Rukia and byakuya relationship goals

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rukia and byakuya relationship goals

Byakuya and Rukia.. awwww:) They're probably one of my favorite sibling duos Byakuya x Hisana Bleach Anime, Doujinshi, Scarlet, Relationship Goals. Byakuya wants Rukia for himself but Ichigo won't give up so easily. Can he save Rukia from an abusive relationship? What's the secret with. First and most obviously, if Byakuya was unaware that Hisana had a them, even if Byakuya and Rukia weren't aware of their relation. .. Iba: Not as fast as some of our contestants, but he moves with such incredible purpose.

Byakuya wants Rukia for himself but Ichigo won't give up so easily. Can he save Rukia from an abusive relationship? What's the secret with Rukia and Orihime O. D I promise you'll love it. You read the summary and I hope you enjoy it.

She guessed she was lucky. Ichigo was trying to hold back today. Any other day, by this time, she would be lying limply in a corner with broken bones.

Ichigo stomped towards her with a menacing glare. She slowly back into the corner fearfully. You seem to have enough energy to spend my money with that tramp Orihime so I sure you have some now. Rukia let out another howl of pain as her longtime boyfriend dragged her up the stairs kicking and screaming.

Kicking open the door he threw her mercilessly on the bed. Her eyes were wide as he completely undressed himself revealing his full erection. When Ichigo advanced forward she started to move away from him on the bed only to have him grab her small legs and yank her back towards him. In a swift motion Rukia's top was ripped open leaving her pink bra exposed. She placed her hands on his shoulder as if to push him back. Her hands were simply knocked out of the way. Rukia could feel her skirt being pulled down and she knew there was no way to stop it.

She sat there helplessly as the man who claimed he loved her removed every piece of clothing on her petite body. Ichigo crashed his mouth into hers as he effortlessly forced open her mouth and invaded every part of her, barely leaving her room to breathe.

One hand cupped her breast while the other was occupied with Ichigo's mouth as he swirled his tongue around the soft nipple. Another cry could be heard as Ichigo bit down leaving yet another bruise. Not wasting any time he thrusts himself inside of her and continuously rammed in and out. The movements were fast and rough and Rukia's body could hardly take it.

This was not the way a couple was supposed to have sex. It was supposed to be an experience both enjoyed. Instead, it was one sided and Rukia was truly unwilling.

Moments later Rukia felt his seed spill into her and he pulled himself out, releasing a loud moan that made Rukia's blood curl in disgust.

Almost immediately after he left the room the shower could be heard in the other room. It wasn't supposed to be like this. She was supposed to be happy, to be treated like a queen. Unfortunately she was the exact opposite to the orange-haired man. To him she was nothing more than an object he could do anything he pleased with. This is the fourth time she was forced into sex by Ichigo and it was only Tuesday. But it wasn't always like this. For the first few months of their relationship Ichigo was the nicest guy she ever met.

He worshipped her, showered her with gifts and affection. She didn't know what happened to Ichigo when he snapped one day last year and hit her hard in the face. Tears stained her face and the carpet as they flowed freely. But he didn't care and kept hitting her, leaving multiple wounds all over her body.

She had been to the hospital multiple times since that incident. Ichigo wasn't a fool. He had enough decency not to hit her publicly and shame her. On the outside they were the happiest couple in the world, but when they returned home, Ichigo was the monster she feared.

Rukia lifted her weak body and curled into a ball on the bed, not even bothering to put on any clothes. Slowly pulling the covers over herself she drifted off into an uncomfortable sleep letting one last tear hit the pillow.

The bruise on her face wasn't that noticeable now. Ichigo was out of the house and she admired the peace in her home now. She had hope that after yesterday things would be better. She decided while she could to slip out of the house to get something to eat. Staying there only brought back painful memories. Orihime was still single and very happy. Normally Rukia would ask why but she already knew. Her other friend Uryuu was constantly keeping Orihime under his protection making sure guys didn't take advantage of her.

Rukia secretly wished she had this. Orihime skipped away happily and returned later with Rukia's food. As hungry as she was she quickly gobbled down the food and said her goodbyes. She silently prayed that he wouldn't turn out like Ichigo and she wouldn't end up like herself.

While looking in the window Rukia never saw the man coming up behind her and thus he snatched her purse. She began running after him only to see him getting farther and farther from sight.

In spite of that she kept running. Ichigo would surely punish her again for losing his money. A nearby man saw the whole thing and walked silently in the alley where the purse snatcher was currently empting the young woman's purse. Normally he wouldn't do such a thing and just walk away. Instead he found himself standing right behind the man who still didn't notice his presence.

He just hated scum like this who took advantage of women. He swooped low and swept the man's feet from under him and when he fell to the ground, gave him a swift punch to the face knocking him out cold.

