Sora and riku relationship advice

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sora and riku relationship advice

He was created right after Sora turned himself into a Heartless to save Kairi towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 1. Roxas Game Tips and Hacks How is there a relationship between Ven and Roxas in Kingdom Hearts?. He considered Leon's advice sacrosanct. Leon had even . If Sora does find Riku, the planned marriage should fly over well. Riku will be. So I'm playing + and I'm on the first game again and I can't help but notice how one-sided the relationship between these two is. They.

The drawing on this particular page was of Sora. Kairi turned the page and started doodling. It started with just an eye, and then expanded to half a face.

Kairi scrutinized the drawing. It had started as a doodle, but now it was turning into Sora. Just like everything else she'd drawn today.

She'd only succeeded once that day in drawing someone other than Sora; but she'd drawn Roxas, so it wasn't exactly a huge victory. Try as she might, Kairi couldn't get him off her mind.

He was all she could think about. She was thrilled that he was home; her Sora was home he would forever be her Sora, because long before he was the Keyblade Master, the key to Kingdom Hearts, or the rebellious brat of the Organization, he was hers; and that was that. Kairi threw her Sora-centric sketchbook one last glare before closing it and sitting it down beside her.

She sighed and looked around at all the flora surrounding her. She idly picked a daisy and twirled it in her hands. Feeling somewhat silly, Kairi picked off a petal. Kairi sighed exasperatedly as she picked the final petal off.

He continued his trek through the tulips to find Kairi. As much as he hated being surrounded by flowers, he was bored, he couldn't find Sora, and he figured that maybe if he bugged Kairi enough she'd draw him something. He did find her eventually, though he was quite surprised at what he saw. She was sitting in a pile of petals and flower stems, glaring at a lily.

She picked one of its petals off and glared more intensely at it. A dumb fake blond. Kairi didn't seem to notice him. Kairi didn't even look up. Riku stared at the amount of petals which had accumulated around Kairi.

He'd hadn't actually thought he was right. He took a seat beside her. She smirked as she held this one up. Lack of romantic confirmation on Sora's part was doing some weird things to Kairi. Kairi's proud smirk faded as she turned back to her flower. Her look turned sour as she plucked the final petal. He needed something to reassure Kairi. He picked the weed and held it up for Kairi to see. Does he love you? He smiled at the bare stem.

I already know that. He handed it to her, saying, "Just try it. She smiled softly at Riku. He picked another dandelion and held it out to her. Immediately her eyes narrowed and she scowled at the bald weed. He quickly snatched the dandelion away to get Kairi's attention. The confessing is his job.

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Especially since I spent a year and a half waiting on him. Which, I wouldn't have had to wait so long, if somebody hadn't made it so hard for him to find them, so that he could have spent more time trying to find a way home. And of course if that certain someone hadn't been such an overdramatic emo, they could have used their teleportation powers to bring him home to at least visit me! He reached down and picked a dandelion. We'd think the Princess would simply ignore Demyx's request and keep resuming her escape Although they are now preparing themselves for a final showdown against Xehanort, It has been heavily implied that Kairi and Sora's relationship is beyond friendship.

Also, when Sora later becomes a Heartless to save her, Kairi is able to specifically recognize him and save him. Once Kairi returns on Destiny Island, she returns to the Secret Cave where she sees an earlier drawing of Sora sharing a paopu fruit with her. Kairi gets emotional and adds another paopu fruit to the drawing.

The meaning behind it? Well according to the in-game legend, two peoples will always stay connected to each other if they share the same paopu fruit.

Therefore, we could see this poignant scene as a teenage affair in which Kairi promptly answers "yes" to Sora's dating request. His only hinted relationship was with Squall's love interest, Rinoa.

However, Seifer's attempts are in vain. Nice try Seifer, but you definitely took a major L this time. Whenever we look at Kairi's interaction, we can notice a strong collaboration with the water component. When we look at it, we can reflect on the fact that water almost seemed vital to bring life to Kairi's character When we look at Kairi's name in Japanese, It actually means "nautical mile". However, her individual kanjis means "sea" and "village".

