Rochelle and keith relationship test

Bigg Boss 9: Is Priya cracking Keith and Rochelle's relationship?

rochelle and keith relationship test

It seems Rochelle and Keith have finally understood that its not worth 3 months and their relationship got a confirmation when the couple took. Keith sequeira and Rochelle Rao spent the last long weekend getting she is a model and anchor) helped them in building their relationship. Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao, who made their relationship official While the couple had just started dating, they decided to test the water.

Bigg Boss 9 - Rochelle Kissed Prince & Rishabh In Front Of Keith - Watch Video

In fact, the host of the show, Salman Khan had also mentioned during one of the episodes about Keith's comeback. The creative team has come up with an interesting way to bring Keith back in the house.

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Today November 25, is his girlfriend, Rochelle's birthday and Keith will enter the BB house to make his lady feel special. He is already in the Bigg Boss house shooting for the show. The episode will be aired tomorrow November 26, Both were seen taking a dip inside the pool and spending some quality time together. After getting intimate in bed last week, the couple this time had some romantic moments together.

The new wild card entry Rishabh decided to clean the pool as Rochelle and Keith were the first ones to enjoy the water. Later, Prince also joined the two. Some find love, while some drift apart in their bumpy journey of 'Bigg Boss'. Actor Keith Sequeira, who has entered the ninth season of the popular reality TV show with his girlfriend Rochelle Rao, hopes they come out of the house with a stronger bond.

rochelle and keith relationship test

But I would like to come out stronger. After being friends for over a year, they are dating each other since the last three months. Keith said that the show ended his search for "something different" and "unique". Keith, also known as a host of music shows, pointed out three 'F's' that he will miss.

Bigg Boss 9 couple Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira to NOT get married? -

And then comes phone," he said. Bigg Boss 9 When Rochelle chased Keith and showered him with gifts On the Day 2 of 'Bigg Boss 9', housemates sat down to listen to the interesting love stories of the two much in love couples. Meanwhile, the four lovebirds of the house are revealing their love story to the inmates of the house.

Suyyash and Kishwer announce that they have plans of getting hitched after their Bigg Boss stint.

Bigg Boss 9: Is Priya cracking Keith and Rochelle's relationship?

Comparatively new in the field of love, Rochelle and Keith also are seen recounting their love saga. After the first couple was done with their story, Mandana immediately asked the next couple to reveal their story.

rochelle and keith relationship test

Rochelle started off by saying how they both met on a flight to Bangkok. They were headed there for two different shows. They soon added each other on social networking sites and were friends for a year and have started dating only three months back. Rochelle even said that their story is different because she chased him and not the other way around. Moreover, while the other couple -Suyyash and Kishwar- is still going pretty strong, Rochelle and Keith need to sit back and reflect upon a few things.

#BiggBoss9, day Rochelle doesn't trust boyfriend Keith? - Television News

For starters, Keith and Rochelle are totally opposite, while Keith is a confident and straightforward player, Rochelle is extremely insecure and calculative. Also, Keith is gradually turning into Suyyash because whatever Rochelle says, he follows.

Keith Sequeira becomes captain; wins Rs 3 lakh in task Meanwhile, Prince and Nora's closeness has become a major cause of concern for Prince's well-wishers.

Rochelle and Kishwar were seen telling him to be careful of her intentions. However, Prince who seems to be totally enamoured with Nora shrugged off their concern by saying Nora is ignorant and she doesn't know how to play the game. Salman Khan slams Suyyash for threatening Mandana Earlier in the day, Bigg Boss conducted a task in which the contestants had to decide the most insecure contestant. The house unanimously chose Priya for the title. As a result of the task, Priya was shown clippings of housemates bitching about her and vice versa.

As soon as the task got over, the house turned into a fish market with all the housemates together confronting Priya. And as expected, Priya became one of the victims in the nomination process for the week.

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