Rikuo and yuki onna relationship questions

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rikuo and yuki onna relationship questions

Most of his relationships started antagonistic but his curiosity and his willpower Rikuo has known Tsurara since he was a child and used to play a lot with her. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. What happens when Rikuo and the others find out that Tsurara has a boyfriend? . This relationship you have established - It has made great bonds with yokais , she ignored the questions that bombarded her every corner.

The blue-black-haired girl turned redder. After all, yokai and humans should be good friends, don't they? This relationship you have established - It has made great bonds with the human and yokai history! I have successfully completed the cooking, laundry, the cleaning, washing, mopping and trimming all those weeds out there that simply horrified me! And, uhm, no, I think not.

Why don't you go out and have fun? Go out and hang out with - Oh, maybe - I don't know, Yura-chan or Kana-chan perhaps? Do a little girl shopping? Though I'm not sure what I would do with a lipstick. But, how about you, Rikuo-sama? It would be utterly shameful for me if you are to come to harm! I cannot simply leave my post merely for the sake of fun! I can assign Kejorou or maybe Kubinashi to replace your post, at least after you come home! I will be back before dinner then, Waka! Oh and eat your lunch before it gets cold!

Well you always are, anyway," commented Kejorou, stepping back and scrutinizing the younger female yokai. Tsurara was dressed in a soft purple dress embroidered with white puffed-sleeves.

Black leggings wrapped around her legs.

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Her ever-present scarf was wounded around her neck. Kejorou hesitatingly ran over her fingers over the material of the scarf. He might think bad of you, you know. She suddenly stopped and shook her head. What do you mean? You are lying to yourself, you know? This -" "Kejorou," Tsurara said firmly. This is for real.

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She looked at the floor. You know that, Kejorou. She is Rikuo-sama's place to return to. It is impossible for me. If you had just - tried harder, Waka will -" Tsurara shook her head, and smiled. That is not how it works. The long wavy haired woman tutted and shook her head as she left the room. I don't want, but I don't feel comfortable, because Master is going out with Kana and not me. But, Rikuo grabbed her hand. We're not like before," pleaded Tsurara, trying to free her hand from Rikuo's.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship questions

Wakana moved closer to them. Just a misunderstanding it," answered Rikuo quickly, not wanting his mom to know what was going on. Rikuo let go of Tsurara's hand, and she immediately ran away from that situation. I see you've changed and are paying more attention to Tsurara I never thought she would react like this. After all, she's always involving Kana in our conversations. I don't know what else I can do for her," said Rikuo with a sigh. Try to think for a moment.

You suddenly request for her to go out with you, and all this year, you've only gone out with Kana. Of course she'll be confused by the invitation," said Wakana. I don't want my dream to come true. I just want her to be mine forever What is happening with my child now How about this, Rikuo.

Give Tsurara some time and I will try to discuss this matter with her. Rikuo was silent, and Wakana smiled.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship questions

You need to wait for the right time Rikuo nodded silently and walked away. I won't make you uncomfortable again like that I've already talked her, and she agreed," said Wakana with a happy smile. Tsurara walked out of her room then, and Rikuo rushed towards her, taking her hand in his. You'll go out with me? Tsurara turned towards her and stood up.

Do you need somethings? Rikuo's really eager to go out with you.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship questions

You know how Rikuo is, he's restless, and I just want to see Rikuo happy with his beloved," said Wakana by way of explanaition. I know that during his life, Rikuo's always been with Kana, not with me," said Tsurara. Give him a chance to know you more then Kana End Flashback Rikuo quickly pinched both her cheeks and Tsurara let out a small squeak of pain.

I already told you, just call me 'Rikuo. He gained his power by killing his allies and brothers using the Mao's Hammer, the very sword that defeated his clan in the past. He is defeated by Rikuo and spared in deference to his father's request on the condition that he never leave Shikoku and hold a memorial for the allies he killed out of his lust for power.

Rikuo later calls upon him and the other yokai clans in Japan for aid in facing Nue; Tamazuki agrees as he knows Rikuo's strength first-hand and that any force great enough to challenge him is one to be feared. He was bullied relentlessly by a group of humans led by Tamazuki and killed them, releasing his power.

