Steve mcgarrett and catherine rollins relationship problems

Photos: Hawaii Five-0 — Are Steve McGarrett and Catherine Rollins Getting Back Together?

steve mcgarrett and catherine rollins relationship problems

It's going to be all hands on deck — Catherine Rollins' quite capable 4, , Rollins will join McGarrett — who will be reeling from the murder first to alert Steve that his mother, Doris, was in trouble, and most recently, . A relationship is made stronger with all the ups and downs and working things out. Crashing McGarrett's cozy home-cooked dinner date with Lynn, Catherine Rollins (played by Michelle Borth) stormed into the slip that a marriage proposal was imminent at the time Catherine bailed on Steve last season. When Catherine revealed to Steve that she knew about the I was the problem.'” . Michelle Borth as Catherine Rollins and Alex O'Loughlin as Steve Despite his many issues with Doris, McGarrett feels compelled to rescue So if Lynn isn't McGarrett's future, could there possibly be a personal relationship.

They went through a lot together and it seemed as if there was chemistry there. Yeah, that was the intention, hopefully, to see if that could go anywhere. She definitely was a good person to spend time with. How did it happen? I think it was our casting people that suggested it. I asked Christine if she was cool with it, if she loved the idea. Her daughter is an actress, so it turned out to be the perfect fit.

steve mcgarrett and catherine rollins relationship problems

It just made the whole thing seamless. Is there more to this story? Since the other show is on CBS, might she able to still be there? Do you see him as changed from his near-death experience, or is he going back to the old Steve? I think Danny Scott Caan thinks things through a little more than McGarrett does, is easily more hesitant to put himself in that line of fire, like McGarrett does.

Steve is an adrenaline junkie, whereas Danny not so much. What do you think about the rest of the team? Are they adrenaline junkies? I think they like their jobs. They have so much to lose, you know. Steve asks if there's a chance she got the address wrong, Catherine says someone must have scrubbed the place while she was unconscious. She takes off her sling and points out where the victim's body was and that the walls have got still wet paint on them. Someone cleaned the crime scene.

Steve takes Catherine to headquarters and asks about her case, trying to figure out who would have motive. When Danny comes back to headquarters Catherine says he didn't need to rush back and asked if Grace will be disappointed that he's not cheering on, Danny says no because last year the judges had said he was to distracting. Danny hugs her and tells her that he's sorry. Later in the day Steve helps Catherine change her bandaged arm.

Catherine is there every step of the way to find out who killed the victim, as there death resulted in Billy's. Catherine goes to Billy's funeral and speaks to Billy's father at the wake. Afterwards she tell Steve that she feels Billy's death is her fault, as she was supposed to have his back. Steve her not to do that to herself and hugs her as she cries.

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She runs through Steve's door just as he's giving candy out to trick-or-treaters, he tells her her costume needs some work and offers her some candy, which she rejects. Steve tells Catherine that she needs to stop punishing herself for Billy's death.

He tells her he know exactly what's she going through, he's been exactly where she is now. She needs to stop carrying the weight of that night, stop reimagining the situation in all the ways she could have done something different.

He tells not to forget but forgive herself and give herself a chance to move on. Catherine says she wants to but she doesn't know how. Her whole life was the Navy, she had a purpose and now that's all gone. Steve tells her she's gotta find something, it doesn't have to be a job, does put matter what it is she just has to find something. Putting her life on hold won't bring Billy back, Catherine agrees. She comments that Riku Sato has been laundering a lot of money through Hawaii lately. Chin asks her where she got the file, which Catherine replies a friend in the bureau.

Chine then asks if Steve knows she's doing this. They need to identify that person and they lead them to Sato. Chin says he know Catherine already has an idea of who that person is. She does, Ryu Nabushi, listed as an officer on three of the accounts, showed up in Hawaii around the time the cash started to flow in.

On paper he's clean, but Catherine thinks that's a cover. Chin thanks Catherine, he promised Kono he'd find Adam and this is his best lead yet. But he can't involve her any further. Catherine says he can. She lost Billy, she's not about to lose another friend. Catherine wearing a red wig, goes undercover at the hotel Nabushi is staying at. She follows Nabushi to the elevators while pretending to be on her phone. She manages to get photos of Nabushi as he enters the elevator and quickly asks him to hold the elevator door as she enters it.

