Soha and kunal confirm their relationship

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soha and kunal confirm their relationship

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu were blessed with a baby girl last Friday Kunal confirmed the name of their daughter with a Tweet last night. Soha has since confirmed the news saying that Kunal presented her a very If at all Soha and Kunal marry each other, will their relationship last and be a. Actor Soha Ali Khan was in Delhi recently to launch a new mineral water and Kunal came out with a statement as well confirming the news.

Though love relationship between both looks intense, they will be still facing challenges at marital front because Kunal's Venus is afflicted by Rahu.

soha and kunal confirm their relationship

Soha's Venus is connected with Mars, so because her love is very intense, she will expect the same intensity from her beau. There will be differences between both of them that they will try to manage nicely but they will have to handle the relationship delicately till their marriage 'matures'.

soha and kunal confirm their relationship

It may take sometime to adjust with each other, feels Ganesha. What's in store for this relationship? This factor is very important in this relationship. Post marriage, Soha may at times feel that Kunal is restricting her expression of love or is unable to inspire her to express herself freely in matters of love. Kunal is born with Venus and Rahu in Gemini so he can be very moody when it comes to love.

Post marriage, both of them will have to try harder to understand each other's moods and that will help them a great deal. This factor indicates that if they work a little harder on the relationship, they will be able to strike a balance between their expressions of love and love life, more easily.

In case of Square or In-conjunct aspects between Venus and Venus in couple's Horoscopes, it is generally difficult. So that way the couple is quite lucky in this matter. Soha is born with exalted Jupiter so she would be able to guide Kunal well in many matters. I am quite disappointed to know I am quite a traditionalist and a romantic. I always thought of myself as a practical woman who doesn't care for social sanctions.

Kunal Khemu to move in with Soha?

But here I am enjoying my engagement. Soha When Kunal gave me the ring I was quite giggly and happy. Kunal went to great lengths to keep his proposal in Paris a secret from me.

soha and kunal confirm their relationship

As you know, we live together and spend a lot of time together. And we're such good friends. We talk to one another about everything, even the smallest of decisions. That he had to take such a big decision on his own, must have been quite a task for him.

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kehmu confirmed their relationship

And he has chosen the ring so well. I am really impressed by his taste. Ques His good taste is already confirmed by your presence in his life? I am glad his good taste extends to jewellery.

It had to be the perfect ring because I have to wear it on my finger all the time. I don't wear any jewellery at all. I've always found jewellery to be an encumbrance. But now I am very happy to carry the ring around on my finger for the rest of my life.

Soha I've to grow my nails.

soha and kunal confirm their relationship

My fingers are too short. My brother Saif suggested that I get a manicure so that the ring doesn't look like it's in the finger of a year-old girl.

After Kunal Kemmu, this is what Soha Ali Khan has to say about their divorce rumours - Movies News

Ques Are you two getting married? Soha We don't have an answer to that. We need to take a serious decision. Of course my mother has now already started planning our venue and menu for the wedding. She is a wonderful events planner. She had been planning my marriage for a long time.

Now that there's a name for the groom on the invitation card, she's all set. Now we need to think about what kind of a wedding, when, etc. Kunal is a little disturbed because he thought he had bought himself four years of time with the engagement ring. Soha Maybe we will surprise ourselves by going into the next level of social sanction faster than we had planned.