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While almost no interactions have been shown between them, fans of the anime and manga support Mystogan and Erza's relationship due to the relationship of. Mystogan then looks down from the second floor and is shocked to see about Natsu's relationship with Lisanna, with the latter quickly becoming upset and telling . Arriving in Louen, Lucy takes them to a black market to buy Magic items that. So why is Erza the odd one out? there are of course 2 reasons I can think of this. really obviously Gran Doma but Jellal has no relation to Makarov), and they If I recall, the black market magic trader was the same guy from.

Well, I had to report to you right now because I need to go back. I don't know how they learned it, but as a result they asked me to be in the old castle tomorrow. I suppose they will test me. They only use its old passageways, and it is very easy to get lost. I was not able to remember the way because as a precaution they blindfolded all new members. However, I managed to learn something that may be of interest for you, my General. I heard him speak with another coordinator about the poison master, that girl we met last night.

Her full name is Shoon Airvirrne. I thought maybe Miss Coco would be able to find where she lives. Considering what happened during my absence, I suppose it may be an interesting piece of information.

Suddenly, she was on him, and Edwin yelped as he saw the devil bounce on him. Erza gave him a bone-crushing hug, a scary grin baring her fangs. I so needed to rip that bitch into shreds! Will you be OK on your own? Don't get caught during that meeting, we wouldn't be able to come and save you. OK, so the poor guy was just plain afraid. Erza smiled; even in this state, he did his best and wasn't going to step back.

It was refreshing to know that there were still some people here who supported the King, and she quite liked Edwin; he made her feel like a big sister -a nostalgic feeling indeed. I'll be right back. He's in the medical bay. Do not let anyone else enter; I'm sure the poisoning was the work of a servant. She wanted to see if counselor Ur and General Totomaru had reached to an agreement with that filthy snake, Cobra, whom she had pulled out of prison without seeking any permission.

Apparently, they had, but Totomaru annoyed the Hell out of her by dropping Cobra under her responsibility. She had half-hoped him to watch over Cobra, as the two of them were from the same ex-kingdom, but Totomaru had already guessed her intention and was not going to be used that easily. And so, she was now stuck with that horrendous snake. She could not let anyone guard him, because he was far too dangerous even if she had locked back his katanas in her chestand thus, she had brought him back in her own bedroom.

Well, she would have a Hell of a good reputation now; having another man in her bedroom while being the King's lover… "Hey, bitch! Don't fall asleep or you may be strangled in your slumber," said Cobra's annoying voice.

She was lying on her bed, and Cobra was sitting on the carpet, in front of the fireplace. Oh, she was so going to murder him! Erza closed her eyes and obliged herself to breathe deeply, and thought of King Mystogan; they needed that stupid Cobra in their ranks, so she had to be patient. She chose not to answer, but her eyes snapped open as she heard a shuffling sound coming from the mercenary.

No, false alert; he had just made himself comfortable on the carpet, lying all curled up. She was far too nervous about having him here; he wasn't stupid enough to take revenge on her when he needed -and wanted- that job about dismantling the Conspiracy. Still, she could not sleep with him here. And she was still plagued by all kind of scary thoughts.

She had left Coco in the King's bedroom, but Coco did not fight. If a murderer were to come, Coco would be of no use…ah, but didn't Totomaru say something about him staying in the King's living-room for the night? Then Mystogan would be alright, wouldn't he? She stood up to pick up a bottle of strawberry syrup, and called a servant, asking him a bottle of milk and one of sake —she did not intend on drinking the sake, but she knew that it would just be bad for her reputation.

Everybody thought she drank the sake and gave the milk to her cat. Speaking of which, where was her cat? She looked around and her eyes widened when she spotted the idiotic pet snuggling with Cobra, taking advantage of both the man's and the fireplace's warmth. Cobra was asleep, she realized -and even sound asleep. It was kind of shocking, because she was supposed to be his enemy.

He surely had to be exhausted to drop his guard like this. He was trembling in his sleep, a strained expression on his face, and something that resembled to pity made its way into her heart. Sighing, the Fairy Hunter rummaged in her closet, found a blanket, and carefully laid it on him. Her cat looked at her and meowed softly, with a mocking glance, as if it was saying to her; "Being with Mystogan is a good thing, huh?

