Syndra and zed relationship poems

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syndra and zed relationship poems

Read Sona the Maven of the Strings from the story Lore of the Champions in League of Legends by This is the lore of every champion (still in progress) in League of Legends. All of the . The Forbidden Ones (Zed x Syndra) by wattpasdo. But there was something deeper than the relationship of student and master . Favs: 9 - Follows: 20 - Updated: Dec 24 - Published: Oct 14 - Zed, Kayn, Rhaast. Edit Tab General Syndra is the first official champion to directly manipulate with the Arthurian lore about Lady of the Lake; though Syndra herself is the prisoner, . Syndra is the second champion to have quotes when she levels up an ability, . Syndra might take interest in Zed's power, and given the right circumstances.

Syndra's imprisonment under the Dream Pool shares some similarities with the Arthurian lore about Lady of the Lake ; though Syndra herself is the prisoner, not the jailer.

syndra and zed relationship poems

So Nyeo Shi Daea popular Korean girl group. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here. Syndra was the third champion to have a difficulty rating ofthe first being Cassiopeiathe second being Oriannaand the fourth being Draven.

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However, her difficulty rating has since fallen to On release, her difficulty rating was Each of Syndra's abilities gain new graphical details when leveled to max rank. Dark Sphere gains a darker shockwave color and new details.

Classic's and Queen of Diamond's gain red-colored shockwave and crack the earth.

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Justicar's gains golden-orange color and overall much brighter effect. Atlantean's gains darker shade of blue and more detailed 'water gathering' effect. Snow Day's features a dark blue, almost indigo, addition of color. Her summoned Dark Sphere also has its detail changed.

syndra and zed relationship poems

Classic's and Queen of Diamond's has darker purple aura. Justicar's becomes brighter and more detailed with holy sigil in its center. Atlantean's has a darker shade of blue.

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Snow Day's has much more intense blue aura. Force of Will gains a larger shockwave and more detailed effect.

syndra and zed relationship poems

Classic's and Queen of Diamond's gain bright red shockwave with darker aura which linger a little bit longer and thrown object leaves bright red trail behind. Justicar's gains orange 'explosion' effect and thrown object leaves bright orange-gold trail with many sigils along the line behind. Well, they are totally separate from each other, but if you read both Zed and Syndra's lore entries, you'll quickly discover that their stories are absolute parallels. Both of them are orphans.


Both of them were trained to use ancient special techniques. Both seek out to gain their powers' full potential. Both killed their master. And both use some kind of ancient forbidden way. Their story is pretty much identical.


They are also just two of three evil Ionian champions, as of now, Varus being the third. Varus' mission though, is more of a personal and individual one.

syndra and zed relationship poems

While Varus seeks revenge, both Zed and Syndra seek to unlock their full potential and to change Ionia in some way or another. Of course, being two majorly sought out Ionian public enemies, they'd probably cross paths together.

But, is their some sort of romantic tension to be found here?

syndra and zed relationship poems

Well, as we have mentioned Zed and Syndra have pretty similar stories and due to their standings in the public's eyes, they'd probably cross paths. It's highly possible that they would form some sort of alliance to achieve their respective goals more easily, helping each other to unlock their full potential.

But, Zed and Syndra would also finally find someone who truly understood them in each other. I mean, Zed and Syndra had never met anyone that actually understood what they had to go through and what their objective in life was.