After linking her name with these events, It's only fair to say that Square-Enix and Disney did a great job at keeping Kairi's concept theme. They both ranked 3rd in the Famitsu character poll of the series and both have very interesting stories in their own way. They also both share a twisted relationship in which Axel kidnapped Kairi as part of a scheme to bring his best friend Roxas back. Shortly after his death, Axel reverts back to his human form, Lea and becomes a valued ally for the main cast.

The twisted part is that Lea is also Kairi's sparring Keyblade partner. First you had the Coliseum, then the Castle Library, now this room. Squall, you should know by now, I'll always find you.

sora and riku relationship advice

Cloud punctuated his next words, with the heated slapping of skin on skin. Soon as that winged fucker's dead, we'll get married, and you'll stay at home where you belong. His body wouldn't listen. The teenager stood, frozen, hearing Leon wail along with Cloud's low grunt.

Sora felt like throwing up, when he heard a squelching noise. Cloud zipped his pants up and rearranged the battle skirt. You should be used to this by now. At least this time, I prepared you. Should have fucked you dry, for all the running around you made me do. Good for you, Goddamn Tifa wouldn't leave me alone. That's probably you're doing too. You can forget all that mercenary shit once we're married.

Sora's here to see you. He heard Leon's indrawn breath and scrabbling attempt to right himself. Sora's body finally started to back up, when Cloud exited the computer room. He tromped by Sora, with a small, creepy grin. Hope you learned something, Kid. Having given up the attempt to get up, Leon lay on his side. White shirt shoved up to expose abused nipples. Belts thrown every which way onto the floor.

Leather pants remained pushed down, leaving bruised, bare buttocks exposed. Penis lay lax to the right, still dribbling semen onto the cold, metal floor. Clutching Leon by the shoulders, Sora kissed the side of his forehead, and attempted to help him right himself. Weakly holding on to Sora's arms, Leon used them for a lever. Together, the pair got his body in a sitting position. Sora handed Leon the handkerchief, his Mom always made sure he had in his pocket, before he left for school. Leon accepted the handkerchief with thanks.

Sora occupied himself, with gathering Leon's belts, while Leon cleansed himself, and zipped up his pants. Leon sat, elbows resting on knees, when Sora handed him the belts. He nodded, in thanks, but didn't attempt to put them on. He just ran them through his gloved hands, staring at the wall in front of him. Not knowing what else to do, Sora sat down beside him.

He embraced Leon, laying his spiky head on his shoulder. Leon laid his head on top of Sora's. The adoptive siblings sat like that for awhile. Both jumped, hearing Tron's computer voice, express regret. I asked User Leon, if he needed assistance.

sora and riku relationship advice

However, User Leon stated he did not, and to leave User Cloud alone. You can't really do anything to Cloud anyway.

User Leon did not seem to enjoy what User Cloud did to him. Letting go of the belts, he gripped Sora's arm for support. Sora tightened his embrace. Can you go do some computer stuff. Me and User Leon need to talk about private stuff. He turned his head back to stare at the wall. He wanted to marry me back then. He called me his Light. From the start, he wouldn't leave me be.

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I told him I saved myself for my girlfriend, Rinoa. He would hurt me, saying she was dead, and never coming back. To tell the truth, I used her for an excuse. He's relentless with me. He had seen things, at the Coliseum, that had bothered him even then. He wanted to know, for sure, what had really been going on. He hoped his big brother would help him understand.

After the match, I went to take a shower, when I saw you two. Releasing Sora's shoulders, he resumed his former position, with elbows on knees. He-he um… He started sucking you down there. He held your wrists really hard, against your sides, so you couldn't move.

sora and riku relationship advice

You didn't look like you enjoyed it. You cried and bit your lip. After he finished, he picked you up, and carried you out. You didn't fight him. Why don't you fight him, Leon? Leon lowered his head. The tears began to course down his face. At first, I tried to fight him. Didn't do any good. In the end, he always gets what he wants. If I don't fight him, and let him have my Light, he treats me better.

