Resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

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resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

But Ada is coming to tell Leon something important to her thats she kept form him. Disclaimer: I dont own anything about resident evil, it belongs to Capcom. . Hunks buttons so he would tell Wesker his relationship with her. Three months had passed since Claire had come home and there was She had started a relationship with Leon purely out of need to have. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Leon S. K., Claire R. I know that in the games there isn't much of a relationship between the two of.

Leon could finally be with Claire after so much time apart, Leon wouldn't blame her for not accepting him. If claire also won't accept his offer of them being back togther, that would hurt him the most as it was his fault for all his pain.

Did you come her yourself? He's in the bathroom right now. I think he had too many chesseburgers on the way here. So hows working for the president treating you? And no I didn't go out with the presidnts daughter Claire. She thought, yes Leon lets start back at where we left off. But she knew it was impossible, the had said words that where never meant to leave their lips.

You seem to have forgiven me easily. Is there a reason why? He rembered the reason why he had fallen for her in the first place, her looks and about it made his smile widen. Im sorry for my actions when you were leaving for spain 3 years ago. Damn Leon thought, As he came closer and hugged her tightly before kissing her forehead. I should kill you for the last time you made my sister cry, you left her in peices.

As Leon got out of the airport firstleaving the Redfeilds togther.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

Was it because he did something? Tell me now Claire? I know nothing about proposing. But Jill's gonna think I'm a loser if I pass out before I ask her. Come on, come on!

Do you love her? Just keep telling yourself that you love her and then you'll calm down and ask her. I was about to take another sip when my Waiter came back. She was absolutely stunning. She was wearing a long silky red dress that fit her body like a glove. She knew how red dresses drove me crazy.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

Ever since Raccoon City I always had a high attraction to them. He hair was down and she held a clutch purse in her hand that was the exact same shade of red as her dress.

I got up from my seat and grabbed the flowers. She stood in front of me and I handed then to her. A shiver ran up my spine. I leaned in and brushed my lips across hers. I grabbed her seat and helped her scoot under the table. I walked around and sat in my chair. The waiter came up and began to stare at her chest. I followed his gaze and smiled. Or course she wore it a little reviling, just the way I like it.

The waiter cleared his throat and I looked up. God I love her. The waiter walked away. I don't think that's very Valentine's like. I thought you would get wine or champagne.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

I don't think scotch is for Valentine's either. Do you like your flowers? But you know I'm not a flower fan. Hey your brother's here with Jill. Jesus I thought he'd go some place else. Did he pass out yet?

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

Chris was on his knee in front of Jill with a ring box open. Jill flung herself over him screaming yes.

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He placed the ring on her finger and looked over at us. He smiled and we gave him two thumbs up.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

Took him long enough. We ordered and ate our food. The check came and it cost me an arm and a leg. But oh well, it was for Claire. We both separately left in our cars and drove home.

But since we both lived together it didn't really matter. We got inside the house and walked to the living room. Claire sat down on the couch and I went into the kitchen and pulled out some beers. I don't do character bashing. I have written this chapter simply because I don't want people to have to have read the entirety of the Umbrella Chronicles to be able to enjoy my story.

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I also felt it is worth clarifying something — the reasons for the names of the children of Leon and Claire. It just seemed logical to me that they wanted something good to come out of two people who met such horrible ends, and whom they got on with — and thus named their children after them.

Regardless of your view of Ada and Steve, there was clearly a connection. Remember, these are the kids of Leon and Claire, not the characters themselves. Your review has been posted.