Nagato and konan relationship quiz

Do you know Jiraiya

The Ame Orphans play a major role in the Naruto story. Each orphan (Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan) also have character arc's which define a. Even though Yahiko wouldn't exactly be on board with a relationship between him and Konan, Nagato would make a great wingman and. Answer a couple of questions with a incredible amount of answers and see who you'd end up in a relationship with in Naruto Shippuden!.

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nagato and konan relationship quiz

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Why Nagato x Konan should be Canon(soz about the misspellings) | Naruto Amino

It is a tale of suffering, war, human emotions, and most importantly — redemption for those who fall off the humane path. Each orphan had a horrible upbringing. Konan was in the same boat when she stumbled across a dying Nagato and his dog.

Eventually, the three became one, relying on each other to survive. This went on until they were discovered by the Legendary Sannin, of which Jiraiya stayed behind to care and teach them all he knew. And the rest, is the story of the three Ame Orphans.

Naruto: Things You Didn’t Know About Nagato, Yahiko, And Konan

Its purpose is to enslave all who gaze upon its light in a dream. Jiraiya and Nawaki are also alive and well, and Orochimaru never defected from the village. She also dreams about the Ame Orphans. They are a part of the village and have named themselves Team Jiraiya, paying respect and homage to their teacher and mentor.

Also, the Akatsuki's goal is different, as they are no longer searching for tailed beasts to achieve world domination. Only a Rinnegan user can block light from the Infinite Tsukuyomi, keeping themselves from entering its deadly dream state. When Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan each now orphans approached Jiraiya and asked to be taught ninjutsu, Jiraiya agreed.

Do you know Jiraiya

Instead, he thought Nagato was the Child of the Prophecy, so he trained them personally. This technique transforms her body clothing too into sheets of paper she can control. Konan can shape the paper however she wants and can even give the sheets different colors.

nagato and konan relationship quiz

Konan learned to create wings from her technique, earning her the title of Gods Angel from the villagers. Her paper wings gave Konan the ability to fly, and they even could shoot out weapons at her opponents. During her battle with Jiraiya, his Fire Release: