Okabe and kurisu relationship goals

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okabe and kurisu relationship goals

The way I see it, Okabe and Kurisu's relationship is the heart of S;G. There are other important relationships in S;G (Okabe and Mayuri's. At the end of SG anime, Okabe and Kurisu gets reunited. About their relationship they got a pretty good chemistry so they will end up as lovers . Okabe already did his goal and that was getting onto Steins Gate worldline. A good couple is the key to great romantic relationships. But on the contrary to the star couple from Bakuman, Ren and Nana's goals ironically and the genius tsundere couple, Okabe Rintarou and Makise Kurisu comes in.

However, when one human sees a god who looked like a human, she decided to risk her life for him which resulted in her soul separating from her body. The two have great chemistry. Yato is a goofy god who wishes to be rich and showered with fortune, while Hiyori is a level-headed student who wishes to return to normal.

Although he can be a bit carefree, Yato has a big heart and a tragic past. After switching bodies in a comedic scene, Yamada discovers that Urara is one of the seven witches at school, and he has the power of copying the powers of others on one condition—their lips touch.

Before all of this commences, Urara and Yamada cross paths as two different types of students, a girl at the top of her class and a delinquent boy. Becoming one of her first friends, Urara gradually begins to open up and express more emotions. Although they are polar opposites, Urara and Yamada connect over their powers and mutual love for each other.

Yuta and Rikka Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions Although everyday life can be satisfying, sometimes escaping the real world with fantasies and delusions make things even better. Yuta, the protagonist, suffers from these delusions but is embarrassed by his past.

Starting anew, he begins high school with an open mind. However, he soon runs into a girl who reminds him of his past self, experiencing delusions of her own.

She becomes interested in the past he wished to keep away, thus beginning a new love story. Yuta and Rikka bond over their mutual weirdness and self-discovery, making them a great romantic pairing. As superheroes with secret identities, the two students fall in love without knowing their other lives. After discovering their identities, however, their romantic relationship blossoms as they rid the world of evil and go through so much throughout the entire series.

Eventually, the fan favorite couple weds and have a kid together. Their relationship is truly magical. Natsuki Subaru and Emilia Re: When Subaru finds himself in a mysterious world, he eventually meets Emilia, a beautiful but mysterious girl who lies about her name and is searching for her lost pendant.

Through his encounters, he finds himself in life and death situations, many times involving his demise. However, his life resets each time a piece of the story unfolds or he is attacked. This makes for a great love story setup where he meets the girl he loves again and again.

Lelouch vi Britannia and C. Code Geass Another anime classic with a fan favorite couple is Code Geass, a thought provoking and political series with two very different people with troubled pasts. Lelouch, a powerful prince, leads Japan in a revolutionary movement to go against those in power who oppress the helpless, using the power of Geass.

At one point, Lelouch is able to view C. Although the series can be super serious, the moments between Lelouch and C. At the beginning of the story, Kenshiro sets off with his soon to be wife to find somewhere to settle down in the nuclear wasteland where they live.

Despite all they been through apart, the two finally reconnect and spend the rest of their lives together at the end. Unlike many of the couples on this list, Kaji and Misato have a past. Their dynamic is very interesting and entertaining.

For example, Kaji will tease Misato, who reacts accordingly. After a second first date, Kaji charms Misato and her feelings for him return. Through their interactions, you can tell the two really care for each other until the very end. Not all couples are angels, and Issac x Miria are prime examples. A pair of criminals, the duo is known for dressing up in costumes and committing robberies in the prohibition era.

Their targets for robbery differentiate from the norm, and their trust in each other is phenomenal. For Nana, her relationship with Ren stands out. As former lovers who had their own band, Ren decided to end things and move to Tokyo to join Trapnest. However, she soon reconnects with Ren when she relocated to Tokyo, and Nana K. Upon meeting again, the two make up and being dating once more. Both have a lot in common and share a mutual interest in making it big in the music industry.

Ren even proposes to her in the manga, mostly to avoid Nana falling for Yazu, another member of her band. Ren x Nana make a perfect duet. Through intense battles between teams, are there for each other. Eventually in the manga, Ringo confesses her feelings for her friend and they share a kiss.

Their interactions in the crazy world are great to watch. From the very beginning, Orihime had a crush on Ichigo in school. As the series went on, their relationship developed and they both realized their feelings. Both would do anything to protect their love, and have several times in and out of battle. At the end, the two settled down and had a child, finally being able to love one another in peace.

Like many couples on this list, Orihime and Ichigo have definite chemistry and have faced many obstacles together.

