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being canadian essay chinese overpopulation problem essays cqd mark 2 type essay public document textual analysis essay general quotes to use in essays. Pecola's mother, also known as Polly and Mrs. Breedlove. The The Bluest Eye quotes below are all either spoken by Pauline Breedlove or refer to Pauline Breedlove. Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other The Bluest Eye quote. This chapter recounts Mrs. Breedlove's story. She grows Cholly is happy and their marriage improves, but Pauline is still lonely in their apartment. She takes.

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Pecola waits for the storefront apartment to erupt in violence, she whispers to herself, "Don't, Mrs. Breedlove inevitably sneezes, and as she promised, she starts the fight During the sexual act, Cholly makes awful noises like he is in pain, and Mrs.

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Breedlove remains completely quiet as if she was not even there. Pecola thinks maybe this is The Maginot Line tells them Pecola is at her mother's workplace, explaining that Mrs. Breedlove works at a house by the lake. She offers to let the girls wait with Breedlove's workplace, even though their mother might beat them for it. As they approach the house Breedlove finds the girls on the back porch, she tells them to come inside while she After a moment, the little girl asks where Polly is.

Claudia is insulted that the little white girl calls Mrs. Breedlove by her first Breedlove to come into the kitchen, Frieda notices a dish of berry cobbler on the stove She grows up as Pauline Williams, one of eleven children. At two years of age, Pauline impales her foot on Pauline begins to care for the house and two younger siblings, Chicken and Pie, after her The man, later revealed to be Cholly, approaches Pauline on the hottest day of the year, with yellow eyes and flaring nostrils.

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