Rukia quickly rounded the alley and saw the most handsome man she'd ever seen picking up her money and cosmetics and placing them back in back in her purse. Her heavy breathing caused the man to turn and hand her back her purse. His voice was soothing yet hard. She stretched out her shaking hands and grabbed her purse making the mistake of looking at his face because at once his eyes widened.

She could tell he noticed the bruise on her face. Rukia clutched her purse to her chest and quickly looked down. Rukia flung herself down on the couch and cried, cursing Ichigo over and over again until the crying subsided. That was so embarrassing for someone to notice. She relaxed herself until she fell into a deep sleep before she heard a knock at the door.

Not realizing what time it was she rose off the couch thinking that Ichigo had left his key and couldn't get in.

rukia and byakuya relationship goals

After rubbing her tired eyes she opened the door when they widened. I do believe you dropped this. Good thing too, it was her I. Would you like anything to drink? After preparing the tea she set it in front of him and took a seat across from her visitor. They sat in an awkward silence before Rukia spoke up.

Byakuya wished the girl in front of him would lift up her head so he could look into her unique violet eyes. She couldn't bring herself to look in those beautiful grey eyes.

He heard her breath hitch for a moment before Rukia could speak. I don't know why I ran off. It was at that moment that he dedicated his life to finding out why. Ukitake—" He began but was cut off by the sound of the door slamming open.

Byakuya took note of how Rukia flinched when her name was called. He wondered who would act it such a rude manner. The rage inside of him filled as he jumped to conclusions. Before Byakuya could answer Rukia shot up and ran to his side.

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He's my cousin and he was just visiting from out of town. Byakuya took note of the fear in her voice. He looks a little too noble to be family of yours. Even though Rukia had lied on him he wasn't angry at her. Instead, he was angry at the guy that was forcing her to lie on him. Rukia and I were just catching up. He could feel her tense immediately before slightly relaxing. Rukia released a grateful sigh.

She didn't think he would go along with her little lie. She expected him to call her out and say he had not met her before today. She was eternally grateful. Well I'll walk you to the door. Byakuya turned suddenly getting an idea. I will be here tomorrow at one as planned to pick you up.

He got a certain pleasure watching Ichigo's brows furrow. Where is she going? Rukia and I are going to spend some time catching up at my manor tomorrow. Rukia made sure to watch him until he faded from her sight. When she closed the door she was greeted by Ichigo's fist. She plummeted to the floor with a cry.

Tears welled up in her face as she searched for an answer. Rukia should have seen this coming. He was too calm for her likes when Byakuya was here and the jealousy was obvious in his voice. And just how do I know you're not fucking your "cousin"? Was he that paranoid to think Rukia would fool around with a relative?

Even though Byakuya was not her cousin and she actually did want to fool around with him, Ichigo did not have to know this. I'm gonna make sure you're not messing with him. He pulled Rukia back into his chest and wrapped his arms around her front. I've got something better in mind. Pulling them down, he came closer. He grabbed her face and brought it closer to his waiting member.

Rukia reluctantly took it in her hands and put her mouth around his large member. She slowly pumped his shaft in and out of her mouth hearing him moan in pleasure. Byakuya finally made it home after leaving the home of Rukia Ukitake. He now regretted not taking a car. Once he made it inside three servants came and kneeled in front of him. He never bothered with names.

He must have sat there for hours thinking about her. You're bruised and afraid of your boyfriend. Because of your fear of him you lie to him.

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It's very clear he's abusive and I bet you're being beaten right this moment. He folded his arms and leaned back in his chair. I will save you. It wasn't a very busy Tuesday. Orihime watched her friend from the kitchen before deciding to try and cheer her up. Is it Ichigo again?

All I see is the perfect boyfriend. Rukia could only give a soft, sad chuckle at her friend's ignorance. What you need is one of my triple layered strawberry shortcakes! The petite girl sat on a chair and took one bite of her cake before putting it down with a sigh.

Not knowing what else to do Orihime pulled her friend up and sat in the chair making Rukia straddle her. The red head ran her hands from Rukia's neck making her way down her back and slowly groping her behind while planting light kisses along her neck.

Rukia released a soft moan, shocking herself. She knew what they were doing was wrong and besides the fact that Orihime was a girl, she was her best friend. But what she was doing made Rukia completely forget about Ichigo and it saddened Rukia that she felt more love with a girl that with her own boyfriend.

Orihime lifted her mouth from Rukia's neck and brought it to her mouth and Rukia allowed her inside without protest. Rukia was too stunned to respond to her advances but that didn't stop Orihime. The red head's tongue traced around Rukia's, flicking and swirling eliciting more moans from Rukia. In one motion Rukia found herself on the ground with her friend on top of her.

