Radio and coach jones relationship quotes

NBA: LeBron James and James Jones unique bond

radio and coach jones relationship quotes

His disrespect for the relationship that Coach and Tami Taylor shared had me the coach taylorfriday night lightskfckfc radiopodcasts+ 2 Tags. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris in Radio () Ed Harris and Debra Winger in Quotes. Coach Jones: [at the final confrontation in the barbershop] " but the. Solidarity is the feeling taught by “Radio”, a beautiful movie that is based on The help of Coach Harold Jones, was fundamental in Radio's.

Though well-liked by most of the students at school, Radio is still ridiculed by Frank's son Johnny and his friends. On one occasion, Johnny tricks Radio into entering the girls locker room. This triggers an incident with the School Board that puts Radio's ability to attend the high school at risk. However, Radio refuses to tell Coach Jones who told him to do it, leading Jones to say, "You're a better man than me, Radio.

radio and coach jones relationship quotes

After Coach Jones tells Johnny that Radio did not rat him out, Johnny begins to respect Radio and doubt his father's impressions. Radio's mother suddenly dies of a heart attack bringing severe agony to Radio, who destroys his bedroom in a fit of grief. However, with continued support and consoling from Coach Jones, Radio eventually heals from the loss.

After the football team's season ends, Frank places the blame for the team's inability to win on Radio being a distraction, and demands for Jones to end his association with him. In a meeting with the townspeople, Jones talks about how Radio has really been a blessing for the community, showing how people should treat one another. He then shocks everyone by announcing that he's going to resign as head coach so he can spend more time with his family.

radio and coach jones relationship quotes

This causes many of the townspeople to turn on Frank, while Jones leaves with his family. The film ends with Radio receiving a high school diploma at the graduation ceremonies, and the principal announcing that he will receive one every year to make him feel like part of the school.

He was taken to the Mayfair police station and charged with 'outraging public decency' and 'committing an indecent act'.

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Jones' friends rushed to his support, and when the case was heard in the Marlborough Street Magistrates' Court the next day The Crown withdrew the more serious charge, with Jones pleading not guilty to the lesser charge of committing an indecent act. Jones read a prepared statement when he first appeared back on his radio show on 16 Januarysaying "I am and always was innocent of the charges levelled against me".

Jones had been accused of contracting to have personal commercial support in exchange for favourable "unscripted" comments, principally for Telstra and Qantasduring his radio show. Jones was investigated along with John Laws from 2UE.

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With an inquiry imminent, Flint resigned. Media commentator David Marr accused Jones of inciting racial tensions and implicitly encouraging violence and vigilantism by the manner of his responses to callers even while he was verbally disapproving of them taking the law into their own hands. However, the 2GB website prior to this broadcast clearly showed the Jones program as being "Breakfast with Alan Jones", [85] this was changed after the broadcast of Jones' rebuttal to be "Alan Jones Show".

He told 2GB listeners that the vigilante movement existed at Cronulla long before Jones began broadcasting and that the ACMA findings amounted to a classic case of shoot the messenger. He said the complaints process was flawed because, unlike the Press CouncilJones could not face or question his accusers".

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His comments about "Lebanese males in their vast numbers" hating Australia and raping, pillaging and plundering the country, about a "national security" crisis, and about the undermining of Australian culture by "vermin" were reckless hyperbole calculated to agitate and excite his audience without providing them with much in the way of solid information.

Jones appealed the decision, but in October the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal dismissed his appeal, and upheld his conviction for inciting hatred and for vilification of Muslims. However, on 12 December the Tribunal ruled that this apology was "an inadequate statement of wrongdoing" and ordered him to make another on-air apology during the week of 17 December, this time prescribing the words he was to read: The comments were made following a Channel Nine television current affairs show about the conduct of young Lebanese men in Hickson Road at The Rocks.

The Administrative Decisions Tribunal has found that my comments incited serious contempt of Lebanese males, including Lebanese Muslims. I apologise for making those comments, which I recognise were unlawful. I also apologise on behalf of Radio 2GB.

radio and coach jones relationship quotes

The judge presiding over the appeal, Judge Michael Finnane, said: The charges against the soldiers were eventually dismissed at a pre-trial hearing.

His reporting was found to lack accuracy and failed to allow other viewpoints to be heard. A decision on the penalty for this breach was reserved. This related to his claim that "human beings produce 0.

ACMA chairman Chris Chapman said that the watchdog was not penalising the licensee of 2GB, but was working with it to improve procedures.

radio and coach jones relationship quotes

Masters began Jonestown in after profiling Jones for an episode of the current affairs program Four Corners. Now he's focused on ownership -- including, perhaps one day, an NBA team.

He's a guy, I'm always just picking his brain So I sit next to him on the plane, I pick his brain in the locker room. I pick his brain about basketball. I pick his brain about my family. He's probably one of, if not, my best friend in the league. Jones insisted the gift card would cover both meals. Smithhimself known for mercurial behavior. Whether he's playing 20 minutes or he don't play at all, he's very consistent on who he is.

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He's content on who he is as a player and a person. As funny as it may seem for the second-oldest and skinniest at a lithe 6-foot-8, pounds player on the Cavs to be known by a moniker usually reserved for boxing greats, there's no sense of irony when his teammates use it.

It applies not only to the two championships he won with James in Miami, but maybe more importantly, also encapsulates how Jones conducts himself.

radio and coach jones relationship quotes

And he's been through it before," point guard Kyrie Irving12 years Jones' junior, said. The true essence of the word 'professional. James was taking his operation back to Cleveland, and he needed a consigliere by his side as he broke down and then built back up the culture. The guys see me consistently work when my reward is inconsistent minutes during the season.