Sansa and tyrion relationship problems

sansa and tyrion relationship problems

If Sansa is to annul her marriage so she can marry Harry the Heir, people will find out where she is. and perhaps she'll have problems. In season 3, episode 8, "The Second Sons," Sansa marries Tyrion before Sansa's marriage to Ramsay was, unfortunately, non-consensually. Even in this situation, while Sansa's marriage to Tyrion could be annulled upon so it is unknown if this is an issue that ever comes up for them, rarely if at all.

Not until you want me to," he tells her, and when she asks how he'd react if she never wants to sleep with him, he toasts her with: Tyrion is the only one of Sansa's suitors to recognize and even celebrate her boundaries.

He admires her family. In one particularly touching scene during their marriage, Tyrion tells a grieving Sansa about how much he respected her parents and her brother Robb. Tyrion is also one of Jon Snow's biggest advocates, convincing Daenerys Targaryen to give Jon a chance and eventually helping solidify a powerful alliance between the two houses.

He makes her smile. Somebody who has endured as much pain and abuse as Sansa doesn't have much to smile about, but Tyrion is the cause of several rare instances when Sansa laughs and smiles. Even during one of the darkest periods of her life as Joffrey's prisoner in King's Landing, Tyrion knows how to make Sansa forget her sadness for a moment or two.

sansa and tyrion relationship problems

Tyrion does his best to protect Sansa. Even before they are wed, Tyrion sticks his neck out to protect Sansa. Most notably, when Joffrey has her stripped and beaten before a court of onlookers, Tyrion immediately puts a stop to the spectacle, covers a humiliated and frightened Sansa with his cloak, and gently escorts her from the hall.

They've both been jaded by love. Neither Sansa nor Tyrion have had it easy when it comes to romance. Tyrion, of course, is betrayed by his lover Shae.

He once says to Sansa: We're perfect for each other! They hold each other accountable.

The Only Man Worthy of Sansa's Love on Game of Thrones Is Tyrion Lannister

The night of their wedding, Sansa gently chides her drunken new husband when he reaches for more wine with: And he, too, holds her accountable; after the Red Wedding, when Sansa dissolves into depression and makes herself a target for Joffrey, Tyrion tells her: You know it's true. She won't be afraid to challenge him. As Lady of Winterfell, Sansa has been anything but meek when voicing her political opinions to Jon Snow.

She knows when her diplomatic ideas are right, and she is vocal about how things should be done. Were she and Tyrion to reunite, she would be able to counter his ideas with her own, debating about which course is the correct one. She understands his complex family dynamic. If anybody understands why Tyrion hates his own siblings, it's Sansa, who spends years with them at King's Landing.

While Daenerys questions Tyrion's loyalty to her own cause, wondering why he would leave Cersei and Jaime, Sansa would grasp the idea easily - Tyrion has always been different from the rest of the Lannister clan. Sansa, who is desperate to leave Winterfell begs Catelyn to make Ned agree to the engagement.

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Sansa, who was a witness, claims to Robert and Cersei that she did not know what happened. As retribution for Joffrey's injury, Cersei convinces Robert to have Sansa's direwolf, Lady, slaughtered in place of the missing Nymeria.

As time passes, Sansa begins to wear her hair like a southerner, and becomes rude towards Mordane, while also expressing fears that she will fail to give Joffrey a male heir.

Following Ned's initial resignation as hand of the king, Sansa is devastated to hear she has to return to Winterfell, in which she likens Joffrey to a lion, and that he was nothing like Robert Baratheon. This statement from Sansa inspires Ned to investigate the Baratheon family line, prompting him to realise that Cersei's children were bastards fathered by Jaime Lannister, not Robert Baratheon.

The Only Man Worthy of Sansa's Love on Game of Thrones Is Tyrion Lannister

Following Robert's death, and Ned's arrest for declaring Joffrey was not the true king, the entire Stark household in Kings Landing, with the exception of Sansa and Arya, are executed.

