Shiroe and akatsuki relationship trust

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shiroe and akatsuki relationship trust

Summary: Akatsuki feels like the odd one out in the guild. pained that she didn't share that same connection with Shiroe - or anyone, really. . Akatsuki's stomach , but she would just have to trust Henrietta on her assessment. Related: I like how platonic most of the relationships in Log Horizon are. If Tohya and Isuzu have a heartfelt discussion, or Akatsuki and and smooth, mainly used to increase trust and affection levels of mounts and pets, but. Wherever Shiroe went, Akatsuki was always trailing behind in his shadow. knowing that they have someone they could trust to watch their back in this foreign place. "Besides, I don't see a point in pursuing a relationship.

She would then ask Shiroe for permission, in which he would shout that she should've asked before she kneed him.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship trust

Akatsuki never broke out of her ninja character, despite her class was actually an Assassin. Wherever Shiroe went, Akatsuki was always trailing behind in his shadow. Naotsugu thought it was cute and also reassuring, knowing that they have someone they could trust to watch their back in this foreign place.

Soon Naotsugu began to see subtle changes between the two. They would bicker, which was actually normal to him, but the amount of bickering from Shiroe's side was what caught his attention. He was more expressive when he was with her than when he was with anyone else.

Even for Naotsugu, it took him quite a while for Shiroe to be comfortable around him. Naotsugu also noticed the amount of concern Shiroe had for the Assassin and the look he gave her was much more gentle than usual.

Their physical contact also began to occur more frequently. Like the way Shiroe would unconsciously hold her tight when they were on the griffon or the way she would hold onto his cloak. The signs were all there and Naotsugu couldn't be more happier for the both of them but sometimes, it was also frustrating to see the lack of development between the two. Particularly on Shiroe's side. So one night, unable to bear with the tension anymore, Naotsugu barged into Shiroe's room with a bottle of sake he bought in the market earlier on.

It's been a while since I've had alcohol in my system," the guardian announced and forced a small cup into Shiroe's hand. Resigned, Shiroe lifted his cup and allowed the Guardian to pour him some sake. Considering the amount of work he had to do this past month, it was nice to unwind a little. You like Akatsuki, don't you? Naotsugu guffawed and emptied his own cup before refilling Shiroe's and his again. She is about your age anyway. Unless, you don't swing that way?

As he tried to steady himself, Naotsugu could see the red tint on Shiroe's face despite the deadly aura he was exuding. No need to get all hung up. He offered the bottle to Shiroe, who took it begrudgingly and poured some of the clear liquid into his cup. They both drank in silence, both caught up in their own thoughts. If indeed his observation was wrong, he felt sorry for Akatsuki. It was getting hard to be indoors all the time.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship trust

Well, she could go up on the roof and in the tree, which was beautiful She was used to being out in the wild. She was feeling guilty about the fact she was now ignoring more than a couple of requests for aid from a number of creatures. It was horrible to think of it that way, but that really described it.

She curled up on her blanket in her corner of the fourth floor closet and put herself to sleeping. Some time later something touched the very tip of her sensitive ear and it flicked itself irritably. Whatever it was came back. Her ear twitched again and she tucked her head down into her arm further. A featherlight touch landed on the back of her head, just above the neck. She rolled towards her left side, trying to dislodge it. Shortly after, a damp rough tongue took to grooming her forehead, around her right eye and down the side of her head and over to just in front of her right ear, then back up on her head.

When Nyanta had groomed her to his content, a thing she'd found surprising the first time it had happened, he asked, "So I actually like it back here. She froze and opened her eyes, her breath catching and her heart suddenly not quite sure at what tempo to be going. He looked down at her, since he'd settled high enough to reach her for the grooming, his face as pleasantly neutral as ever, and his green eyes sparkling with just a little humor - at her reaction she supposed.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship trust

He leaned to her and licked her between the eyes and just a little above, where it would have been between her eyebrows if she had them. Then she remembered that one incident in the kitchen and the blush won. She rapidly buried her head back into his chest to hide. She shook her head rapidly, feeling his fur with her forehead, mildly wondering how since she was covered in fur, too.

Slightly mortified, she heard him chuckle. There was a featherlight touch on the tip of her right ear again and it flicked.