As part of a graduation trip from Japan, Saki travels to Washington D. After their bizarre encounter, the two travel back to Japan. Takizawa ends up as part of a game where members are credited a billion yen to save Japan. They share plenty of adorable moments that make their romance absolutely adorable. Featuring the Souma family, an eccentric bunch who each turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac, Fruits Basket proves to be both a great comedy and romance story.

The main romance focuses on Tohru Honda, a girl who is taken in by the family and encounters two different boys: Yuki, the most popular boy in school, represents the rat, while Kyo, a hotheaded redhead represents the cat. Both clash and eventually develop feelings for Tohru. However, Kyo ends up being her main man as they fall for one another and Tohru helps him overcome his past and aggressive tendencies.

Kyo deeply cares for her, and would do anything to be with Tohru despite his curse.

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The two eventually get married and are still together through old age. One of the well-known anime, Ouran High School Host Club features a great relationship that breaks gender roles and barriers many anime do not. After breaking the expensive vase at the host club, Haruhi, a girl who looks a boy, is forced to work for them. There, she meets all of the members, including the eccentric and flamboyant president Tamaki Suoh who takes a liking to her immediately.

Throughout the story, the two fall for each other despite Tamaki denying his feelings. Together, they are an interesting duo that complements one another and the bizarre nature of the anime.

In Special A, Hikari is always second to Kei. Since childhood, they have always been competing in everything to see who would come on top. However, high school came around and Kei still holds the number one position in the class with Hikari a close second. Although Hikari considers Kei an important person in her life, Kei has romantic feelings for her. Along the way, Hikari does find love despite the constant competitions between them. This makes them a great anime couple that many may call their favorite.

Maid Sama is all about secrets and separate lives. Following Misaki Ayuzawa, the first female president at a former all-boys school, the anime focuses on the discovery of her secret life as a maid cafe worker by Takumi Usui, a popular boy.

After discovering her secret, the two clash and learn more about one another. Teaming up with Inuyasha, Kagome goes on a journey in another time. Despite some struggles and stubbornness, the two show deep, caring feelings and vow to protect the other.

After the final battle, Kagome is transported back into her era, but three years later finds an opening through time, eventually marrying Inuyasha. Naho, a young high school girl, received a letter from her past self that predicted everything that would happen on that day, even her love.

When a transfer student named Kakeru starts attending their school, Naho falls in love with the easygoing and friendly boy. Using her judgment, Naho chooses to follow the letters, even if they push her to be more outgoing and forward to prevent certain events from occurring. Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans are weapon meister partners with a deep connection that enables them in battle.

Although their personalities are different, the amount of love and mutual respect for one another is absolutely remarkable. At the beginning of the series, the two seem immature at times. However, over time the two become more mature with more battles and the development of trust in their relationship.

LTTP: Steins;Gate ~ The tears fell—but not for the reasons I expected (SPOILERS/Pics) | NeoGAF

When their souls connect, Maka sometimes finds herself in a room where Soul must use his black blood. Together they dance in sync in a ballroom setting, which is absolutely cute. Known as one of the biggest teased couples of all time, many fans were upset that the ending did not convey their romantic relationship. Shinichi, a timid high school boy, finds himself with an alien parasite inhabiting his left hand.

In Japan, there are several incidences of parasites overtaking humans and then attacking them gore includedand Shinichi has the same happen to him, but is able to control his brain. Throughout his journey, he finds confidence in himself and falls for a classmate.

Although Satomi already had a crush on him, she watches him transform and become less and less like a human. Constantly protecting her, the two get together and learn what it means to be human.

Even at the end, they are still with one another. She encounters a man named Mikage who gives her his house as a thank you for saving him. When she arrives, she finds herself in a shrine and meets Tomoe, a familiar of the man she saved. Soon, she falls for him, despite the love being between a human and yokai.

Although he is not too happy with it at first, he eventually falls for her, making for a wonderful romance story. Panty likes to sleep with many men, and one guy in particular tries to date her every time. However, every time she rejects him, there is one scene where they show mutual feelings for one another at the end.

The two attend a ball and she decided he was attractive and then the two have some fun. Although the rest is kind of inappropriate to talk about, Panty surprisingly treats him well and they somewhat get together at the end. Falling for the short and timid-at-first Koichi, Yukako comes off as a crazy obsessive stalker and a worthy opponent and Stand user.