At court, Sansa pleads to Joffrey to show Ned mercy, in which he agrees on the condition Ned swears loyalty to Joffrey. Sansa is present at the Great Sept of Baelor, where she is initially confident Ned will be saved.

However, Sansa is horrified when Joffrey orders Ned's execution, and begs someone to intervene, before fainting as Ned is beheaded. Sansa, grieving the death of her father, is forced by Joffrey to look upon the spiked heads of both Ned and Septa Mordane. Sansa begs Joffrey to let her return home, but he informs Sansa that they are still to be married, and that she will stay and obey.

Joffrey also tells Sansa that he will give her Robb's head once he is defeated, in which she retorts that Robb will give her Joffrey's head instead.

While on the boardwalk, Sansa moves to push Joffrey to his death, but is stopped by Sandor Clegane, who warns her she will continue to be abused.

On Joffrey's name day celebration, Sansa saves an inebriated Ser Dontos Hollard from execution, convincing Joffrey to instead make Dontos his fool. While at the celebration, Tyrion offers his condolences for Ned's death, in which Sansa insists her family are all traitors and that she is loyal to Joffrey. Later on, when her eldest brother Robb wins a battle against the Lannisters, Sansa is publicly beaten and humiliated in front of the court by Joffrey and Ser Meryn on Joffrey's ordersas payment for her brother's crimes.

Tyrion Lannister enters the court and rescues Sansa. Despite being a dwarf, Tyrion takes pity on Sansa's situation, and offers to have the engagement called off. Sansa maintains her facade that she is loyal to Joffrey, which impresses Tyrion to the point of believing Sansa might just survive Kings Landing. Tyrion has his lover, Shae, positioned as Sansa's handmaiden. Sansa and Shae form a friendship, in which Sansa is able to vent about her hatred of the Lannisters without fear of being revealed.

sansa and tyrion relationship problems

Sansa is present when the royal family bids farewell to Joffrey's sister, Myrcella, on her departure to Dorne to form an alliance between the Lannisters and the Martells. While returning to the Red Keep, a riot breaks out in the streets of Kings Landing, amidst which Sansa finds herself caught in the fray. Three peasant men chase Sansa and attempt to rape her, before she is rescued and returned to the castle by Sandor Clegane.

The following morning, Sansa has a nightmare of the incident, and wakes up in a bloodstained bed. Sansa had flowered, which meant she could bear Joffrey children. Sansa and Shae attempt to conceal this, which involved Shae threatening to kill a witness handmaiden if she told anyone.

However, Sandor Clegane sees the blood, and both Cersei and Joffrey are informed. Cersei invites Sansa to her chambers to share some of her wisdom and experience as a wife and a mother. Cersei reminisces that her husband Robert was not interested in her giving childbirth.

sansa and tyrion relationship problems

Cersei explains to Sansa that while Sansa may never love Joffrey and vice versashe will love his children. Cersei warns Sansa that the more people she loves, the weaker she will be. Therefore, Sansa should only love her children, as it is the only love she has no choice in. Before the battle of the Blackwater, Joffrey forces Sansa to kiss the blade of his sword, while bragging he will kill Stannis himself. Sansa implicitly taunts Joffrey by remarking he must be battling in the vanguard which of course he would not be.

Joffrey responds to this by insisting Sansa will kiss the blade again with Stannis' blood on it. During the battle, Sansa takes refuge with Cersei, Shae and the other women and children of Kings Landing.

A drunk Cersei openly torments Sansa and the women. She does this by explaining that if the city falls, they will all be raped and have bastards in their bellies come morning. Cersei continues her taunting by also telling Sansa that tears are not the only weapons women have; the greatest weapon they own are between their legs.

Following Cersei's departure from the refuge with Tommen, Sansa leaves to hide in her bedchamber, where she finds Sandor Clegane. Sandor, about to leave Kings Landing, offers to take Sansa home.

