Pakistan and afghanistan relationship pdf writer

It’s Complicated: The Relationship Between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Taliban – Foreign Policy

pakistan and afghanistan relationship pdf writer

THE rashness with which Afghanistan first sealed its borders with Pakistan on September 3, and then broke off diplomatic relations with this country, is an . members of the small ruling circle were ready to write off the cause [Pukhtuni-. [The Durand Line remains a contentious issue in Pak-Afghan relations, since the birth of. Pakistan . the biased attitude of Afghan and Pakistani writers on the subject, who tend org/ilc/texts/instruments/english/conventions/3_2_ pdf . Journalist and writer a weak administration in kabul will be able to transform Afghanistan ther with the downturn in Afghanistan's relations with Pakistan.

Pakistan is increasingly threatened by militancy on its own soil and fears the consequences of pressuring the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government.

It’s Complicated: The Relationship Between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Taliban

Aziz said that Pakistan should not antagonize groups that pose no threat to it. In reference to the Afghan Taliban he argued: In a discussion with the author in early Dec.

Lost credibility could form fractures within the Taliban leading to the creation of splinter groups. Even ideological differences within the Taliban may prevent the group from listening to Pakistan.

pakistan and afghanistan relationship pdf writer

While many militants join the Taliban under radical Islamic motivations, others join for financial purposes or to exact revenge for personal grievances. Illegal businesses — including the drug trade, timber, illegal mining, extortion, and taxing of development projects — not only serve as primary financial sources for the Afghan Taliban, but also inspire many to join the group.

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Afghan and international forces causing civilian casualties and insulting cultural and Islamic values also boosts the recruitment of non-ideological militants. These militants, pursuing profit or revenge from the Afghan government, will continue fighting regardless of the political settlement.

pakistan and afghanistan relationship pdf writer

Taliban leadership also believes that agreeing to negotiate with the government at this juncture will cost them the current influence they have. Finally, peace may elude this round of negotiations because of the new administration in Afghanistan.

pakistan and afghanistan relationship pdf writer

Moreover, there is an acute trust deficit between the Afghan Taliban and the Kabul administration — trust which is a prerequisite to any sort of settlement between the two sides. Secondly, the Afghan government does not have a unified stance vis-a-vis peace talks with the Taliban.

There are and have been internal elements within the Afghan government that oppose negotiations with the Taliban, and residual factional and tribal rivalries between senior officials intentionally ruin efforts by the government to reach a political settlement. The message was clear.

China would defend Pakistan against US pressure but not necessarily its policies, especially those impacting its own interests. China is invested too heavily in Pakistan, particularly through CPEC, not to be worried about the shadow cast by the militant groups on the stability of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

China recognises the importance of the US role in stabilising Afghanistan and the need for Pakistan to support that role in its own interest and that of China. This is one reason China would like Pakistan to retain its linkages with Washington. That would make it still harder for Pakistan to bring about any course correction, and for China to hover over Pakistan-India issues to maintain its relationship with India which is important in its own right.

The spillover of the failed Afghan war has indeed caused horrendous problems for Pakistan. And the US and the Afghans were largely responsible for this failure. But Pakistan ought to admit that it too had contributed to the situation, and not just through Taliban sanctuaries.

pakistan and afghanistan relationship pdf writer

In the end, it was chaos waiting to happen once this new Afghanistan war started. Arguably, there would have been no Pakistani Taliban had there been no Afghan Taliban.

Resetting Pakistan’s Relations with Afghanistan

The most serious national challenge for Pakistan now is its internal security and what is happening next door in Afghanistan. Only China and the US, the two countries with the most stakes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, can bring them together.

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And the US is concerned about its national security to which terrorism poses a serious threat. But the war to deal with that threat has gone horribly wrong. And Pakistan, Washington feels, is not being helpful.