Upon her defeat, Yukako goes in the background until a certain point where she goes under the influence of a stand user who claims to make her beautiful. There, Koichi realizes that he has feelings for her and helps her through the predicament. Yukako calms down a bit, and the two start dating. Although they are an odd couple, it definitely works. Leaving the village with her bodyguard Hak, the two set out on an adventure to find more about the kingdoms and the reincarnation of legendary dragons.

Although there are many guys in the series, Yona falls for Hak, her childhood friend who is there to protect her at any costs. Over the course of the series, they develop serious feelings for each other and become a phenomenal couple. She compares Kurisu to Amadeus, the name of their AI and the middle name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and herself to Salieri Antonio Salieridue to the fact that these two musicians were bitter rivals in the world of music. While Mozart was superior to Salieri, both parties had equal respect for each other.

This is reminiscent with Kurisu and Maho's rivalry; albeit Kurisu was always one step ahead causing Maho to always vent in frustration, after her death, Maho always strived to surpass her, but at the same time also respecting her abilities and achievements. During this time, she meets Rintaro Okabe, who she gets to know more, and discovers that Okabe has had a relationship, albeit not knowing the details, with Makise Kurisu.

After getting to know him better, Dr. Leskinen and herself offer him to be a tester for Amadeus. Later, Okabe accepts their offer. They were in Dr. Leskinen's lab, talking about Kurisu's trip to Japan. Her last promise she made to Kurisu was to see if Amadeus Kurisu could talk to herself after she came back from Japan, but unfortunately, it was never fulfilled.

Later, it cuts back to Leskinen and Maho talking at the office they were working at in Japan. Maho feels anxious about Amadeus Kurisu, and asks why Dr. Leskinen chose Okabe as a tester. Leskinen responds by saying that the reason why he chose him was because he needed an outside source, someone not involved in the project, to help Kurisu grow.

If Okabe were to tamper or sell Amadeus' code to someone else, Kurisu would never cooperate with the latter person. Then they leave to meet up with Okabe to talk about the progress he made with Amadeus Kurisu. Maho was fidgety while Okabe was talking to the professor about Kurisu; Thus, Leskinen teases Maho saying that Okabe is spending more time with "Kurisu" than her, making Maho flustered.

When Leskinen leaves to make a phone call to Professor Reyes, Okabe asks if she's spending Christmas with anyone, which she says no. The next day, Maho asks Dr. Leskinen if she could go visit Okabe in Tokyo.

okabe and kurisu relationship goals

He agrees, but is a little surprised he would through her way to go there even though it's around an hour from the station to Tokyo. The reason she wants to go visit him, presumably, was to find a way to crack the password of Kurisu's laptop. On her way there, she feels a presence following her from outside Akihabara Station.

She tries to shrug it off, but she still hears the footsteps, following her as she walked. Out of panic, she calls Okabe, telling him to help her, before suddenly being held by Professor Reyes. Okabe, thinking that she was in trouble, pull out the saber the one he attempted to use to save Kurisu in Steins;Gate and tries to rescue her. When he got to the scene, he is surprised to hear she's fine. After that, Professor Reyes leaves, and Okabe takes Maho to the lab. There, she meets some of the lab members, including Daru, Suzuha, and Moeka who wasn't a lab member in the beta world line.

She argues that she wasn't, and fortunately for her, Okabe finds her and manages to tell the officer that she was indeed a college student. The officer, confused, then leaves. Afterwards, Okabe asks what she was doing here, which she tells him that she was still looking for a while to crack Kurisu's laptop.

Okabe says he doesn't know how, and then proceeds to ask if she's available on New Year's, since they were having a party at Yanagibayashi Shrine.

She says that she can't make it for the beginning, but she still comes anyways. She doesn't want to dress up as shrine maiden, so she's just there to take a look around. After they were done with "cosplaying" as shrine maidens and were about to leave, Dr. Reyes appear out of nowhere. This scene is where Leskinen delivers his iconic dialogues, including "holy cow", "Japanese shaman girls", and "so I said we should come soon".

The two professors kept fighting, so Maho tells them "that's enough", only with broken English English. Even though they were about to leave, Rukako kindly gives the two a demonstration of how he takes care of the shrine. Afterwards, the two leave, and Okabe and the others head back to the lab to have their New Year Dinner. However, Yuki says she has something to do and leaves as well. At first, the others don't worry about it too much.

They went back to the lab and had a big New Year's feast. After dinner, Kaede and Fubuki decide to go out and buy everyone drinks. During this time, Maho decides to check up on Amadeus Kurisu on Okabe's phone, which he isn't too particularly of since he's been avoiding "her" lately. She sees that Okabe is uncomfortable about do so, so she decides to use her phone to access her, and she also introduces all of the lab members to her.