Nabushi and Catherine make flirty small talk on the way up, Catherine also manages to see which floor he is staying on. She takes a photo of it and saves it. That night Catherine is back at Steve's house, pouring over a table full of information on Sato and Nabushi.

She looks up when Steve enters the house with dinner. He says he thought she could do with some dinner and says it looks like she's been busy.

Catherine Rollins

She says she just taking his advice, Steve nods and then asks her what's the plan. In Ua NalohiaCatherine is getting ready to go undercover at a private club.

Catherine Rollins & Steve Mcgarrett - Mcroll

Steve, having just got out of the shower, says he's not comfortable with Catherine going alone. But Catherine says that everyone on the island knows what Steve and the rest of 5-O look like. If they go in their suspects will be out the back door and gone, she says she'll be fine. Steve asks what will she do if she's compromised, Catherine, with a smile, says she'll improvise. Steve then goes over to a drawer and pulls out a 5-O badge and gives it to Catherine.

Catherine jokingly asks if he deputizing her, but Steve ask it's just in case. Catherine says she'll fine one last time before kissing Steve goodbye. Catherine walks into the private club, held on a docked ship, and spots her target easily, it's Nabushi. She notices that he just lost a game, she moves closer and says betting against the table hasn't been working for him. She then leans In and whispers in his ear that maybe he could get lucky some other way, and walks away.

Nabushi trails after her. Catherine leads him to a deserted bathroom and gives Nabushi a seductive look when he finally catches up to her. She walks up to him and holds out her hand.

Nabushi goes to kiss it and asks if they're met before. Catherine spins him around and pins him to the wall with a gun pressed to the side of his face. Nabushi asks her what she wants, and Catherine says she wants to know where Riku Sato is.

Instead of answering, Nabushi breaks Catherine's hold the two begin to fight. Nabushi has to upper hand at the start before Catherine turns the tables on him. She pins him to the floor with his own baton and then punches him the face.

Nabushi asks who the hell is she. Catherine pulls out her badge and asks Five-O and asks again when is Sato. Catherine has Nabushi is a headquarters interrogation cell. He tells her he doesn't know a Sato. Catherine tells him he doesn't have a very good poker face. She then tells him what she knows about his personal life, in depth information on his family.

She says she can help but first he's got to tell her where she can find Sato. Nabushi asks what she wants with Sato, but Catherine says she doesn't care about Sato, she just wants to ask him about Adam. Catherine later tells the team that she got a location on Sato and a full surveillance package from Nabushi, that includes address, structural blueprints, security system, and activity logs for his staff.

She then hands Steve back the 5-O badge and thanks him for it. Steve tells her to keep it, she needs a job and they need some help. Catherine says yes to joining and Steve welcomes her to 5-O. Kono questions Sato to the location of Adam, when Sato doesn't answer Kono presses a gun to his head and asks if Adam is dead.

Catherine holds a voice recorder towards Sato and tells him to confess to the murder Adam. Sato then tells Kono if Adam was smart he'd never show his face again and if she was smart she'd let it go. After they've done speaking, Catherine and Steve take Sato to the drop point and they'll meet Chin and Kono at the plane.

Catherine is with Chin when Steve calls about the kidnapping of Ian Wright.

steve mcgarrett and catherine rollins relationship problems

She hears the EMT say that Steve injury is only a flesh wound, she quickly asks if he's alright. Steve says he's fine and that he's sent her the fingerprints of two of the kidnappers that were killed. Steve asks her to find out who they were. Catherine finds out who introduced Ian and the bank robbing crew. She tries to get the information to show in the big monitors but is unable to swipe it from her tablet.

steve mcgarrett and catherine rollins relationship problems

Chin helps and tells her she'll get the hang of it, she says she ruined her own dramatic entrance with a smile. She then explains her suspect, Eli Diamond. When the team figures out Ian's plan, Steve tells Catherine to call the security department to tell them their systems been hacked. She quickly does that. Later when Steve and Grover have tracked Ian to the airport, Catherine calls Steve that she's reached out to Naval Intelligence and they've been developing protocols to defend against these types of cyber attacks.