Orihime rubbed her large breasts seductively against Rukia's and her hands traveled up her skirt, stopping in the inside of her thigh. She made careful strokes to relax Rukia. When she heard Rukia sigh she removed her hand and traced the outline of Rukia's form. Orihime found her curvier than she first thought. More moans escaped Rukia as she forced herself to remain still. Orihime lifted up Rukia's shirt over her head and unclipped the small, pink bra.

Running a smooth hand over both Rukia's breast she gently licked one of the nipples. She put one hand back under Rukia's skirt and ran a finger over her clit earning her a gasp.

Rukia could barely take the pressure and put one hand on Orihime's waist while the other one groped her. She made a note to copy Orihime and ran her hand over the other's clit. Rukia took Orihime and rolled the larger girl under her, straddling her. It was Orihime's turn to gasp as Rukia pulled her shirt and bra off and gently squeezed her breasts.

While Rukia was hovering above her Orihime wrapped her arms around Rukia's back to bring her down and took one of Rukia's breasts in her mouth and sucked hard. Not one to be outdone, while Rukia was distracted by her sucking, Orihime took the opportunity to roll Rukia back under her and began grinding her hardly.

The pressure put on her caused Rukia to throb with pleasure. Orihime slipped off Rukia and spread her legs further apart as she took off Rukia's underwear. Deciding to take another route, she helped her friend up.

Rukia was now out of control as she wrapped her legs around Orihime's waist with her arms around her neck and smashed their lips together. She grabbed her hair and buried her tongue in the carrot tops mouth as their tongues danced wildly. Orihime laid her across the counter and got back on top.

rukia and byakuya relationship goals

She ground her hips into the raven heads open thighs getting a gasp in return. Orihime got down off the counter and moved in between Rukia's legs.

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She dipped down and ran her tongue down Rukia's wet and ready vagina. Orihime dipped in and out of the opening. Orihime only giggled and ran her tongue gently across her friends opening again. She immediately took a shower, brushed her teeth, and put on some fresh clothes. Rukia looked at the clock and gasped.

Before she could reach the door a hand shot out and roughly grabbed her wrist. He was supposed to be at work. Byakuya carefully opened the passenger side door for Rukia and then made his way to his seat. The drive was silent for about ten minutes until Rukia spoke up. She hadn't been expecting to be asked her reason for lying. I told your boyfriend that story to get you out of that house for a day. Byakuya saw no reason to hide anything from her. Byakuya pulled up in front of his house and parked the car.

Rukia looked up at the house in awe. It was freakin HUGE! Rukia was sure that this guy was rich. I am no fool. It is very obvious to me when a woman is being abused. Rukia's faced burned a deep red. She stepped out of the car and into his home. Rukia found it amazing that he had servants to carry out his every whim. All it took was for me to see that bruise on your face that led me to believe you had been mistreated.

However, my suspicions had been confirmed after meeting your boyfriend. How often does this happen to you? She couldn't embarrass herself by seeming helpless. He a good person he just has his bad days sometimes. Byakuya got up and walked over to her. Tucking his hand on her chin, he lifted her face to look him in the eyes. Rukia blushed as she looked into the dark grey orbs. He closed his eyes and sighed.

rukia and byakuya relationship goals

Now let's try again. As dinner was served Rukia decided to change the subject. This house is so big it looks like fifty people live here! I have no living relatives. It was impossible that you should know that. It must get lonely. That was the largest banking company in Japan. I heard only the best get accepted to work there. What else have you heard?

If he asked anyone else they would probably tell him some sugar coated tales about how great the company is. But what if Hisana never told Byakuya that she had a sister? What would be different about Bleach then?


First and most obviously, if Byakuya was unaware that Hisana had a sister, then Rukia would not be adopted into his clan. Adopting a woman just because she bears an unexplained and uncanny resemblance to your late wife is hella creepy. I heard Byakuya is adopting! Why would he do that? And for some reason this seems very sad. Byakuya would not swear any oaths. And since Byakuya did not go against his clan rules by adopting another peasant into his household, he would not feel morally obligated to swear any mutually exclusive oaths.

Father…Mother…I adopted a puppy today. And that is really all the news I have. Rukia would finish soul reaper school. Rukia was pulled out of soul reaper school early, thanks to Byakuya adopting her. Which was very sad for both of them, and seemed to give Renji some major anger problems. Peasant solidarity, and all of that. So, um, where are you living after graduation, Rukia?

Or we could rent an apartment together! It would be like a sitcom! Rukia would obtain a seated officer position much more quickly. So with no Byakuya, Rukia would undoubtedly have gotten a seated officer position much more quickly. Over my dead body, Rukia!

Why are you looking at me like that?