Supriya pathak and shahid kapoor relationship memes

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There are many Nanad-Bhabhi relations that are full of love and warmth, unlike Kareena Kapoor Khan and Soha Ali Khan Sanah is Shahid kapoor's half-sister from his father, Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Pathak, his second wife. List. Meme. Video. Audio. Image. 0. MORE STORIES. Shin Chan dance. Supriya Pathak, whose actor-son Shahid Kapoor got hitched earlier this Asking about her relationship with Mira Rajput — wife of Shahid. Present at the baby shower were Mira's family and Shahid's father Pankaj Tripathi with wife Supriya Pathak. Brother Ishaan Khatter was also.

Another person, part of the organizing team, said that an actor a renowned superstar was given a 'Supporting Role' award, despite hardly being in the movie he is bumped off in the first few scenesbecause of his proximity with the magazine's top bosses.

He told The Quint"I have no hesitation in admitting that I was impetuous once. I had to buy the Filmfare Award for my performance in Bobby But last night's show, the Zee Cine Awardswas something else. Last night, Zee didn't even try to keep up the pretense of taking itself seriously as trophies were doled out with reckless abandon. The tone of the farce that was about to unfurl was set early on in the ceremony, when the Best Cinematography Award went to, wait for it, Golmaal Again, in a year that saw exquisitely-shot films such as Jagga Jasoos, Rangoon, A Death in the Gunj, and Newton.

Manish Mundra, producer of Newton, had a cheeky response to this: Is it photo shop award or cinematography award.

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Are they not bored and ashamed of doing this? Are these awards given on internet voting by general public? Or they set up a jury? Almost all of the main ones are guilty of having that dubious distinction. If you're going to come up with an award title with the hope that it can be passed off convincingly, at least spare the poor intern from doing the honors.

Zee gave Impactful Female of the Year Award to Taapsee Pannu, a gifted actress, but also someone whose cinematic contributions from last year the very effective and relevant Pink were offset this year by the unforgivably bad and deeply misogynistic Judwaa 2a film where a man is seen spanking a woman's posterior, because he can't help it, consent be damned.

supriya pathak and shahid kapoor relationship memes

But a truly spectacular moment arrived when the Impactful Male of the Year trophy was being given. Rajkummar Rao won the award, presumably because the organizers didn't feel his contribution to the larger discourse of cinema this year warranted a nomination in the 'Best Actor' category.

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So when Rao, looking dapper in a white tuxedo, emerged on stage to collect the award, he was visibly puzzled and confused about what he was taking the award for. And he made that known, part of which I believe was his way of subtly calling out the seemingly pre-meditated ceremony. He self-answered his query.

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Or for Trapped, Bareily ki Barfi? It's for everything I've done this year," he said, before strutting off, having held a mirror to the night's collective absurdity. An extraordinary Impact award? Don't be surprised if next year, some other ceremony gives him an award for completing 26 years. But if categories sprang up for no rhyme or reason, categories mysteriously disappeared too.

To offer you some perspective, the Oscars have only 24 categories, which have remained constant the last time a new category was introduced was 16 years ago, for Best Animated Feature.

supriya pathak and shahid kapoor relationship memes

The whole point of having award ceremonies, one would like to believe, is to honor and recognize works of art that may have eclipsed the attention of the mass, and put a spotlight on them and give them a new lease of life.

The box-office anyway rewards mainstream films with success. Catering to populism is simply a commercial call, a decision which is indicative of the marginal premium organizers put on content and the high value bestowed upon TRPs and star-pandering.

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When the threesome leave again, Jamini stays behind, facing a life of loneliness in the ruins. Watch out for more recommendations from us! This movie has a special place for all its fans.

There are many legends surrounding the cult status of this film.

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Please Google and read them all it goes to say what a fine movie this is. There are so many iconic scenes in this film and ro name few of the them will not justify the legend that this movie is. Watch it today if you haven't seen it yet and have a mighty laugh at the joke that the system we are into and by the way, it's still relevant even today. This is probably Kundan Shas best work ever! Beena is a village girl, who is married into a middle-class family in the city.

However, her husband leaves her soon after wedding. She starts working and supports his family. Eventually, she falls in love with a co-worker. That is when her husband returns. Tension starts mounting in the family upon the sons return. Which is so sad.