The light touch came again, this time just below the ear a bit, more on the side of her head and near the cheek. She tried to hold it as long as she could, but in the end, she had to twitch it off. He immediately gave her a lick on the top of her head. She paused, then finally gave in and quickly wrapped her arm around him and held him tightly, shivering. His arm wrapped around her and held her close to him, offering comfort. There was a different touch on the tip of her ear as this time he licked it since his paw was now occupied with holding her.

The tongue was grooming her head again. She took a deep breath and tried to let it go. We've all been watching mew, mew know. Mew haven't been happy for more than a day, which isn't much like mew, we figure. Purrcy let the rhythmic motions relax her tense muscles. When it looked like he was going to move on, she obligingly rolled into him so he could reach the back of her neck.

He obligingly moved there for her. As the back of her neck relaxed, she rolled again so he was grooming the left side of her neck and left shoulder. He moved to the top of her head again and said.

The physical response to the continual HP draining was a dampener to the resiliency of the body He licked down her left jaw and her head turned into it. He licked under the jaw and she moaned.

He paused and she shuddered and drew in a shuddering breath. He placed his paw. She wanted to cry again. She closed her eyes and focused on just breathing for a bit. Her body started to curl. Nyanta flipped her so that she was facing him again. This time he took her in both arms and held her tightly to him.

For all the cat body couldn't cry, the human half did and so did the human soul that inhabited the body, so the sobs were dry ones. As they began to calm, he began to pet her, but kept her close to him.

Eventually, she was able to at least recover from the need to cry, for the most part. Softly, her heart still in great pain, she said, "Nyanta.

It feels like I've been violated already by them, or him. That just by being forced into that state The sobs and shivering returned.

This time he just held her, keeping her company in the way all Adventurers of Theldesia stolen from Earth had learned to be present to each other when the reality of where they were and the hopelessness that overwhelmed came upon them. Eventually she uncurled and lifted her face to his, her eyes only open to slits. Let my first time be because I want it to be. Because I want it to be gentle and kind and because we wanted it to happen.

It didn't happen often. He'd been trained most strenuously to keep his emotions under control, to not allow the emotions of others cloud his own, to keep his expression to others pleasant, to not impose his own thoughts on the confusion that often existed in others so that they could work out their own emotional knots and become free of them. He'd been trained this way not because he was Japanese, though that cultural part was there for sure.

He'd been trained this way because he was a psychologist and it was the most important part of being able to fulfill his supremely important responsibilities to the individuals who trusted him to help them stay sane and return to full capacity again. He was human, and male, and he knew he could and should also have his moments to unwind and just be what he needed to be, but he had learned when and how to do that, even when he'd been brought here.

He'd dealt with himself first, logically and with the reason his training had taught him to. Helping others was not just his calling and passion for life, it was also the way to handle stressful situations like this. So that's what he'd been doing, for them and for himself.

In the guild Log Horizon, he'd found a place to do that and to relax. There were other adults he could be just himself with when he needed it, and there were adults - and then children - whom he could help in order to help himself continue forward. He'd been willing to help Purrcy to the depths she needed because even that was part of his passion for his profession He also had known from the moment he'd learned what she was that Shiroe needed to keep her.

But to have the world, then a spell, even the thought of an alien scientist take away from her, and from him - not to mention all of the people who had been brought here against their will that were still trying to do their best without the same training he'd received - the very right to hold their persons inviolable made him angry. To know that Purrcy was going to fall into the depression that rape brought because even he had recognized the signs of it as he sat in the branch that night, waiting for the answer to be found, fighting his own body that wanted to participate in it for all his mind fought and fought against it.

He also felt violated, and in more ways than one. It hadn't been rape in the final sense, but in the world and understanding of psychology because they'd had no choice in the matter but to give in to it in the end, to have received the equivalent emotional abuse of rape, it was still defined as rape. Anger was an expected - and perfectly appropriate - response to what had happened. He looked down at the sleeping woman in his arms.

Her response had also been perfectly expected. Depression and withdrawal while at the same time trying to understand why it had happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Feeling shame, fear, helplessness This time, he hadn't been the councilor who sat kindly impassive. He'd been an active participant, from the beginning all the way to the end, helping her to stand and then to heal, while also using her to stand Now what was left was the righteous anger.

