Raj and ivy relationship with god

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raj and ivy relationship with god

to know about this story: Ivy doesn't know that Raj's cancer is back and A relationship between her and Liam Court just wasn't in the cards. Ohh" she clapped her hands in glee "Let's see if Ivy wants to go" .. "I've missed you" Liam murmured as his lips slid down her neck, "god I've missed you Annie". Explore Julia Majewska's board "Ivy and raj" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Ivy , Gillian zinser and Manish dayal. After Raj's death, Ivy moves to Mexico with Diego Flores. Later, Ivy starts a fake relationship with Dixon because the two of them feel left out .. They later go to a bar that says "No hippies allowed" to which Naomi responds, "Oh, good God.

She'd run into Adrianna in the bar and asked her about Vanessa. Ade had told her that Liam and Vanessa had been hanging out for the past couple of weeks. On her way out she had bumped into Liam coming in. He'd seem surprised "and you're here" if she hadn't known better, she would have thought that he was happy to see her "Yeah, I'm back" she pulled away from him and started to walk out "Hey" he took her hand and turned her around "what's wrong with you" She was about to respond when Vanessa came bouncing out of the back room and grabbed Liam around the neck to kiss him.

Shaking the hand that he still had on hers loose, Annie had spat out "You're an asshole Liam Court, don't ever fucking talk to me again" and then stormed out. By the time Liam had untangled himself from Vanessa, Annie was gone. Opening her eyes, she snapped back to the present "anyway, I turned off my phone, went home and proceeded to drown my sorrows in Cuervo" "Why didn't you wake us up, we would have gone back with you to put the beat down on her" Naomi smiled "I might want to punch her in her smug little face, but the person I'm really pissed off at is Liam, I mean, he couldn't even wait a couple of weeks for me to get back, he just ups and moves on like we meant nothing to each other" she sighed sadly "I don't know, maybe we didn't, maybe what we had was just infatuation" "Please Annie, I've seen both you and Liam in other relationships, mine included, and what you two have is special, you are both idiots, but you're crazy about each other.

Seriously, she had looked at him like he had betrayed her in some unspeakable way. How dare she walk into HIS bar, looking good enough to eat, and treat him like he had done something wrong.

He had told her he loved her and what did she do? She left town without a word. And now she was back and looking all hurt because he was with someone. How the hell did they manage to screw things up so often? He'd thought for sure that him and Annie were on the same page before she left for Paris. They had made love that night and he had told her he loved her.

Although she hadn't said it back, she'd had to leave and had explained that there was something she had to take care of.

raj and ivy relationship with god

He'd thought for sure that she would come see him or at least call him with an explanation, but no, he'd heard from Ade that she had taken off to Paris. He'd been hurt because he'd really believed that they were finally going to cut all the crap and lay it all out on the line.

He'd gone to the nearest bar, beside his own to drown his sorrows and had met Vanessa. She'd been looking for a good time and he had been looking to forget. Over the next few weeks, she had kept him busy and kept his mind of Annie and what could have been.

He'd come to the conclusion that Annie had changed her mind about them and going to Paris was her way out. It's not like she had tried to contact him in the last few weeks anyway. But then he'd seen her as she was leaving the bar last night and despite the fact that she had left him, he still wanted her.

At first she had just looked confused to see him and after Vanessa had kissed him she had looked hurt and pissed off. He'd gone after her, but by the time he got to the parking lot, she was gone. The words kept repeating themselves over and over in his head and every time he got more pissed off. She does not get to spew her venom at me and just walk away" he bang his fist on the counter "And by she" Dixon said trying to hold back his laughter, Ade had told him what had gone down the night before between his sister and his friend, but he was trying to be neutral, "I'm guessing you mean Annie?

I've been trying to reach her all morning and I went by the house earlier but no one was there" "she's gone…" Dixon started "What do you mean gone" "Can I finish my sentence man?

