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On Anime and Manga - Other Titles, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Sket Dance question about Bossun and Himeko (Spoilers I. Bossun just stared at his sister who stood in front of him as she withdraw her hand. "Ah, I'm "Don't tell me, you finally got it in with Himeko-chan?" His sister "Since you haven't had any experience yet why don't you test it out with me?" So in other words Agata wants to have a relationship with him?. So what is Bossun and Himeko's relationship? Are they just friends or what >_> I' ve read the part about the ski trip but that's about all. Himeko is.

He blushed ever so gently and took the hand he swatted away, rubbing it apologetically. Himeko had grabbed him before he could. The festival was a success and more so their attraction as it got the highest number of guests coming and going…a lot mostly asked about the twins, which in turn the group finally reveals that they are Tsubaki and Bossun, breaking a few hearts yet also getting squeals… "Okay, for the ladies since we are closing!

Yet they were caught off guard as Agata snatched Bossun from Shinba, giving a soft glare. He leans closer to Bossun's face but made sure the guests saw everything. Cupping his face, Agata goes for the kill…almost but he was pushed aside.

He didn't have to turn around to know who it was… "Specs, don't get in my way. Is this part of the act, too? Lowering his head, he even decided to just ignore them to the point that he would turn surprised at their next act. Before he could wail, the girls had beaten him to it. While Bossun had closed himself off a while ago a girl had asked a picture with the three of them.

She just said to do anything that comes to mind…to think that Specs would be thinking the same "I know you guys are so into the act…" Bossun's voice shook with fury. The two boys just leaned in closer to hear his words.

Removing the wig, his real wavy locks proudly showed. The girls obeyed…only after taking quite a number of shots of the group, mostly Bossun and Tsubaki, blinding the twins. Daisy kept looking at the trio.

sket dance bosson and himeko relationship test

Tsubaki quickly ran to them, planning to stop the probable trouble Bossun might stir up. Himeko was biting her nails as she kept observing the twins. Agata went beside him, placing a hand on his head. Isn't that what you wanted us to do? Being swayed by this guy…maybe, it wasn't so bad if he just gave in. They all changed their clothes. Since it wasn't a normal school day, they just brought some casual clothes with them. What do you think, Kaichou? Bossun-kun held Agata by the hand.

sket dance bosson and himeko relationship test

Switch just loudly closed his laptop getting their attention. The glint in his glasses made his mind unreadable. They were just a few meters away from the school gate. And he quickly regretted the words that left his lips. Who would want to go to an arcade for their first date? Shouldn't a date be more prepared? But he just had to all of a sudden grab the guy and call it a date. After Agata retrieved his hand, it was Bossun's turn to slightly bring a hand to his head. How many times did Agata pat his head?

Not once did he hate it. It actually felt nice. Lowering his head, his eyes turn to their hands…they were just holding…he hesitated a bit but took up the courage to shift his hand getting the other's attention, but before Agata could ask anything, he intertwined their fingers and kept on holding Agata's hand. Agata looked at him wide-eyed.

Yūsuke Fujisaki

I particularly don't care. Let them notice it themselves. What would happen if they knew you were going out with a guy? I get it, we'll keep it a secret from them, then.

sket dance bosson and himeko relationship test

Tsubaki and Agata were currently on duty on patrolling in the morning, to Agata's dismay. Yet, then again it wasn't since Sket Dan had yet again made a commotion. I think you need some kind of punishment. After yesterday, they did somehow return to normal when they were around other people.

And when they were around people, Agata became the playful teasing type of guy. Not that he was going to let him get away with. If he wanted to tease him, then two can play his game.

Bossun curled his lips into an alluring smile and grabbed Agata by the collar, pulling him closer. The letter inside, written to the then-unborn children, talked about how they should help other people.

After watching some upperclassmen bully a student his age, he discovered that he had truly inherited his parents' blood because he couldn't resist stepping in to help the student was later revealed as Tsubaki - though he ended up being beaten himself. Later, after having accepted his circumstances, he returned home and continued to live with Akane and Rumi, stating that they are the only family he has ever known.

Appearance Bossun has messy dark hair that curls upward on either side, above his ears. He is almost always seen wearing a red, horned Poppman cap and goggles. His most common outfit consists of a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up over a blue-and-white shirt of his own design which has the word SKET across the front, blue knee-length shorts, black bands on both ankles, and a pair of sandals. He wears wristbands on both wrists - one with red, white and blue stripes and the other with the Sket Dan symbol on black.

