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The Kurt-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Hevans or Kum, is the friendship and a brief one-way crush between Kurt Hummel and Sam Evans. Trivia A romantic Rachel and Finn watch Sam's motel, to see if Quinn is cheating on him with Sam. Instead, they see Kurt leaving .. Quinn Fabray · BrittSam • 4 hours. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Explores Sam and Quinn's relationship, their history together and their future. WHO: Sam Evans, Quinn Fabray, Stevie Evans, Stacey Evans, Sam's parents . he knew she could ask him the same questions about Santana.

Never Been Kissed Sam offers Quinn a promise ring. Quinn initially says that he is freaking her out, and says, "We've known each other for six weeks! Quinn is shown multiple times denying that she is dating Sam, and Finn says to Sam when they are in the locker rooms together, "Seeing as you can't even get Quinn to be your girlfriend" when they are discussing popularity, to which Sam replies, "I'm working on it. Sam gets a black eye, and Quinn is seen holding an ice pack to him in the choir room, and remarking that it's "actually kind of hot.

They are seen dancing together happily during Just the Way You Are. At the end of the episode, Quinn approaches Sam by his lockers to tell give him Arnica for his bruise.

She shows that she is wearing his promise ring, and explains that she broke into his locker with a nail file to get it. After Quinn leaves, Sam jumps in the air, happy that Quinn accepted the ring. They are later seen sitting closely in the choir room when Kurt announces that he is moving to Dalton.

Furt Rachel refers to Sam and Quinn as 'Ken and Barbie,' which Quinn remarks that Rachel "used to be sort of obnoxious, but now I pretty much want to punch you every time you open your mouth," which is met with a laugh from Sam. They are later seen sitting together, smiling during Kurt's performance with the Warblers. Later in the episode, before performing their duet of I've Had The Time of My LifeQuinn remarks the last time she was in the green room, she went into labor and said she was having post dramatic stress.

Sam comforts her and persuades her that their performance will go well. Before they are about to go on, behind the curtain, Sam tells Quinn she looks beautiful. They sing their duet and seem happy when they get through to regionals. Special Education Sam and Quinn interacted with each other mainly during the episode. They wrapped presents together, decorated side by side and stood next to each other both times when they were decorating the tree.

It is shown that Quinn still wears her promise ring given by Sam. Quinn and Sam are later seen kissing by the lockers under the mistletoe Sam is holding. A Very Glee Christmas Quinn gets in a fight with Finn as he is mad that she chose the cheerios and he calls her weak. Sam is quick to defend Quinn as he begins to yell at Finn, which Quinn says she thinks is hot. However, Finn and Quinn share a look during the big football game after Finn makes a speech to Quinn, Santana, and Brittany of why they should be in glee club and quit the Cheerios.

Quinn cheats on Sam by kissing Finn in the hallway after the big game saying his speech reminded her why she loved him. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle They are mostly seen together during this episode as the main plot is about their relationship.

They are seen talking to each other while Finn is thinking about Quinn. Quinn later is talking to Finn at his kissing booth and they look close, but they don't know that Sam is watching from afar.

Sam says to Quinn when he is explaining that he thinks something is going down between her and Finn, "Everyone thinks I'm dumb. Sam watches as they kiss, but he doesn't see that both Quinn and Finn see fireworks. Quinn tells Finn to meet her in the auditorium after this kiss. When she meets with Finn in the auditorium, as she is still unsure of whom to choose and she is wearing her ring that Sam gave her.

She admits that she "thinks" she loves Sam and asks Finn, if you can love two people at once to which Finn responds, "Not completely. Quinn and Finn both come down with mono because of Santana's meddling and Sam is left to wonder why Quinn and Finn are the only people who had come down with the disease.

Santana remarks that what really helps to spread it is "a bit of tongue," but Sam is confused as when he had watched Quinn and Finn kiss at the booth and it was only a peck.

At Breadstix, Santana waves at Sam as he smiles in return, foreshadowing their relationship, and it is possible he believed Santana when she hinted that Quinn was cheating on him.

Silly Love Songs Sam has a voice over at the start of the episode and he states that ever since Quinn got mono she has been acting strange. Sam feels that Quinn is "pulling away" and tries to win her back by starting The Justin Bieber Experience. Quinn tells Sam she saved Finn from choking on a gumball to explain coming down with mono. She tells Finn that Sam is an artist and it really turns her on.

Santana offers to be Sam's "mistress" saying that he is only believing Quinn because he wants to. Quinn later comes up to Sam's locker and asks Sam about their date, Sam finally admits to himself that Quinn really did kiss Finn and he confirms this to himself as he says, "You can't look me in the eye, and tell me you didn't make out with Finn" to her.

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She says she wants to be with him. As he breaks up with Quinn he mutters "Oel ngati kameie" "I love you" in Na'vi. Sam also tells Quinn that he has started dating Santana. Quinn has tears in her eyes and in the background the last couple of words from Baby play slowly.

