselves instead of living in a symbiotic relationship they are easily sucked into. Once they form a strong bond, it will be very hard for both of them to let it go. This is a fine connection between their worlds and if it is nurtured it could be just enough for them not to be set apart by other values they hold on to. Cancer does value stability, intimacy and family, while Aquarius values their freedom, intellect and new technology.

There is a difference between their worlds that might seem impossible to overcome, but if they hold on to their love of distances and travel or if they learn together, they could easily get over the fact that their values on other things differ so much. The key activity that could truly connect them is travel.

Although Cancer seems homey and unmovable, this is not exactly true. Aquarius will always want to board a plane and it would be perfect if they could parachute to a location where Cancer would safely land in a Boeing Their relationship can be too stressful for Cancer partner and the lack of intimacy will most probably tear them apart.

taurus and cancer relationship 2012

However, the link between them can actually be wonderful when found, and they could open up such interesting new perspectives for one another if this happens. They both want to learn new things and could travel far if a strong base is made at home, so Cancer can remain peaceful. For this couple to move in a positive direction, Aquarius needs to understand how unusual their partner is, and try to experiment on being homey while having fun.

Cancer will have to take over the main set of responsibilities to hold on to the idea of their home as a base from which they can move wherever they want. In the end, Cancer might discover an unbelievable joy of freedom and Aquarius might develop closeness.