Attached to his shirt are several pin buttons. He has a wide range of facial expressions, most notably his "embarrassed" face, where he purses his lips comically. Personality Bossun is known for his enthusiasm for helping others solve their problems and is quite idealistic. Given a proper backstory and relationship to his client, he's willing to go to such lengths to find even lost candy wrappers if the situation calls it.

Despite his idealism, he acts childlike and is socially awkward, especially with female interactions and being filmed.

One particular trait is his inability to pick up even the most obvious social cues, and he becomes easily depressed and self-conscious when insulted or being left out. When left with nothing to do, Bossun normally would laze around or play jokes.

Typically, his activities range from childlike behavior like playing with toys to being bored and reading manga. If faced with a strange situation, such with weird clients, he sometimes plays as the straight man with Himeko, and he may initially refuse the request if it's too absurd.

Despite this, Sket Dan always accepts the request eventually. Regardless of his shortcomings, Bossun is deeply analytical when facing problems and has no trouble thinking about plans. Many students consider him a genius in the arts and in logic puzzles, however, Bossun himself does not consider his talents to be any remarkable. Despite this, his talents proved to be useful when solving any problems given to him Major Story Arcs For alternate universe plots, see Alternate Universe Stories.

If Bossun loses, the Sket Dan will have to disband. After days has passed, Hime agrees to teach Bossun on some basics on a bass and eventually learns how to play it skillfully and even gets invited to a band finally in which he sends a message to the Student Council that he would await their battle in the Rock Festival.

Throughout his practice in the music room, he meets Sagisaki who Rumi states that is a violinist prodigy. After sometime, both become close in which Sagisaki helps Bossun in the tunes of his guitar, Bossun also notes that Sagisaki doesn't have that much confidence in her skills in which he encourages her. Then, the bands that Hime and Switch joined disbanded due to some reasons. Because of that, Bossun gloats that he still has a band, but later it is revealed that the 'Sket Bomber's' drum-mist got injured so it also disbanded.

With that, Bossun has an idea of starting its own band, called 'The Sketchbook'. At the festival, he hopes to see Sagisaki watch him play and at the ending of the first song his band played, Sagisaki arrived. He performed another song, which he dedicated to Sagisaki. The song was originally by the 'Pillow's' in which Sagisaki goes into tears and Bossun at the end successfully changes her mind to follow her dream and go to Germany.

Her prediction is that Bossun will die. He and Himeko are concerned when Reiko asks Switch to purchase a charm. Bossun asks Reiko to let them meet up with Himiko personally. Without much ado, Switch conveys his opinions about her fortune-telling and makes Himiko irritated by his speech.

She then challenges Bossun and the others to prove who's wrong by telling Bossun's fortune at her seminar three days ahead. Bossun accepts the challenge. At their way back home, Bossun tells Switch that they can only rely on Switch knowledge.

Three days later, the three and Reiko attends Himiko's seminar. After Switch points out Himiko's fortune telling is a fraud, Himiko has Bossun come up, so she can read his past life, just as she had promised.

Then, Bossun yells that she is wrong and takes off his hat. It turns out that Tsubaki was impersonating Bossun. Bossun then comes from behind the curtain and exposes her trick. After everyone storms out of Himiko's seminar out of anger, Reiko thanks them all because they have opened her eyes.

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Switch gives her an advice which only starts another argument between them. Tsubaki comments on how weird their relationship is, but Bossun tells him that that is their relationship. He then gets an e-mail friend named 'Pudding-san' and starts sending e-mails to each other. After some e-mails Bossun realizes that he really becomes addicted to it. Meanwhile, Himeko gets addicted to exchanging e-mails. Unbeknownst to her, she is chatting with Bossun.

After many e-mails sent between each other, the two begin wondering how does their pen pal friend look like and make an appointment to meet. In the park square, Himeko arrives first with her blonde hair dyed black.

Sket dance!

When Bossun arrives a few minutes later, the two are shocked to see each other. After some time arguing, the two finally realize that their e-mail friend is someone they already know well. In the end, the two find it hard to delete all of their e-mails. On their way there Himeko gets nausea and Chuuma sensei offers her medicine from his medic box.