Syrena and philip ending relationship

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syrena and philip ending relationship

One might be able to argue that Philip and Syrena's relationship hinged a work -around, although the ending suggests that some things have. Posts about what happened to Philip written by wheresmytower. On the other hand, Philip realizes there is real affection in his relationship with Syrena. rise to complete power in these partnerships at the end of the movie. Syrena and Philip begin their new life together. . On occasion if we feel we have a certain connection with them, we bring them down here.

Why did you take the hit? She has never been this serious with any man before. Many of us find human mates for only temporary pleasure but there is rarely one we deem worthy to bring down with us. However, you still have not proved yourself to be worthy of her attention enough to convince me to keep you alive.

Many of us mermaids bring down men only to eat. On occasion if we feel we have a certain connection with them, we bring them down here with us. Most of the time we are deceived and tricked but now we have learnt and have become wiser in the dishonest dealings of men.

We find they did not love us at all and only wanted us for our tears or our beauty.

What happened to Syrena and Philip in Pirates of the Caribbean 4?

Syrena is a gem among us, and I shall see you frequently to make sure you are treating her with the respect and love she deserves. If you hurt her, you will die. I never think twice before avenging my sisters. They are the world to me. I opened my mouth and closed it. I felt Syrena's back against my chest and her arm had weaved around my waist holding me close to her. I am sorry, sister. The mermaid studied my face and my body, "You look strong and well built.

You will have no problem protecting her physically. This also means you will have no problem inflicting pain upon her—" "—I have no intention of ever hurting her—" "—I have not finished speaking, human. Your eyes are deadly sincere and you have a handsome face. You appear to be serious about Syrena but will you promise to protect her?

I froze as the mermaid pressed her lips against my cheek and then whispered threateningly in my ear, "Keep her safe. I doubled up and began to sink towards the ocean floor and Syrena drifted with me. She watched me sadly as I writhed in agony but after a few moments, it was over. Looking down, I saw my wound had healed. Syrena swam back up to the other mermaid and embraced her, "Thank you, sister. Watch over one another and I shall pay you both a visit tomorrow.

We must seek her approval when we bring down men from land.

syrena and philip ending relationship

On too many occasions have my sisters been hurt or killed by them. He was very handsome and charming. Once he had gained her trust, he led her to the Fountain of Youth where he tied her up and left her to die. She cried and gave him all the tears he could ever want — although one is enough. We found her just in time to save her and since that day Claudia created a new law that we take men to her first. You are the first man I have ever brought down here.

Many mermaids do not mate in their long lives but there are some who are reckless and mate with any men they come across. After a while of swimming, the thought was the only thing in my head.

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I said nothing but fixed my gaze ahead of us. She stopped swimming and slid her hands around my shoulders, "Please tell me Philip. I just couldn't help but wonder something. I have mated with many men, like most mermaids have, but no man has ever held my attention for longer than one night Except that is, of course by you. But you were my first kiss. I have never given my lips to anyone as that would be an indication for them to come beneath the water with me.

You may not believe that over three hundred years of living my lips were still virgin until I met you. Mating and kissing are different. In the past, I have only mated for temporary pleasure but when I mate fully with someone, it means I must kiss them to show commitment.

I must also desire that man and that man only and he must feel the same way about me. Unexpectedly, she smiled and looked down. Man's life is short. Claudia is almost two and a half thousand years old and still got a long time ahead of her.

She only recently became the oldest as about fifteen of our older sisters were killed two years ago. The oldest one had lived six thousand years. Another reason why we are desirable to be with is because when we fully mate with a man, they can live as long as we do, if they desire and not age quickly. You would stay the age you are at physically for a very long time.

Perhaps in a thousand years you may find a wrinkle. But of course that would only be if you wanted to be with me. We wouldn't have to do it right away. We have all the time in the world. But I don't want you to act impulsively.

I can't mate with you She let go of me and confusion and pain crossed her face. It is where man and woman are legally joined together as one. I could not — would not violate the laws of chastity before marriage. I — I'm sorry. I felt her body pressed up against mine and I didn't think she meant to be seductive but the temptation was almost unbearable. I am a mermaid. I just don't know if the principle is the same or not.

I did not even give you the chance to say whether you would like to even be here with me.

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I think she was more angry with herself than anything but I did want to be with her. It is just that it may be against God's will. It binds us together as one to the point where we can feel each other's emotions and the more we do it, the more in tune with them we become. Stranger Tides seems to have a similar thing going on with the mermaid host.

The sailors lure them by singing about abandoning everything for love. Clearly, in his head he wants his kiss to be something of his to possess, to control, and does not care for the consent or thoughts of the mermaid. Therefore, when his kiss occurs it is immediately taken out of his control, drawing his blood and costing him his life.

This seems to be what the mermaids expect-to be taken as objects of lust, in which case they turn the tables and the boats on the sailor swains.

syrena and philip ending relationship

You do not kiss a woman without her consent in these films if you want to live. Philip, of course, has no thoughts of gaining pleasures of the flesh from the encounter. Hence, a mermaid finds his life worth saving.

Syrena is one for Blackbeard. Physically, he literally takes charge of her body.

syrena and philip ending relationship

Both Syrena and Blackbeard go along with their self-appointed helpers for reasons never fully plumbed. She then went to find the injured Philip and he asked for her forgiveness. Bringing him underwater, Syrena kissed Philip to heal him and gives him the ability to breathe underwater. They swam off together through the pools to freedom. Personality and traits Edit Syrena "Such beauty. Surely you are one of God's own creations and not a descendant of those dark creatures who found no refuge on the Ark.

Instead of being vicious and manipulative like the rest of her kind, she was reserved, kind, and compassionate.

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Other than being hostile when the pirates captured her at Whitecap Bay, Syrena displayed no traits of vicious behavior and does not attempt to kill any human, or even show the desire to, even though she did hiss at her captors, showing at least some hostility.

It is unknown if she ever displayed behavior like her sister mermaids in the past and it changed because of what she sensed in Philip, or if she was different all along from the other mermaids and never was vicious.

She has all the skills of a mermaid, but uses them to save Phillip's life when a lighthouse exploded and debris nearly fell on him, instead of drowning him. She fell in love with Phillip, who saved her life, making her the only known mermaid ever to fall in love with a human.