The Navy is sending her a copy of the prototype, however it's only been tested on simulated attacks. Catherine says that fine, because it means the two computers are connected, and she just needs to use one to get to the other. Catherine tries to find the original computer, but Ian has scrambled the IP addresses and she can't get a lock.

Steve calls Catherine back and tells her to check out the IP addresses, and to see if any are near Oahu State. Catherine finds the correct computer, at the computer science building of Oahu State. She then tells Steve she on her way there now. Catherine enters the computer science building and searches the computers.

She notices one teenager just sitting at a computer reading a magazine, she walks up to him and asks what is doing. Catherine shows hi a picture of Ian and asks if that's his friend. The boy says yes and Catherine tells him to get up and out of the seat. She then sits down and plugs the USB with the prototype on it into the computer. When the prototype is finally unloaded she answers Steve's phone call to tell him he can arrest Ian now.

She later tells Steve and Grover that they made the right decision with putting Ian on that plane in the first places even if he got away. In Ha'uoli La Ho'omoaika'iCatherine is playing in a thanksgiving family football game with the team, Grace, Kamekona and other family members. During one play she catches a throw by Steve only to be be picked by and thrown over Danny's shoulder a moment later. Danny and Steve meet Catherine at the crime scene and them what she knows so far.

A body was found in a barrel filled with lye. Back at headquarters she results back from Max's autopsy and something found in the victim's neck. She hands it to Steve who sees that it's a medical alert id, the victim was Kyle Russo and he was secret service. Steve and Catherine go to the hotel where the secret service are preparing for the arrival of the president. The conservation leads Campbell to believe that they now have a threat to the president.

Aunt Deb doesn't believe that for a second and they both laugh.

steve mcgarrett and catherine rollins relationship problems

Catherine tells her that Steve has asked her to take her back to Steve's place, Aunt Deb asks if Steve told her anything else. Catherine pauses before saying she is so sorry to hear about her illness.

Aunt Deb then says she's not ready to back yet, Catherine asks her where she wants to go. Aunt Deb asks Catherine to take her to the most beautiful place on the island. Catherine says she knows just the place. Catherine takes Aunt Deb to a beautiful deserted beach.

While there Aunt Deb says to Catherine that she's figures Catherine is going to be around for awhile and asks her to make sure Mary and Steve stay close once she's gone. They'll need each other even if they don't admit it.

Catherine says she promises and Aunt Deb thanks her. After dropping Aunt Deb back at Steve's, Catherine is back at headquarters. Steve calls her to ask about Andrea Hicks, Catherine explains that according to the FBI Andrea witnessed the murder of a high-ranking member of a Russian crime family.

The FBI wanted to talk to her, instead she went into hiding. The family hired a hitman to shut her up for good. Steve asks Catherine to keep looking for Andrea. Catherine is at Steve's house when he gets back from meeting the president, she greets him with a kiss. She is also there when Thanksgiving dinner plans are changed, she and the group end up at La Mariana Tiki Bar. She and the group enjoy a song sung by Aunt Deb. In the middle of a hand, she gets a phone call. She is unable to hear the other person, so she excuses herself and goes outside.

Steve follows her out and asks if everything is okay. Catherine ignores him and speaks Pashto to the person on the other end of the call. Catherine says she needs Steve's help. Catherine and Steve are at Headquarters where Catherine tells Steve the story of Amir and his family that helped her when an op of hers went sideways. Catherine then tells Steve that Amir called her because his son was taken by the Taliban and Catherine has decided that she has to go back and help them get their son back.

Steve says he understands wanting to help, but she needs to tell the military and let them handle it. Catherine disagrees and says that it'll take to long, as the military has to verify everything Amir said to her and that could take days or weeks, while she could be there by dawn. Steve asks how she could do that, as she's not on active duty anymore. She can just jump on a plane and get there. Catherine says that's where Steve comes in, and Joe White comes in.

She needs Steve to talk to him and get her into Afghanistan under the radar. When Steve tells that that's crazy, she tells him she's doing it with or without his help. Steve reluctantly says he'll call Joe. Catherine is waiting in line to board a plane at the airport, when she hears Steve call out from behind her. He tells her that he wasn't going to let her go alone. He gives her a hug and a kiss, then tells her he's got the window seat.