He leaned down to the top of her head and breathed in her scent. The colleges for psychologists all across the world taught that the rebound need for sex again after a rape was to be avoided. That following through on the thought that having it again quickly with a partner of choice to have the opportunity to erase the horrible memory and emotions of it would only create an incorrect imprint and make recovery more difficult.

It wasn't wrong, but it was incomplete. In Guildmaster Shiroe's case, he was handling it correctly. Find a stable companion, but don't go and repeat anything. Heal first, then slowly find out what a healthy relationship was so that you learned proper patterns to live a happy life following.

When Purrcy had asked him, his first instinct was to say no, to gently guide her through the steps he'd been taught to help his other clients with. In their case, they already knew that healthy relationship existed and had once had it in their lives It was one of the things that kept them going, really, and at the same time made it all the more difficult to be here, because of that extra pain of having been torn from loved ones on Earth.

It was the same pain that they'd both had to overcome in their initial understanding of what was going to happen to Purrcy They knew the companionship of a spouse already, knew it could be healing as well as binding.

The binding part of it scared them both, for good reason, but when he'd felt her pain and his and understood, it hadn't been a wrong request. They needed the reminder of what they already knew so that their own confidence and mental health could be repaired.

He still hadn't touched her that way yet, for all that anyone would think it, he supposed. They really had been committed to the plan she'd laid out - do the surgical part first and hope it would be the solution the Adventurers needed. He suspected they still were committed to that path, though the planning meeting s still needed to be held, pending her final analysis. They also both understood, though he did so much better than most, that adultery was nearly as damaging as if not equal to rape, to the mental health of the parties involved.

That was the bonding they were so afraid of. A bond would be formed between them. It didn't remove the bonds they had for the people at home. Those bonds would remain - it wasn't a replacement, it was an addition. To lose someone you had formed that deep a bond with was extremely heartbreaking.

In the case of repairing adultery, two of the three parties had to hurt, a lot, because there were two bonds. One relationship had to end to let the other one heal. And if you really wanted to heal, you had to return to the original spouse.

To leave and go to the third party damaged your trust in yourself so much that almost ninety-five percent of those relationships ended within two years and the adulterer was left alone with two pains and a massively damaged heart and soul. Some of his worst to heal cases had been adultery cases.

More than half left his office after two and a half years to three years, still unresolved, unable to face him or themselves any more. Unless all parties were in agreement and happy with the arrangement, which wasn't possible in their case. They couldn't get to the other two at home and they already knew they wouldn't approve. He would have said no to her from the beginning for just that reason alone. But she had been perfectly open and honest about her whole situation from the beginning.

An ending relationship with her spouse she had run from by staying up late nights playing Elder Tales, getting up after he was asleep and playing until she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore Yes, there were children. Yes, she felt guilty about them.


What could an Adventurer caught in this situation do about that? She was already as good as dead to them if time was passing equivalently between the worlds. If she went back it would likely be to reopen old wounds that they might have already had years to work on healing. It was the kinder option in that case to have stayed 'dead'. They were his source of comfort after he came home from work.

With them he could see the example of a positive family life, positive relationships, and be healed when he needed it. He could give love and receive it, even have bad days on occasion because at home he could be a man when he needed to be one. The pain of knowing he was leaving them behind. The sum for him was the same as Purrcy, though the situation was not.

If he had died to them there by coming here, it had only happened a little sooner than it might otherwise have.

He had a terminal illness there. He'd left playing Elder Tales to spend his remaining time with his family, but had gotten on for the new release for one last time to play, to do something he enjoyed at an auspicious time, while in the hospital full of needles and covered in monitors, not expecting to leave alive this time. His real life was a thing he had never told anyone in Elder Tales until he told Purrcy.

If he went back, it would be to kiss them and hold them one more time before dying for real. But, as Purrcy had, in her way, explained to young Serera, Purrcy needed him more.

Here, he was alive, and so far couldn't die even if he wanted to. Having her need him because of what she was going to have to go through was probably his own reason for living all of a sudden. She offered far stronger and binding reasons for moving forward than caring for even the members of Log Horizon.

Creating the stronger bonding between them of becoming spouses would only be the outward sign of that, and the committing to it. So, when she had asked, he hadn't said no. He'd simply said, "If we have to go back, let me go. Learn to love meowr husband. If we find the door, purromise me right now that mew will consider yourself dead there and never go through the door, and I will purromise the same. If we are to be here for the rest of our lives, however long that is, from now on, mew are mine and I am meowrs.