All the prize money he won at the Coliseum he gave to me. That's actually what helped us get to Hollow Bastion in the first place. He told me that a witness had seen Rinoa killed by the Heartless. She had died so a bunch of kids could escape on a Gummi Ship. The witness proved trustworthy. I don't know how Cloud found out. Hades probably told him. He tried everything to keep Cloud under his control. Ambushing me in my room, Cloud called my bluff.

I never fought so hard.

sora and riku relationship advice

When he finished with me, I couldn't walk for a week, even with Curaga. He said, when I could move again, we would be getting married. Thankfully, Hades called him away for a meeting at Villain's Vale. The only reason Cloud didn't come after me was because Sephiroth attacked him first. I hoped, with our quick trip here, that I had escaped him for good.

Even trapped in the Darkness, Cloud always finds me. When I asked him how, he said he went by my scent. He can find me halfway across a World, if need be.

She wants him for herself. I've told her she can have him, with my blessing. It seems she's taken my advice to heart. Cloud still broke my arm, and fractured my pelvis, when he raped me at the Coliseum. He never broke a sweat. I can't escape from him, Sora. When someone wants you that much, and the person's that powerful, you'll never be free of them.

You said Cloud raped you at the Coliseum. He hurt me really bad. He felt immediately sorry afterwards. After that, when we had sex, he made sure I always felt good. I know I sound like I'm in pain, but the sex feels good, Sora. He only hurts me now, when I hide from him, and don't give him my Light. The one problem we have is that I can't back down, like he wants me to. He makes you cry. I thought people, who loved each other, didn't do that to each other.

Do you love him? He stared for a long time. Funny enough, I really do. Cloud loves me too.

sora and riku relationship advice

He just has no idea how to show it. He lived a horrible life, before we met at the Coliseum. The fact he can function, like a human being, is a miracle. Once, Aerith tried to explain to me the way she saw him. His aura looks like a wolf's. A wolf acting like a human to get by. Cloud loves me, and tries to treat me good. The Wolf wants me to obey, and hurts me when I don't. I hate the Wolf. Memories consisting of a certain person. Remember my friend, Riku? But I met a new Riku at the Castle.

He seemed mean and hurtful. He got angry, when I didn't do what he wanted. I think he came from the Darkness that Riku's embraced. I didn't like him. If Donald and Goofy hadn't showed up, I think he would have done the same thing to me, that Cloud did to you at the Coliseum. He called me his Light, too.

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He scared me so bad. I try not to think about him. I know, in my heart, when I meet Riku again, he'll be the old Riku that I've always loved.

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Being unwillingly mated to Cloud, he knew the Darkness well. The Darkness didn't "rub off" like a bad stain. Sora had informed him, that he had lost Riku to the Darkness, and couldn't find him anywhere. He hoped, for his little brother's sake, that Riku would be gone for good. If one of them had to suffer this fate, he knew he would be the stronger. Sora should never know such beloved pain. We've looked everywhere too. It's like he doesn't want me to find him.

I've decided, after all of this, she's my girl for sure. Once I find Riku, and we get back home, I'm gonna ask her to marry me, when we're old enough. Riku'll be dancing for joy. If Sora does find Riku, the planned marriage should fly over well.

Riku will be dancing… on top of Kairi's head. Leon prayed to the Gods that Riku would stay gone. For his little brother's sake, if for nothing else. He winced, when his ass rebuked the motion with pain. He had really pissed Cloud off this time. He had found Tifa's antics hilarious, but he didn't think Cloud would blame him.

With Sephiroth's continued presence, Cloud's mood wouldn't get any better. You go right ahead. You say that you love him. I like my life here, and I'm not running anymore. I don't care what Cloud says. I won't marry him.