Somewhere where you can relax and surf. That was how he found himself on a plane to Hawaii. In Maui to be exact. It was by pure fate that he and Ivy had bumped into each other. He had wandered into her cousin's bar where she was working a shift since her cousin had to run out on an errand.

He had been pulling into the bar when Ivy was about to leave and he ended up backing his car rental into her jeep. Just like she had backed into his car the first time they met. When she got out to give him a piece of her mind, the two froze when they saw each other. Then Liam was scooping her up, hugging her tightly. When he put her down, his hands grasping her elbows she looked up at him. She even prettier than he remembered and he couldn't believe she was in front of him. She stared at him and stepped away, shutting down.

Liam tried to reach for her, to backtrack, but it was too late. He ran a hand through his hair. God he messed up. That night he called the gang. They talked to him about how the business was going and how the press was having a field day with Annie.

Finally, he interrupted them with a pressing question. Ivy was one of them and they lost track of her. Teddy said something about how it was normally the other way around.

I dented the rental car when I backed the truck up into Ivy's. Namoi smiled into the phone. Could be a sign. She might be the best match for you out of all the girls. And after my sister, you need someone more chill. Liam rolled his eyes. He wanted to tell them about her daughter but he knew they would not stop with the idea of it being fate for him and Ivy.

So he decided to end the call. How on earth was he supposed to find Ivy on an island? He decided to stake out the bar the next day. Ivy was going to slip through the cracks, not again. Not if he had a say in it.

She was his friend. She was also the girl who he hurt and the girl fell in love hard and married too young. Ivy had to admit she admired Liam's determination.

She had told her cousin what had happened and her cousin had reported to her that Liam had shown up to the bar for two days in a row. I'll keep an eye on Mar. Liam was surprised to find Ivy when he showed up for the third morning in a row.

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She was leaning on her jeep and when she saw him she walked over to him. She held out her hands for the keys and he gave them to her. What are you doing Ives? She rummaged through her purse and threw him some sunglasses. He laughed and got into the car covering his eyes with the sunglasses. Needless to say, they had a good time, catching up and everything.

Ivy drove like she surfed, a perfect ten. Liam was enchanted by everything Ivy showed him, but he was mostly enchanted with Ivy and the way she laughed an how the wind blew through her hair and the freckles on her shoulders.

As they got back to the bar, they hovered around the car, not wanting the night to end. They had seen the sights and talked about everything but why they were both in Hawaii.

She pushed a strand of her behind her ear and bit her lip. He told her about Silver having a baby and how Ade and Navid were happily married. This is where I want to be. Okay, what if this is where I want to be? Couldn't stay in there, man. Especially with Annie looking at me like every breath might be my last.

She was gonna find out. As hard it was telling the truth you did do the right thing. You know, with, like, everything that's happening, I should already know that telling the truth is always the right thing.

I hate this place. I hate that I know where the coffee machine is. Just to think what Ivy must be going through, and what happened to Dixon Hey, that's not the same thing. Dixon's gonna be fine. Dixon's got a heart defect. Something he was born with just waiting to hurt him.

Yes, and now that he knows about it, he's gonna be fine. You don't know that. I never should have yelled at him. Dixon was just trying to protect me from what Ivy's going through right now. I mean, her whole life stopped today.

raj and ivy relationship with god

And I was just mad at him because he didn't tell me? It doesn't matter what he does. You couldn't stand the thought of losing him. I'm gonna go check on Jacques. If he catches Jen's stomach flu, they'll never leave. Will you call me when you talk to Ivy, please? We need to talk. I was, uh, dropping something off to Annie, and, uh, she asked me to give this to you. Chuckles She was right. That dress is ugly as hell.

I was so angry at her, I told my sister she was dead to me without even think about what those words actually meant.

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It's not your fault. I wanted to blame Jen my whole life. Mostly because she was a royal pain in the ass, but I guess in some warped way, she was there for me.