He had done the same. That wasn't to say he wasn't still worried, nor that she wasn't. If they were still tied somehow to their bodies, and his body there died, would he be an Adventurer who did die here?

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She had told him, "There are too many 'ifs'. But we don't let them paralyze us on Earth. It is pointless to let them do so here. She had said, "I chose to have hands because of the crazy thought I just might end up in a place like this. It's just as likely. Then be with me until then. Isn't that what you've spent all the last years doing at home? Living and being until then?

She might not be strong all the time, she might have her own fragility, but she was fearless. It was the perfect match for him. Someone to stand up before his fears and protect him from them and at the same time be someone who needed him to heal her. Maybe in the guild he was the warrior and she was the healer, but in their personal relationship, he was the healer and she was the warrior.

She had finally gone down and he had come to heal her, knowing his own damage would be healed as well. But he was angry all the same, and knew that when she was healed, she would be also. She had already shown it - that the anger already burned brightly and very near the surface.

It would ignite and they would move to level three of this raid. The next level was wide and broad.

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They'd move slowly into new territory that she and Shiroe only had guesses on - educated ones, but still guesses. They would divide into intelligence gathering sub-groups again, then come together when it was done and put the plan on how to conquer the level together as a guild, then go and conquer it and move on to the next level, and the next, and the next until the final boss was defeated and the treasure won.

It was their way - the way of the Adventurer, the determination of the guild Log Horizon, the dream of the Guildmaster, the requirement of the soul of humanity. They were looking for the head to make roll and burn and scatter the ashes into space for Tetora and for every one of them.

There could be no other outcome to smother the flames of the anger. But even so, Nyanta knew that sometimes there was no outlet for the flames. The defenses of the city that disallowed Adventurers from fighting within city limits had been taken down because of a malfunction that had allowed someone to take over the armor that could defeat Adventurers. It had made everyone nervous to not have those defenses available, but since the Adventurers were defenders in their own right, so far they'd been able to protect themselves and the city just fine, and no one seemed particularly worried about it any more.

This made inner city practicing possible, and very convenient. Naotsugu was sitting on the couch, resting on his elbows, leaning forward on his knees. He looked up as they came in and nodded a welcome. Rudy noticed that Touya immediately checked himself. He gave a sober nod back, then turned to Rudy and said, "Let's go get cleaned up, eh, Rudy? It wasn't like they weren't already going to go do that.

It also wasn't that Touya said it any less boisterously than he'd said the last thing before they walked in. It was just a slight Rudy wasn't sure he understood it, but it made a different kind of change in him today. Today, it made him slightly angry.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship trust

Not enough for him to say no, but enough to set him just a little off. Not for the first time in the last several days, it made him keep his mouth shut. Normally, he was full of flair, expressive to the world because it was expressive to him - full of life and energy, the purpose of his song demanding an outlet, his drive and reason for living filling him to the brim so that he had to let it out for all the world to know.

Since Purrcy had come, through circumstances that demanded that she be aided and rescued from her plight, and rightly so, things had begun to change in Log Horizon. Those changes had somehow begun to make him feel angry, and he didn't like it. When Rudy arrived back down in the main gathering area after his bath and putting his things away, it wasn't any better.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship trust

In fact, it was probably worse. Naotsugu was now standing at the base of the tree that grew up through the center of their guild hall, with his arms folded. He'd been looking up, but he turned to watch Rudy walk down the last flight of stairs. When Rudy looked at him, he blinked and went back to looking up the tree.

Rudy almost stalked past him, but being trained since he was young to not act in ways that were inappropriate to the situation, he caught himself and just walked. He arrived at the seating area and paused again. Here, it was Tetora that was sitting in the couch, leaning back with his arms folded and his legs stretched out in front of him. His head was resting on the back of the couch, and his eyes were closed. Rudy looked 'him' up and down. This was not the pose 'she' should normally take.

It reeked of a man paying very close attention to something while at the same time taking a waiting pose, but to see it taken by the body of a tantalizing female was a juxtaposition that just didn't sit right - even if Tetora was now wearing pants and other clothing more suited to a male.

It was part of the general "not fitting right" that had been floating around the house for the last several days. He hadn't had to for so long now it felt stiff and not quite right. How are you this fine afternoon? Here, I've made tea.

Would you have some?