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Haruma Miura (born April 5, ) is a Japanese actor and singer signed to Amuse, Inc.. Miura did a documentary show with Takeru Sato which was released as a DVD. In , they released a DVD of their eco-holiday in Sabah. Shipping, derived from the word “relationship,” is the “desire by fans for two or to Urban Dictionary, is your favorite relationship in a certain fandom. HaruTake, or Miura Haruma (三浦春馬) and Sato Takeru (佐藤 健), are. See more ideas about Takeru sato, Japanese drama and Rurouni kenshin. Japanese Boy, Japanese Models, Saitama, Haruma Miura .. 1st date My Arts, Adventure, Dating, Quotes, Fairy Tales, Relationships, .. at this page to find out more about this fantastical totem and symbol meaning of scorpion.

Far from being realistic, the characters bordered on loud theatrical mannerisms remember the blackboard scene and the incessant outbursts of hormonal rage?

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Frankly, it was painful to watch- and sometimes, inappropriately funny. Is like the cardiograph reading of an a mid level runner after a semi-vigorous round of practice.

Kano Ikuma Matsushige Yutaka as Kanou-san, a member of the Third-i, is hands down the best actor and despite his brazen looks, has a certain endearing charm about him. And in reality people die. The show does not deny it- not everyone can be saved, however innocent. Bad guys do get away. On the bright side, unlike shows that build on angst and self-torture, Bloody Monday, like most Japanese shows, is not about the death and mayhem.

Even in the worst of circumstances, it is not easy to wish death upon people. Polic officers are good shots, but they flinch when they shoot. And a high school kid can not pull the trigger on his friend even if she ruined his family.

I mean, how was Japan surviving without Fujimaru? Ah well, as long as I can drool at his unblemished face and the godly teen-smile…. Or was it because it knew Anzai was K and therefore should not be killed before the season finale? How did Orihara manage to put the virus on her lips and go around kissing people to death without swallowing some herself?

Why so hush-hush, man? Alright, major confusion here: If Takagi senior knew that Anzai was K and was going to shoot her anyway why make a ceremony out of it and haul her ass to a church to do it? So, finally J, the ruthless terrorist, just randomly decided to not let Japan blow up because it pissed him off that his little sister had one-upped him.

Way to go, brat. Does Japan actually have fancy white lockups for crazy people?

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If not, how come his revolver had no bullets in it? In fact, he always gets the supporting roles and being overshadowed by his leading co-stars. I remembered telling myself that I've seen this pretty face somewhere. This was probably around years back. During that whole time, I thought the actor was really, really cute without even knowing what I was watching.

I'll stop here with my weird rambling and let me rope you into the world of cross-dressing, crazy characters and bromances! This is Sato's first drama and unfortunately, it is quite trashy so I wouldn't really recommend it.

This is so bad that you can't help laughing about it. But hey, every actor has to start somewhere, right? Okay, so being possessed is definitely no laughing matter but Sato makes it fun and hilarious. Those who have watched Kamen Rider Den-O will be able to relate.

Miura Haruma + Takeru Sato = HaruTake: One of Japanese Entertainment One True Pairings!

This show got me in stitches and I admire Sato for being able to portray several characters in one show! He's like a chameleon in this tokusatsu. I'm halfway done with this drama, but I can't say much about Sato's character as is is rather small.

Sure, there are ten members in the baseball club him included and the whole show is basically about them, but the drama only focuses on about five members, leaving out the other half.

I can even count the number of lines that he had said throughout the five episodes I've watched. This is where it started. The drama that shot Miura Haruma to fame and the lovely bromance between him and Sato Takeru starts to blossom. Although this drama is full of shockers and plot twists, I'm a little disappointed in Sato's character because the makers didn't really let his character shine that much.

He's literally attached to Fujimaru Miura's character.

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I'm sure if the makers let Sato have a little more screen time and add more action, his name would definitely have been more popular, even before Rurouni Kenshin.

I didn't expect to fall in love with this drama as the plotline was already absurd. I put this off for so long until recently because I realised Sato's in it.