It's melting the ice from your heart. Erza Scarlet would be proud of you. She had not promised Scarlet to be all lovey-dovey, but to protect the right things. She had a duty to fulfill, and she was not going to let useless feelings get in the way! Well, at least it wasn't poisoned, she pondered. She was just going to have a hangover. The next morning, Erza forced Cobra to go and take a bath supervised by Coco -seriously, the guy stank- while she visited Mystogan.

As she entered the living-room, a tired-looking Totomaru greeted her. The gloomy general was flopped into an armchair, in front of the fireplace, his black eyes bored into the surprisingly strong flames.

How is the King? The King is fine and has already eaten his breakfast. You should take some rest. I'll watch over the King from now on. Erza knocked at the door of the bedroom. To her surprise, the door instantly opened, revealing a fully dressed-up Mystogan. She bowed her head shortly. I am here to watch over you in his place. I will be fine on my own," snapped Mystogan, passing by her and closing the bedroom door behind him.

Oh dear God…he was sulking. The great King Mystogan the first was a childish spiteful person! Your life is too precious and the Conspiracy is everywhere. But I am awake now, so I don't need someone breathing over my shoulder. You should go and train the soldiers. Mystogan tensed, but did not stop walking. They were crossing his private corridor and heading for his office. I seriously wonder why you even accepted to be my lover in the first place.

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She knew she had to do it, right now, to seize this pretext and end it before she would end up falling in love with him —she had already switched from hatred to liking, which was already alarming. He needs me… She had to hold on for a moment, at least until they had wiped out the Conspiracy. Then, she could let him go without feeling remorseful.

For now, being his lover was the best way to keep an eye on him, and to smooth him down. This new resolve in mind, she spoke; "You're speaking nonsense, your Highness. I slept with you last night, didn't I? You came in bed with me and left after I got asleep. I had received a late report from Edwin and had to settle a few things with Cobra. But I will certainly-" "Enough!

She was shocked by his reaction. It was about the first time she ever saw him clearly angered, the first time she had ever heard him raise his voice. His eyes had a very dark shade and his jaw was clenched; his usually soft features had hardened, and she flinched under his glare.

And he swiftly slammed the door in her face.

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For a moment, she remained unmoving, completely astonished. And then, anger exploded in her veins; raging like a dragon, she stormed down into the courtyard, bellowing in a terrible voice; "Keep Guard! The poor fellows had already been inspected by the officer in charge of them, General Rahal, but as the Grand General, Erza had the right to order any soldier from any Guard.

All the day long she trained, but it didn't calm down her anger; and Cobra, who was following her everywhere, did not help her at all. The filthy snake was just so annoying that it was a wonder she didn't end up beheading him! He did understand very well she was in a foul mood, and had apparently decided it would be a sweet revenge to make her go crazy.

However, all these negative feelings were washed away in the evening, when Coco went into the courtyard and called her.

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It was just like going to a hunt, and the excitement she was feeling called for the blood of her enemy. Come with me, we have to be appropriately dressed up. The King has to be watched over during the night, Coco.

Tell Rahal to post trusted guards in front of the royal apartments, and in front of the garden door. She made him dress as a commoner, and gave him daggers he could hide under his clothes —he complained very loudly that he wanted his katanas back, and she smacked him on the nape to make him shut up. Then, she put on the outfit Coco had brought for her: But well, all she had in mind was that she would soon be able to slice the throat of that slut.

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Erza dressed up slowly, making sure the dress fit her and would seem natural on her. Then she tied up her hair in a tight bun before putting on a bright green wig. A burst of laughter made her turn around, and she frowned; Cobra was roaring with laughter, pointing at her wig.

Knightwalker, you couldn't choose a worse color! Bright green does not fit you at all! It looks horrible on you! I'm supposed to be Edwin's sister, so I chose the same hair color than his. Now, follow me, we're leaving," ordered Erza, tying a shawl around her head. They left by using her private passageways.

The sun was already setting down when they arrived in the town; men were lighting up the street lamp. Since magic disappeared, they had to use oil and fire; with this, people learnt to fear the night again, as it would be of a frightening pitch black. Still, many citizens were wandering in the streets by night; only the dark streets, the ones without any street lamp, were deserted.

