Rurouni kenshin trust and betrayal ending relationship

The Beginning (and End) of A Legend; Tsuiokuhen. | Isn't It Electrifying?

rurouni kenshin trust and betrayal ending relationship

I see Kenshin OVA Trust/Betrayal as a movie and recommend every movie fan to you learn about life even more, you should see Rurouni Kenshin Tsuiokuhen. everybody dies either, but the storyline is also twisted but it fits in at the end. . it's characters and develop their respective relationships, in fact very little time is. Anime: Rurouni Kenshin Tsuioku-hen/Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal exploring his relationship with his first lover, the mysterious Yukishiro Tomoe. only to be bitten in the assess at the end of it all, or in this case “betrayed”. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal, known in Japan as Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku- hen (るろうに scar and exploring his relationship with a woman named Yukishiro Tomoe. As the Tokugawa shogunate is nearing its end, Kenshin has his first.

I think Kenshin's a great story Romantic Tales of the Meiji Era. If you read the comic book, Kenshin doesn't die at the end like in the 2nd OAV. However, together, the anime and Maiga make the story great.

rurouni kenshin trust and betrayal ending relationship

It's really intended to give a sense of the emotions of this one man. Every character along the way has some sort of tragedy surrounding his or her life.

rurouni kenshin trust and betrayal ending relationship

Kenshin's parents and 2 brothers died of cholera when he was young and he was sold by his relatives as a sort of slave. Everyone who cares about him or who he cares for seems to be killed. He tries to help the world through the use of his sword skills learned from the egotistical-but-truly-loving Hiko.

Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen! Please explain

Kenshin tried to bring about a more peaceful and democratic era in Japan as a hired assassin. It wasn't that he was mean. It was that he was just so innocent and didn't understand the ways of the world. He was too honest.

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Kenshin killed to try to save the oppressed. In doing so, he really wasn't pleased. It brought back to Kenshin a thought that he had expressed to Hiko before he began his apprenticeship with the sword. After a few months, Tomoe's brother Enishi comes to visit and secretly reveals to his sister that the shogunate agents assigned to track down and kill Kenshin are close by, and that her revenge will be complete. Tomoe sends Enishi off, feeling ill at ease.

rurouni kenshin trust and betrayal ending relationship

It is here that Tomoe realizes that she has fallen in love with Kenshin. Kenshin, too, is in love with Tomoe. The next morning, Tomoe leaves the house and tries to deceive the shogunate men into giving up their pursuit of Kenshin and unsuccessfully attempts to kill their leader. After Tomoe's disappearance, Kenshin is visited by a comrade who tells him that the spy was Tomoe and that she is meeting at that moment with her co-conspirators. Kenshin, however, is unaware that it is this man who is the real spy.

As Kenshin and Tomoe begin to heal slowly in the mountains, the precedence of these images grows stronger.

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The camera focuses on their tender hands, wielding crops and letting them grow. Silhouettes stand solemnly against the snowy winter landscape, huddling together near a fire in their small house. These are two human beings who have committed their own share of wrongs and look to each other not as just a safe haven but as exact reminders of what they have lost and gained in the process of loving.

rurouni kenshin trust and betrayal ending relationship

And for a while, it is almost happy. Furuhashi, much like Ikuhara, is fascinated by body language and hands. Rarely seen in the first parts of the OVA, he leaves plenty of unspoken moments between Tomoe and Kenshin up to the audience to interpret in their own fashion while exploring their sad but poignant relationship. But of course, happiness does not last in Greek tragedies.

Tomoe attempts to solve her problems through bargaining, but loses her life. And Kenshin in turn, loses the one person who showed him a fair amount of kindness in order to regain his old assassin identity. The landscape in this scene is barren and cold, making the loss as poetic as it is devastating.

And thus, it leaves us with the same words that marked that transformation: So no, I did not get what I expected. This is a piece of the ages, not to be missed.