Rukia and ichigo relationship 2013 tx68

Bleach: Were [SPOILER'S] Marriages Always Meant To Be?

rukia and ichigo relationship 2013 tx68

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rukia and ichigo relationship 2013 tx68

Add action scenes, rock, multicultural roots and an interesting design, and you get a memorable anime. Bleach was originally prized by no other than Akira Toriyama, when its creator, Tite Kubo, was trying to publish it. It was eventually serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump. The adventures of the Shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki were quickly followed by an anime, OAVs, movies, rock musicals and video games.

Tite Kubo has stated that the characters of Bleach are central to the story. Ichigo was created specifically to make a contrast with Rukia, from the roots of his orange hair to his manly demeanor.

Yet, both characters have strong personalities which interweave during their adventures in the Human world and in the Soul society, where they team up to confront powerful spirits.

Thus, they have had their share of epic moments, sad moments and happy moments together. In sum, Ichigo and Rukia have an interesting relationship going on, which we can not wait to explore in this article. So, would you like to come with us to the world of Bleach and its most famous Shinigami couple: Because Ichigo is a natural born protector. Episode This is a shounen manga, so a guy is expected to be the lead here. The first thing we notice about Ichigo is his stern look.

Is he always angry? It could look like it, as Ichigo is impulsive and short-tempered. Oh yes, this guy bursts into orange flames easily, but there is another central characteristic in him. It turns out that Ichigo had a strong, warm and positive relationship with his mother. After the family grew with two sisters, Ichigo decided to join a dojo to protect them too. Told you, Ichigo is sweet despite his looks. Perhaps one of the reasons Ichigo is capable of seeing spirits is because he is way too empathic.

Ichigo might look like trouble, but he truly cares for other people and thus does not think it twice to risk his life for the sake of others when he becomes a Shinigami.

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Of course he also goes the extra mile to protect Rukia! Ichigo is a real natural born protector! Because Rukia is not your average girl.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2013 tx68

Rukia is not your average girl, not even your average Shinigami girl. Bleach polls always top her high in the popular character rankings. Rukia had a leading personality since she was very young, as she was abandoned by her mother in the realm of the dead, but Rukia found some boys to live with. As their natural leader, Rukia also had thought that all of them would become Shinigami and enter the Shino Academy.

There, Rukia worked hard to proof that she was talented despite being an orphan.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2013 tx68

Hard work paid off, and some years later, Rukia was the lieutenant of the 13th Division under Captain Jushiro Ukitake. Although, Rukia also has a comical side, which manifests when she is in the Human world with Ichigo. Because they had to learn how to team up. Ichigo even kicked Rukia because he thought she was going to steal from him, but Rukia explained who she was and her purpose of coming to the Human world to train.

  • Bleach: Were [SPOILER'S] Marriages Always Meant To Be?

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[Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Ichigo and Rukia are our Favorite Shinigami Couple

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