The temperatures by night were quite cold, for it was still Spring; it was a heavy contrast with the warm sun during the day —and she was thankful for that sun. If it hadn't been warm during the day, she and the King would probably have frozen to death in the river, back then. They were very lucky to be in the south; in the north of Edoras, snow was still covering the land. Cobra seized her sleeve, pulling her towards him, and pointed a little stand.

Buy me one of these! Why would I be? She was about to bluntly refuse, when she remembered seeing Totomaru eating some flowers too. In their homeland, people did eat chrysanthemums.

That was a bit weird, but she shrugged it off and actually bought him a few flowers. Cobra offered her a small, genuine smile and thanked her quietly, before starting to eat the flowers. It must have been heaven to him, after two years of jail food.

I'll be missing the festival again, a pity! He was following her, so he couldn't see her smile —that was the unique reason she had allowed herself to smile. Yet King Mystogan has not done so this year, so we will be going soon, I suppose. My body is still weak like a woman's. She placed a big goofy grin on her face and pushed the door, which opened with a loud "ding!

Cobra silently followed her. The drugstore was about to close, so no customers would be standing in the way anymore. A girl was tidying the place, deftly rearranging pots and bottles on the shelves.

She turned over to greet them; "Good evening! I'm sorry, but the store is about to close. Could you come back another time? She could never forget that doll-face with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair, neither could she forget that annoying cooing voice. The words that Shoon had said about her and Mystogan were still printed in big, fat letters in her mind, and at this moment Erza craved for nothing more than the poison master's blood.

She grinned wider, frightening Cobra who was standing next to her —he stepped back- and she stepped forwards, taking both Shoon's hands in hers and exclaiming in an excited voice; "Oh Shoon, it is you! I'm so happy to see you again! Oh my God oh my God oh my God!

I can't believe it! You're here by chance? Hubby and I" —she took Cobra by the arm, presenting him as her boyfriend, and he sent her an outraged glare- "are looking for medicine to…you know…" "Oh…" Shoon's smile became suggestive as she leant forwards, whispering to Erza in a confidential tone; "I see…wanna come upstairs?

I may have just what you want. She felt him flinch under her grip, and smirked at him. His eyes were truly frightened as he looked at her, and silently mouthed the words "You are a sadistic demon.

She did not know she was trapping herself by doing so, and Erza thought this thought absolutely delighting. As they entered Shoon's lab, a strong smell of drugs and sulfur filled their nose. Cobra's eyes pulsated as he recognized the different fragrances, being himself a poison master as well. Shoon closed the door and enthusiastically opened a cupboard. Just tell me what you want exactly, and I'll give you the appropriate one! Do you want to be conscious?

She was taking off her mantle, and while doing so, reached for her dagger, hiding it under the mantle. I mean, they're the most powerful aphrodisiacs, but you won't remember what you did afterwards. Still, it is an amazing potent one! The pain shooting in her arm made the girl yell, and she tried to free herself, thrashing around the most she could.

But Erza's grip was made of iron, and she bent her arm harder. Shoon yelled, the tears flowing down her cheeks. Ignoring the girl's yell of agony, Erza threw her on the floor, and pushed her foot in her stomach, hovering over the shivering girl.

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She smirked, taking off her shawl and wig in the same swift movement. The violent gesture ripped her bun's net, and her scarlet hair flew like a banner, whipping the air, before gushing down her back.

The crimson locks falling on her forehead and right eye enhanced her dark, dangerous glare, and she smirked at the girl, whose big baby blue eyes widened in horror and recognition. Nice to meet you, Shoon Airvirrne. Then she leant over her and lifted her by her neck until she was at eye-level. She caressed her victim's cheek with her blade, drawing out more blood from the pearly white skin. I'm sure you heard of it.

I am curious to hear your explanation. Erza ripped apart her clothes, tracing big red gashes on the perfect white skin, before kicking her, hard, letting her crash against the wall. She rose her foot to hit her again, and Shoon lifted her arm, trying to protect herself, sobbing; "Stop! I'm the one who provided the venom! I beg of you! Who asked you to do this? And to whom have you delivered it? I want names and addresses. I really don't know! For both the order and the deliver, the coordinator Ken came to the shop!

I don't know his full name; neither do I know where he lives! I'm saying the truth! Shoon was too afraid and in too much pain to be lying.

