Price and volume relationship analysis

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price and volume relationship analysis

Explaining the price-volume relationship: The difference between price changes and changing Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 5 (), pp. Price Volume Trend technical analysis indicator multiplies the percentage change in price by volume and adds it if price moved up or subtracts if price moved. Correlation between price development and volume development Similarly high volume on falling prices and near bottoms in a falling trend will confirm the Free access to Investtech's analyses for 14 days, with no further obligations.

Since all markets represent a fractal nature, it turns out, Mandelbrot had it right all along.

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Succinctly, unless and until the components of one fractal reach completion, the next slower fractal cannot begin. It trading terms, unless and until the Volume Cycle Sequences reach completion, the current Price Trend cannot end.

In addition, those individuals who do find value in Volume analysis have long argued their viewpoint for the best methodology for divining the information from Volume itself.

price and volume relationship analysis

For those interested in continuing such discussions, I recommend reviewing the plethora of threads already in existence as I have no plans to engage in yet another long drawn out Lincoln-Douglas, Presidential or Academic style debate.

This thread is about the individual trader developing the skills needed, and the knowledge required, to learn to trade based on what the market says, instead of what the trader believes or I post. So, what can one expect from this thread? What it reveals about the market Trading volume: What it reveals about the market July 03, Advancing volume is the total volume for all stocks increasing in price; declining volume is the total for all stocks decreasing in price.

To remove variability elements, it may be advisable to smooth this measure with a moving average e.

Price Volume Trend - Technical Analysis

Volume reflects the intensity strength of a stock, commodity or index. Volume also provides an indication of the quality of a price trend and the liquidity of a security or commodity. What volume reveals about the market's strength High volume means greater reliance can be placed on the movement in price than if there was low volume, because heavy volume is the relative consensus of a large number of participants.

price and volume relationship analysis

High volume indicates an active market; in an active market, the spread between bid and asked prices is usually narrower. High volume is often characteristic of the initial stage in a new trend, such as a breakout in a trading range.

Similarly high volume on falling prices and near bottoms in a falling trend will confirm the overall negative trend and indicate it will continue to fall. Deviations from the above warn of a coming trend reversal.

Normal situations Volume should increase in the trend direction. The figure shows a rising trend with high volume near tops and low volume near bottoms. Aggressive investors have to pay more to get the stocks that they want. Few investors sell near bottoms, as they are positive to the stock and comfortable keeping it.

Price Volume Trend

Decreasing volume in the trend direction warns of a possible trend break. In the figure to the left the buyers have little power, as volume near the last top is low. At the same time, sellers are aggressive when the price falls.

Predicting Markets With Volume and Price - Nigel Hawkes

This indicates nervous sellers and hesitant buyers, and signals a potential break downward.