As Okabe sits there uncomfortably, trying not to be seen by "Kurisu" she can only see through the front cameraAmadeus crashes unexpectedly, and it was completely unaccessible. Daru and Maho speculate that it could've been a server update, but that was highly improbable as if it was, Maho would've been told by Dr.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a group of men with guns, and a woman with with a motorcycle suit and helmet comes in. Okabe, who was already traumatized by what happened in the Alpha Attractor Field, tells everyone to calm down. However, the woman with the motorcycle suit seizes Kagari.

She would have been abducted had Nae's dad, Tennouji Yuugo, not come in at their rescue. With his skills as a Rounder, he quickly pins 2 of the gunmen, one of which tried to target Nae. With this opportunity, Suzuha quickly kicks the woman with the motorcycle suit really hard, which probably had left a mark at the very least.

Seeing that they were outmatched, the gunmen and the motorcycle woman left, leaving Okabe, Maho, and the others in shock of what just happened. Maho leaves afterwards, luckily unscathed, and goes back to the hotel she was staying at. The next day, at the office at Wako City where she was working at, she receives a call from Okabe. He asks if she's found the cause of the issue, which she irritably says she hasn't.

However, after she hangs up, Okabe received a call from Amadeus out of nowhere, which clearly shocked him. He doesn't know what to do, and he let's the phone sit there, missing the call. In this world line, Maho had her hotel room ransacked by a robber, presumably because they wanted Kurisu's laptop and hard drive. Also, questionably, the office in Wako City also had a gas leak, though the cause was unknown.

Because Maho's room was ransacked, they ha to find a safe place for her to stay, which was at Faris' condo. Maho originally was going to be interviewed by Moeka, but due to the circumstances, they were interrupted. Thus, Moeka decided to stay overnight and hold the interview the next day.

Okabe comes by to check up on Maho the next day because he still doesn't fully trust Moeka. However, he finds out that those two got along just fine, and he decides to not worry about it anymore. Moeka then decides to hold the interview, but she is unable to ask the questions due to her introverted nature. Thus, they turn to Okabe to do so. During the interview, they talk about information regarding to AI, and how it came into existence. Since Okabe was confused, Maho decides to hold an experiment.

She appoints Moeka as the robot and Okabe as the controller. She tells Okabe to tell Moeka the exact commands to open the box. Of course, Maho has set up various restrictions so that the AI Moeka in this case is unable to open the box unless the exact commands are relayed.

However, since the AI is unable to determine which factors need to be considered in order to open the box, it will compute an infinite amount of commands, for example, what is the weather like or what I ate for breakfast. Thus, she explains that AI researchers have to take into consideration all possible scenarios that will prevent the AI from performing a certain task, and then set the precise algorithm which will allow the AI to only focus on that task and only that task.

After the interview is done, Okabe leaves. Due to the fact that their lab was gassed, they had to move to a lab located in Tokyo Denki University. Maho, who scheduled to meet Dr. Leskinen there, leaves as well; but Moeka wants to accompany her. On the subway, Moeka and Maho open up a little more to each other, with Maho telling Moeka to be less formal; she wants her to call herself Maho instead of Dr. Hiyajo, and Moeka instead of Kiryuu-san. Moeka, who is unable to do so, just sticks with Hiyajo-san.

Maho then meets up with Dr. While she is there, she accesses Amadeus and talks to Kurisu. While they have their conversation and arguments, Leskinen reminiscesabout the past where those 2 would talk like that, day in and day out, at the lab.

Hearing that song, Maho herself reminisces back to when she first met Kurisu, how this song was the reason why they met and became good friends. She flashbacks to when she was at the lab in Viktor chondria University, working by herself, while listening to that same exact sonata and movement.

All of a sudden, Kurisu appears behind her and whispers into her ear. She notices Kurisu behind her, and she swiftly apologizes. Kurisu, who was also an avid fan of Mozart, guessed that she had just started working, since it was the first movement of Mozart's 11th Sonata, which surprises Maho, which they then start to discuss more about Mozart.

Maho decides to go get coffee since it was a weekend and it was only Kurisu and herself at the lab. Kurisu agrees, and they go get some coffee, while talking about more intellectual stuff. Maho found that it was hard to keep up with her intelligenet but immature brain, and it was then that she recognized Kurisu's prowess and ability.

Kurisu had told Dr.

okabe and kurisu relationship goals

Leskinen that she would freak out, so he had to try it for himself; he wasn't disappointed at all.