Rosa parks and martin luther king jr relationship

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rosa parks and martin luther king jr relationship

By Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jeanne Theoharis This is the second entry of our Montgomery Bus Boycott Turns 60 Series. About two months. Two historical figures that I think are very important are Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. These historical figures have many things in. What arose in Parks on that fateful evening was her belief in what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., often said: that 'some of us must bear the burden of trying to save .

The boycott ultimately led the U. Supreme Court to outlaw racial segregation on public buses in Alabama. It also spurred more non-violent protests in other cities and catapulted a young Baptist minister named Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Look at Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks

The movement and the laws it prompted, including the Civil Rights Act of and the Voting Rights Act ofare one of the greatest social revolutions in modern American history. Capitol, where she is honored alongside past presidents, members of Congress, and military leaders.

If we travel back in time to the December evening in when Rosa Parks boarded that city bus, we can begin to glimpse just why her courage was so extraordinary.

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We know from her account of the event that she made her defiant decision in an instant. It took tremendous courage. But it took even more courage for her to stand by her decision in the minutes, days, and years that followed. To understand why, board bus No. That very bus, painstakingly restoredis now parked inside Henry Ford Museum, and open to everyone.

Enter through the front door and picture the scene from years ago: See the overhead light shining down on the green-cushioned seat in the middle?

rosa parks and martin luther king jr relationship

Settle yourself here, just as Rosa Parks did. We know from many accounts that Rosa Parks recognized the bus driver—he had humiliated her and other black riders over the years. She also knew that this man, who threatened to have her arrested, carried a pistol in his holster. She was aware of recent racial atrocities, including the mistreatment of another black woman, Claudette Colvin, for not giving up her seat, and the death earlier that summer of year-old Emmett Till from a lynching.

When the bus driver again demanded that all four passengers give up their seats, the three other riders reluctantly got up. On that day she had a long day of work at the Montgomery Fair department store.

She boarded the Cleveland Avenue bus for home. The bus had became crowded so the bus driver ordered her to get up and give her seat to a white person. Rosa parks refused to so she was arrested and found guilty at trial.

rosa parks and martin luther king jr relationship

All African Americans stood off the buses and instead found other ways of transportation. The city of Montgomery now had no choice but to lift the law requiring segregation on public buses.

A Look at Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks

These legal actions with the help of the African American community made the day Montgomery Bus Boycott one of the largest and most successful movements against racial segregation in history. He was shocked by how peacefully the races mixed in the North. This experience deepened his growing hatred of racial segregation. King lectured in all parts of the country and discussed race-related issues with civil-rights.

In late October he was arrested with 33 young people protesting segregation at the lunch counter in an Atlanta department store. King was released only with the help of a Democratic presidential candidate John F. As King had hoped, all these actions together had a strong effect on national opinion and resulted in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of This act authorized the federal government to enforce desegregation of public accommodations and outlawing discrimination in publicly owned facilities and in employment.

Aside from these differences, these two historical figures have many similarities. They were both raised during the time of racial segregation. They experienced so much hatred from these racist white people.

rosa parks and martin luther king jr relationship

This encouraged both of them to stand up and demand their rights as citizens. They did all they needed to do to get their freedom.