Game of Thrones (S03E05) - Tywin, Tyrion and Cersei discussing marriages

Sansa declines, insisting Stannis would not harm her. After the battle is won by the Lannister-Tyrell forces, Loras Tyrell asks Joffrey to take his sister, Margaery, as his bride.

sansa and tyrion relationship problems

Joffrey accepts the proposal, which annuls his marriage with Sansa. Sansa, while pretending to be devastated, is secretly delighted she no longer has to marry Joffrey.

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However Petyr Baelish warns that while Sansa is no longer engaged, Joffrey would have greater rein to abuse Sansa, especially now she is a woman. Petyr assures Sansa he will help get her home, in which Sansa once again displays a facade, asserting Kings Landing is her home.

Petyr advises Sansa that everyone in Kings Landing is a liar, and that they are much more cunning at it than her.

Season 3[ edit ] With her engagement to Joffrey annulled, Sansa does not have to worry about spending the rest of her life with him, but is with lesser protection from tormentors.

Petyr Baelish, an old friend of her mother's with a reputation for being sadistic and cunning, tells her that he can smuggle her out of the city, but she is reluctant. Sansa finds a friend in Loras Tyrell, who is kind to her and whom she hopes will ask for her hand. His sister, Joffrey's new fiance, Margaery, is also kind to her and takes her to dine with her grandmother, Olenna Tyrell, who asks her for her opinion of Joffrey.

Sansa reveals Joffrey's true, cruel personality, but Margaery and Lady Olenna merely pass it by as a trivial matter, saying there is nothing to be done to change a man's character, especially a king's. Sansa's affection for Loras grows, unaware that Loras is gay and, while he likes her and enjoys spending time with her, can never love her.

Margaery proposes the idea that Loras will marry Sansa, meaning Sansa can leave King's Landing, which she is overjoyed at.

sansa and tyrion relationship problems

But when this is reported to the Lannisters, they fear that the Tyrells will pose an even greater threat with a member of House Stark as one of their allies, and quickly end the idea of the engagement, betrothing Loras to Cersei and engaging Sansa to Tyrion, which both Sansa and Shae are against.

However, the day of the wedding, Tyrion promises not to harm her and, as she prepares to consummate the marriage, Tyrion realizes how unhappy she is and tells her that she doesn't have to consummate it unless she wants to. When Sansa asks Tyrion what would happen if she never wants him in her bed he quips "And so my watch begins. However, their cordial relationship suffers a crushing blow when Sansa receives news of Robb and Catelyn's death at the Red Wedding, an event orchestrated by Tywin Lannister, Tyrion's father.

Season 4[ edit ] Sansa, still distraught over the death of Robb and Catelyn, is approached by Dontos Hollard, a former knight whom Sansa had convinced Joffrey to make his fool instead of executing him. Dontos gives her a necklace, claiming it was his mother's. However, the necklace turns out to be a fake; one of the gems contains poison, which Lady Olenna Tyrell uses to poison Joffrey at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell.

Baelish smuggles Sansa from King's Landing after both revealing the nature of the necklace and having Dontos killed by crossbow. Lysa initially invites them with open arms, revealing she knows exactly who her niece is, and they are welcome to be housed.

It is soon revealed however, Lysa mistrusts the relationship between Sansa and Baelish accusing Baelish of violating Sansa and accusing him of never loving her. Later in the keep, Sansa strikes Lysa's son Robin and Baelish appears. Baelish then proclaims his undying love for her deceased mother, Catelyn, and he shares a kiss with a stunned Sansa, with Lysa watching from above. Sansa is immediately summoned to Lysa's throne room, where she believes she had been summoned for striking her son.

Lysa reveals she had observed the kiss, and though defending herself and Baelish's actions against her, Lysa holds her to the Moon Door, a trap door that leads hundreds of feet down into the mountains below.

Baelish intervenes before she gets the chance to execute Sansa and pushes Lysa to her death instead as he proclaimed his love for her sister. Then Baelish later claimed to the lords of the Vale that she committed suicide.