Relationship with mother and child

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relationship with mother and child

Paul Simon was right about the mother and child reunion being a very close bond. The parent-child relationship is qualitatively different than all. What is the foundation of a mother and child relationship? If you bet on unconditional love, read on and find out that even this love can face. A maternal bond is the relationship between a mother and her child. While typically associated with pregnancy and childbirth, a maternal bond may also develop.

How did the delivery go? How was your first contact? Each of those steps was influenced by thoughts and emotions Each of those steps is part of your lives and of your relationship with your child.

Regret and guilt Many of you regret some thoughts, emotions or reactions.

relationship with mother and child

You wish things had been different and you are afraid of the consequences on your child or on your relationship. If you have regrets or if you are feeling guilty, it is important to try to forgive yourself and to accept what you have been through.

Remember that you acted to the best of your knowledge and that you had no bad intentions.

  • The relationship between mother and baby
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  • The foundation of the mother-child relationship

Make peace with the past to avoid dragging this energy into your relationship with your child. To love these babies more than I love my own parents. The second that we found out it's like, "I have life inside of me". And every fine detail, even my hips stretching and the lack of sleep at night, all these little things really just add to the love. There's the notion of human capital invested in the child, the greatest part of which is the mother's.

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Her love is an important part of the economy, which typically is not fully recognized in the society. I don't want to minimize the role of men. Children with absent fathers will grow up to much worse state. But I also think the mother is paramount. We know that, we've seen a lot of successful families where one mother alone, even though she doesn't have the male, has been able to produce very successful children.

Just like your child, the first step is to meet basic needs i. Without enough sleep or food, you cannot be at your best.

Maternal bond

When these needs are met, it is important to think about how you deal with stress. Do you let it build up until you explode with anger and frustration? Do you take it out on your family and kids? Do you feel sad and hopeless? These are all common reactions to stress and you deserve some support. You can also find small ways to cope with your stress every day.

relationship with mother and child

Throughout the day, emotions are constantly changing — happy to sad, sad to frustrated, annoyed to angry — the list goes on. Stop Walk out of the room Take deep breaths Count to 10 Take a sip of water or listen to music.