In the Baoakhan Province, Catherine and Steve ride into the village on horseback. They quickly make their way to Amir's house, his wife let's them in. Amir's wife, Farah, hugs Catherine and Catherine introduces Steve to her.

She then asks where Amir is. Farah says he left an hour before, having heard where the kidnapper were. Steve and Catherine leave the village on horseback to track down Amir. They stop at the sight of blood, and they both dismount. Guns drawn, they continue on foot. They find Amir at the base of a tree, unconscious and badly wounded. Catherine goes to him and tries to wake him up.

Amir wakes and is surprised to see Catherine has come. Amir explains that he tried to rescue Najib, but there were to many for his to fight, which caused his GSW to the stomach.

steve mcgarrett and catherine rollins relationship problems

Catherine holds his face and promises that Steve and her are going to get his son back. Catherine and Steve bring Amir back to his house and tend to his wound. Catherine then spots a worn soccer ball and explains to Steve that this is what brought her, Amir and Naji together.

Steve is confused and says he thought battlefield trauma is what brought them together. Catherine tells Steve about meeting Amir and Najib and helping them a year before they found her and helped her. Amir then wakes up and asks about Najib, Catherine promises that their going to find him. Steve asks Amir if he knows which group took Najib. Amir replies that it was a splinter group under the command of Umar Hassan. Catherine says that's impossible, as Umar Hassan was killed two years prior in a drone strike.

Amir is convinced he is alive and his men took his son. Catherine is on her laptop and asks Steve to take a look at a satellite image of a nearby village. Steve notices two pickup trucks in the image, Amir had said Najib was taken by two pickups.

Catherine says it's got to be the kidnappers. Steve says the village looks fortified and he doesn't think they can take it. Catherine agrees and says their best option is to engage them somewhere along a nearby road. Steve asks way she's so sure they take that road when they move out. Catherine says that Amir mentioned rumors of a Taliban camp in the south and the road is the only way to get there. As the pickup trucks are stopped by Steve in disguise, Catherine - who was hiding in the long grass - makes her way to the last pickup.

She pulls up the back flap and finds a large group of children. She asks the children if anyone has seen Najib, the children shake their heads. She then opens up the back of the pickup and helps the children escape. One child falls down, alerting the driver, who exits the front of the pickup with his gun. Catherine quickly shoots him down but that alerts the rest of the kidnappers.

Steve and Catherine engage in gun fire, Catherine manages to shoot down another kidnapper and calls from Steve. He tells her to get the kids and go. As the last kid moves into the long grass, Steve shoots a man that Catherine didn't see. Catherine can then only watch as Steve is injured by a grenade and captured.

She then tell Danny that he needs to get ahold of Joe White and tell him that Umar Hassan is still alive and that there is a Taliban compound in the Panjshir Valley. She then tells him the coordinates of the compound. Catherine calls Steve when he gets back home, he's relieved to hear her voice.

He asks her where she is and if she's okay. Steve asks about the kids and if Najib was with them, and Catherine says they're safe but Najib wasn't with them. She then says she's got a lead on where he might be, they may have taken him over the border.

Steve then asks her if she's going to go after him and Catherine says yes, she has to. She feels she can't come back until she finds him. Steve says that's fine, and that he'll go back and they'll find Najib together, he'll he her find him.

Catherine tells Steve that he's helped her enough and it's better if she does this alone, she can keep a low profile and it's just easier. She ask him if he understands why she has to do this and Steve says of course he does. Catherine promises him that she'll be careful. Steve tells Catherine that he loves her, Catherine holds back tears as she says she loves him too.

Steve then wishes her good luck and they hung up. Catherine jumps onto a motorcycle and drives out the village. But instead of coming back to Steve she had decided that she felt her time was better spent in the small village teaching the children at a school and protecting them if the Taliban came back for them.

So she figured if she just came in person that it would be okay, Steve cuts her off by pulling her into a hug. Steve asks when did she get in, Catherine tells him only that morning and she had come straight from the airport. Steve then calls Catherine to discuss the missing warhead. Later Catherine calls Steve, who puts her on speaker phone, she tells them that she thinks she found a buyer and she just sent them the file.