But still, she hadn't finished having fun with her. Growing mad of fear, Shoon thrashed, begging her to stop, but Erza stood up and violently kicked her in the belly again; the girl spat out blood. Suddenly, Erza felt sick. Suddenly, a feeling of true horror filled her entire being and pulsated in her veins, and she stood unmoving, her eyes staring at the wall.

She could only see Mystogan and his gentle smile, and hear his soft voice, and she felt as if she had stained his name by her unnecessary cruelty. She had always been uncaring and violent, but for the first time she actually felt remorse. Mystogan was a very kind person. Erza was also worried when she heard that Wendy went on her first big mission and Erza decided to check on her ensuring her safety. When Wendy was healing the injured on Tenrou IslandErza took that as a challenge and she also started "healing" the boys with sad Wendy saying that she had so many patients due to her big chest.

In their younger years, Erza and Mirajane were rivals. The two fought constantly in a fashion very similar to the way Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster fight in present day. Mirajane's personality changed completely and she became kind and ceased her feud with Erza. Makarov Dreyar Main article: It was Makarov who had Porlyusica create an artificial eye for Erza after the girl lost her right one in the Tower of Heaven.

Erza explains that's how Mages are in Earth Land. She also points out that the Magic isn't important, but the hearts and people who wield it. Pantherlily tells Erza that it's comforting to see a familiar face like hers even though she's not the Erza he knew.

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He believed that, like freedom, Magic also dwelt in the heart. His colloquy about Magic inspired Erza to become a Mage and she told Rob that she would take him away from the hell they lived in. Thus, he passed his legacy to Erza. Laxus Dreyar LaxusMakarov 's grandson and a fellow S-Class Mage from Fairy Tail, seems to have always looked down on Erza, considering himself on a whole different level than her.

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki Erza does not like Ichiya Ichiya believes himself to be a womanizer and he has his eyes set on Erza. However, Erza is completely disgusted by Ichiya. As Ichiya approached Erza, Erza retaliated with a powerful punch and he landed on Lyon. Bacchus Groh Not much is known of the relationship Erza and Bacchus share.

However, it was revealed that while on jobs for their respective guilds in the past, Bacchus and Fairy Tail's S-Class Mage Erza have fought many times. But neither ever defeated the other, so their score has never been settled. Jellal Fernandes Jellal gives Erza her last name: They first met in the Tower of Heavenback when it was being constructed. During this time, Jellal gave Erza her last name. However, he was stopped by Natsu. However, Erza managed to convince him to live to atone for his sins and he chose to fight together with her.

After defeating Nirvana, Jellal and Erza talked in private and Jellal confessed his fears of the darkness inside him resurfacing, but Erza told him that even though that may happen, she will be there for him.

This would help give her the strength to stand up and eventually defeat Azuma. Jellal and Erza's kiss. However, Jellal pushed her away because he still believed that he should punish himself for his past actions, and he didn't believe he deserved to be with someone who "walks in the light". Azuma Azumaa member of the elite team Seven Kin of Purgatory from the Dark Guild Grimoire Hearthas a different view of battle than Erza, thinking of it as an entertainment of sort, whereas Erza made claim that she only needs the power to protect her comrades.

Millianna Millianna is another childhood friend of Erza, and, like her, a slave girl, working for the construction of the Tower of Heaven[77] who used to be part of the small group led by Jellal Fernandes.

Millianna was deeply struck by such action, shedding tears of joy as she left. Millianna was planning on revealing herself after the competition but her longing for her lost friend made this difficult, prompting her to reveal herself after the second day and causing the two to have a tearful reunion. Arguing that hating Jellal wouldn't undo the bad things he had done, the reunion is soon interrupted by Ultear, who reveals her actions where the true cause of Millianna's suffering before walking off.

With her gone, the three began thinking about the things wrong in the world. While there, Erza noticed Millianna's sad face and, wanting to see her friend smile, presented her with Happy. Seeing this didn't work, Erza subsequently gave her Carla and Pantherlily as well, making her sad face go away.

Kagura Mikazuchi Kagura Mikazuchi and Erza originally met when they were in Rosemary Village and during when a group of followers led by Zeref attempted to kidnap children, Erza saved a scared Kagura from being captured.