He can transform into a large dog or separate his head from his body. He is killed by Tamazuki for failing to kill Rikuo, and because he now feared Rikuo, making his grudge-based Fear weak.

A stray dog appears at the end of the Arc that may be his reincarnation.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship questions

Tamazuki is later shown caring for the dog, even bringing it with him to the meeting of all clans that Rikuo called.

She later appears to be serving Minagoroshi Jizo of the Kyoto Yokai, as a secret servant. The Hundred Tales Clan also make use of her. She is later revealed to be the shikigami of the Fourth Heir of Gokadoin, with the hidden ability to pull others into a mirror world where their greatest sins come back to haunt them.

Tamazuki used him as a shield from one of Rikuo's attacks. In the anime, his own fire attacks were sent back at him by the Sanban Garasu, thus destroying him.

An Oni who is so large it's said he straddles the gaps between mountains, he is the strongest of the group but loses to Aotabo after he removes his skull necklace. He targeted Nurarihyon on Tamazuki's orders, but was defeated and disappeared into the wind. Legend says that if you receive a tug on your sleeve and turn to see no one there, it is Sodemogi who will then curse you.

He seems to enjoy devouring articles of clothing from others. He curses Natsumi, eating away at her life force, and as a result, is killed by Kurotabo to pay back the favor he owed her. He has zig-zag teeth which he uses to eat fish and animals. Using their string-manipulation skills, they used him to gain access to important areas of the headquarters, as well as to attack his fellows - which resulted in breaking his teeth. She was also known as Kagibari Onna in the anime.

However, after Seimei's betrayal of his own mother, Hagoromo Gitsune, they are reformed, but some of them, e.

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Ibaraki-Doji and Kidomaru, still follow Seimei's will. According to Keikain records, Hagorome Gitsune appears in centers of political power during turbulent times, possesses the body of a notable child, and takes control of the body to attain adult form.

From her position near the center of government she is able to gain strength by absorbing the large quantities hatred, envy, anger, despair around her and it is said that the stronger the malice in the world, the stronger she will become.

Despite her ability to gain enormous strength, she can only live as long as her human host and when that body reaches the end its life or is killedshe must hide her "true form" somewhere safe until a suitable host for her next reincarnation appears.

The only way to prevent her cycle of reincarnation is to seal her "true form". In the years since her defeat, her reincarnation was repeatedly prevented by Rihan Nura, until Abe no Seimei and Sanmoto Gorozaemon successfully plotted his murder by reviving and manipulating Rihan's ex-wife, Yamabuki Otome.

Hagoromo Gitsune later uses Yamabuki Otome's revived body as her current host and she gives birth to NueAbe no Seimei's reincarnation, during the battle in Kyoto. Rikuo and Yura combine their Nenekirimaru and Hangun to force Hagoromo Gitsune out of her host's body. Soon after he breaks out of his cocoon, Nue kills her and sends her to Hell. In chapter she reincarnates again, in the form of Yamabuki Otome, but with seven tails. Since Nue's betrayal she has come to consider Rikuo to be her own son in Seimei's place and fights at his side in the final battle against Nue.

Following this he attempts to kill Rikuo. In the battle years ago, he fought Hihi and stabbed Kejoro while Ibaraki Doji was fighting with her and Kubinashi. He wears an oni mask that is created by his fear when he fights seriously. He has god-like speed and his fear allows his sword to attack like tree branches spreading from a tree or cherry blossom petals scattering.

He is defeated by Rikuo and Kurotabo. He appears at the castle and tries to devour Nurarihyon, preventing Ibaraki Doji from attacking Nurarihyon in the process. Yosuzume gave him the Mao's Hammer. Because of Akifusa's activation of a forbidden technique, he is possessed by Jizo and attacks Ryuji at the location of one of the seals. Minagoroshi Jizo was reduced to a head by an attack from Rikuo, and perished when the combined Fear of Rikuo's night parade charged in to attack Nue.

rikuo and yuki onna relationship questions

In the present, his daughter seems to have taken up his position and bears the same name. Having served Hagaromo Gitsune since Nue's original life, he possibly died prior to the present day, due to old age.