In glee club Sam and Santana are sitting together and Quinn stares sadly. Santana and Brittany were best friends and, as it turns out, occasional friends with benefits. In season two, Santana realized that she was a lesbian and loved Brittany. The two got back together in season three but broke up again when they both realized that they wanted different things. Eventually, Santana and Brittany reunited and stayed together until they were married.

Rivera and Morris had a lovely amount of chemistry together over the series. Brittany and Santana definitely seemed like a couple that would end up together one day.

The handsome and ambitious Brody and Rachel struck up a flirtation which blossomed into a relationship. Then things got uncomfortable. They moved too fast when Brody moved in with Rachel and Kurt. The pair just never fit right together. Geyer had insane chemistry with Kate Hudson, but he and Michele just never quite clicked.

Even though it largely accomplished that, some of the members of New Directions 3.

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Spencer Porter Marshall Williamsthe openly gay jock, definitely had a lot of cockiness and a brusque personality. Still, watching him swoon over a boy he likes was totally adorable. Spencer freely going after his crush definitely signaled a change.

They did, however, have a relationship. The whole thing was a terrible situation for all involved. Unique felt like she had no other way to be her authentic self and Ryder ended up hurt for it. Due to tradition, however, the group did not accept her. During the course of the season, Mason and Jane had a sweet little flirtation going on.

In the series finale, Jane and Mason were quite cozy with each other. Ultimately, they were a non-entity. The impact they had on the show was minimal at best-- it just felt like filler. James With the tragic passing of Cory Monteith, the ending of Glee needed some rewriting. Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele always had excellent chemistry together, even way back in season one. In the auditorium, Blaine plays on the piano, as Sam and Rachel look astounded.

Rachel thanks him for taking time to help them.

Blaine, dumbfounded, starts the lesson, as Rachel and Sam sit. Blaine observes how its very unlike her, taking her smile of her face. He starts to teach them the notes, as Sue comes down from above, from a construction lifter. Sue states how she fell asleep when Blaine talked. She stops, as Becky presses a button. Rachel states how she has no business there. Sue says how she thought the exact same thing, when Rachel came back.

Blaine decides to reschedule, but Rachel protests. Later in the choir room, Rachel plays on the piano, as Sam comes in. She tells her thank you for being so supportive with her through this and tell her she had it all along. They then sing Thousand Miles. At the end of the performance, they kiss.

The following day, in the hallway, Sam talks to his football students and Rachel walks up to him. She straightway says she needs to ask him something about their kiss. Sue later on hypnotize Sam again making him steal Will's mail making him saying Rachel told him to do it. Sam dances along to it but Rachel looks annoyed and worried of their performance.

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He stares the locker watch once again, being hypnotized again. In the choir room, Rachel sees Sam walk in, with the setlist. He states how, as her future husband, she needs him to do that, and tries to kiss her.

She snaps her fingers, which wakes Sam up. He apologizes to her. He goes through them, looking confused. He tells her its a conversation starter, when she asks if he always does that. He questions her if their date is still, to which they both reply to each other hastily, and decide to move it to that afternoon. When she passes Sam, he also begins to sing with her, walking the opposite away.

In the courtyard that afternoonin different places, they walk to each other, passing couples dancing, as walk to each other. They reach other and then look at each other uncomfortably.

At the end of the song, they walk away, cancelling their date. The next day, Sam and Rachel both walk up to each other, both apologizing about blowing their date off. Sam states how he does a little feeling for her, but still likes Mercedes. Rachel states that she also likes him, but tells him she has to look after her kids.

Sam, remembering, states he has to go, to teach his health class, rushing away, saying he loves her. She says it too, without thinking. In the staff room, Mercedes talks to Rachel about what's going on with her and Sam. Rachel, surprised that she knows, asks who told her. Mercedes informs her that Kurt did. Mercedes states that she does love Sam, but their just friends, reminding her of the conversation they had saying she needs to get back into the game but Rachel replies saying she will think about it.

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Later on Mercedes tells Sam that she is seeing a guy name Tank and he needs to move on and go out with Rachel telling him she needs him to heal her heart. She thanks him ands calls him very sweet. In the end of the episode, their was a celebration in Will 's house, Sam and Rachel seems to be cozy up with each other flirting and talking about stuff. What the World Needs Now At the beginning of this episode Rachel finds out her childhood home is being sold.

Later at the school she tells Samhe tries to comfort her but it didn't work. Artie brings out a wheel and Sam whispers, 'not me because I told you I wanna do my duet with Rachel, I can't take any chances'.

During Mercedes and Roderick 's performance Sam and Rachel were seen talking about something then seen walking upstairs. Rachel says how all her best memories are on that wall.

She states how she dreamt, as a child, of having photos with all her favorite stars, but says how that meeting them her friendsfilled up the wall with reality.