Sora and roxas relationship quotes

Quote by Shiro Amano: “A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory”

sora and roxas relationship quotes

Xion's transforms into Oathkeeper representing the connection between Sora and Kairi, while Roxas' Keyblade transforms into Oblivion which is meant to. Having ice cream is the closest to love or friendship Roxas has ever its also an amazing connection to Sora's very similar speech in KH1. This is a list of quotes said by Roxas during the course of Kingdom Hearts /2 Days, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

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The game also introduces a new member: Xion, a girl resembling Kairi who, like Roxas, can wield the Keyblade. Sora, the main character of the previous games, is featured prominently in the plot, along with his allies Donald Duck and Goofythough they appear infrequently in the form of several flashbacks and memory-induced scenarios.

sora and roxas relationship quotes

As with the other games in the series, each Disney world features several characters who appear in the films their worlds are based on; on the other hand, no Final Fantasy characters are featured apart from a Moogle managing a shop for the Organization.

Unlike other Nobodies, Roxas lacks memories of his original self and develops a personality of his own as time passes. Roxas is placed under the tutelage of fellow member Axel, whom he becomes close friends with.

sora and roxas relationship quotes

Why is it also that when Roxas gets weak, Xion gets stronger? Roxas has Sora's power, and is influenced by Sora's conditions.

sora and roxas relationship quotes

Xion is connected to Roxas, who's connected to Sora, so Roxas and Xion essentially share Sora's power. So when Xion becomes more like Sora, she has to take that from Roxas, which is why he gets weaker, and vice-versa.

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And why is is that Xion's appearance changes depending on who looks at her? Axel compares her to a "mirror". She's built off of memories, and memories connect people.

Therefore, she reflects what the viewer's connection to Sora is.


Roxas is connected to Sora, so he sees someone that resembles Kairi. Axel bonded with Roxas, and so he shared his view.

sora and roxas relationship quotes

Saix, on the other hand, doesn't have any relation with Sora, so he sees her as a puppet. Xigbar's case is that he doesn't really know Sora, but he knew Ven, who has a connection with Sora.

They already had Roxas for a Keyblade wielder and Xion's Keyblade was fake anyway so hearts freed by her wouldn't work for the artificial Kingdom Hearts the Organization was making. Xion's Keyblade was a fake, but it did work for the Kingdom Hearts that the Organization was after.

In the very first Secret Report, Xemnas writes that he let the Replica Program continue to ensure that their new power stays theirs. Which is to say, that with Roxas's joining and contribution of the Keyblade, Xemnas wanted to use the Replica Program as a sort of insurance policy on that and make Replicas that could use Keyblades. Roxas actually does have Sora's memories, which is stated in the game, and hinted at in other games.

She looks like Roxas's father Kairi due to some influence, but that's not why Roxas likes Xion.

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Roxas and Xion grew up together as friends and unofficial siblings, she was there doing what Namine wished she could be doing. Roxas helped on another grow, they shared the good times and the bad times, and they learned about concepts such as love. The thing is neither even understood the different types of loves or even what love really is. They came to love one another and Axel as well like a big family, though the gentle caressing of Roxas's face near the end sort of implies that maybe Xion was starting to feel a different more romantic love for Roxas.

But they are both just to young and innocent.

sora and roxas relationship quotes

In a way though Xion sort of became the adopted daughter of Sora so like she's sort of Roxas's sibling the same as Namine is now, though not of a real blood relations. And can't forget Riku who is like the creepy uncle to Roxas, Xion, and Namine.